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  1. I found the match engine in FM20 the worst I have seen in almost any FM/CM edition. I would out shoot every team 2 to 1 at least and score half of my goals on corner kicks, wingers made bizarre decisions and shoot from ridiculous angles etc. Is it any better in FM21? Will I still have 20 shots while the other team has 3 and draw 1-1 with my only goal as a corner kick? FYI I mostly used KNAP's tactics in FM 20...
  2. I am near the top of the table with my Chicago Fire, very solid defense and lots of scoring chances. I typically out shoot teams 20 to 8 or so but scoring chances are rarely converted. It is frustrating to watch sometimes but I basically win games with a great defense that gives up few chances and set-piece conversion. My leading scorer is a centerback who is average at aerial and heading but I spend TONS of time in training on attacking set-pieces On weeks without games I do several set-piece training sessions and score plenty of set-piece goals without a cheat. I will try som
  3. thanks for the help! This SI games forum always has some really helpful people like yourself. Keep up the good work!
  4. looks like an interesting tactic. I just started playing FM 20 after years with FM 18. What are you doing with training for this tactic?
  5. Fuss, I tested your tactic (V2) on the pre-patch game and it worked well and now it seems to work with the patch also. I thought I read somewhere in this thread that you used to use a diamond 4-4-2 in FM06. I used a 4-4-2 diamond wide in FM06 as well as FM05 and it doesn't seem to be effective in FM07 for two reasons: 1. I typically played my backline higher up with the diamond and in FM07 it is complete disaster as you get murdered on through balls. 2. The AMC in the diamond in FM07 seems to get lost and is completely ineffective, at least with the teams I used it with (Chicago Fire an
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