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  1. After patch 21.3 the game improved with more goals coming from corners, free kicks that I really like. I also wanted that there were fewer shots on goal in the statistics to better match reality and also that the goalkeeper had different goals from the goal, the movement always appears in the same way. I believe that what could still be improved are the tables and dribbling the game would be more real and more fun!
  2. I will test it as soon as a national update comes out with the structure of Brazil and I will tell you, before the patch worked perfectly I use this national update and the @majesticeternity files Thanks for the work! : D
  3. These files are very important to me, can you update them after patch 21.3?
  4. Do all of these tournaments work after patch 21.3? Or did they need to be updated?
  5. Does this graphics package work after patch 21.3? Incredible work, Japan is always the coolest of FM (and differentiated: D)
  6. As I understand it, the transfers did not conflict with the new patch ... It is good to inform which files should be downloaded again due to a necessary update.
  7. Will the file be updated for the final patch? 21.3 The work was very well done, waiting for news!
  8. Friends, I would ask that each posted tournament put in the title (Tournament that exists in reality or Fictitious Tournament). I found both the case super interesting, but I like to play the game as real as possible, in another save I may want news that does not exist but that are fun for the game.
  9. Will the final patch be released in two weeks? This version 2021 is very good, I believe that the number of shots on goal should be reduced, but I would like to see better the variation and detail of the final pass, of the shot face to face with the goalkeeper and mainly: More set goals , head goals from corners.
  10. Got it ... But can we download tournament by tournament? Choosing or is it a package?
  11. I always wanted that on FM, the details of the football world! : D These tournaments have all happened or happen in real life, right? Could someone list those in the file? I always appreciate realism, and I'm loving it all!
  12. Hello, don't you think it's better to launch everything complete after the final patch of sigames? We are very close to this happening. Incredible work, I love playing in Japan!
  13. Hello my friend, first congratulations for the magnificent work! I always wanted to leave the game with the most realistic transfers possible here in Brazil, as it is a European game, his thinking does not match so much with Brazilian football. I'm using your file in version 1.0 and I would like to add some ideas: - Brazilian first division teams hire many players on loan and exchanges between them. - The most reputable Brazilian teams should bring players from the European market: players who are about to be without a contract, over 30 years old. - Teams should hire players
  14. Does this file work on the newest patch 21.2.2? The rule is to always install it with each patch so that it can work?
  15. I am finding the variants very good, sometimes it's a penalty, sometimes it's a free kick, sometimes it's nothing ... The game is very good this version, ME is wonderful! Attackers score goals face to face, kicks are conscious, movements more fluid ... I'm just thinking that when the judge goes to see the VAR he makes a wrong gesture when he scores or cancels the penalty. And I still observe some skating and goalkeepers taking the ball over the bottom line (unreal).
  16. What an amazing file! I really appreciate it in the game, the detail and the immersion that this is really worth!
  17. Hello friends, I come here to say that I managed to fix this problem. I put my computer (desktop) for maximum windows performance as explained in this video here: I configured the video card through the control panel according to the instructions in this video: (I was unable to set my monitor to 75 Hz) And I can play Football Manager 2021 just like Football Manager 2020 played, I really can't explain why the lags and stutters stopped, but I'm really happy!
  18. I have been suffering with Lags and stutters since the beta, I will report here all the steps that Sega's support via email I talked about this problem. 1- I did all of these procedures recommended by support: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015766697-What-can-I-do-if-I-m-seeing-poor-match-engine-performance-#text 2 - What I saw in the game: Doing these steps the starter motor seems more fluid but still showing lags (stuttering), it is very inconsistent, I started the game and had more lags and other times less lags. This occurs when I place bleachers with
  19. Okay, I'll create ... I have already maintained a lot of contact with Support. I hope there will be improvement in future patches. Only one plate appears here for me, my Geforce.
  20. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015766697-What-can-I-do-if-I-m-seeing-poor-match-engine-performance-#text Try everything there friend, it may be that on your PC it works.
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