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  1. Historically I have always just loaned everyone and never bothered much but I've had a 16 year old this year with 5 star potential who I brought straight into the first team. With a bit of first team football and individual training he's developed faster than any other youth prospect I've ever had which has made me rethink my approach. I agree it's probably best to mix the 2

  2. I've seen quite a few conflicting arguments on this point. Are you better to loan out all your youth prospects to lower league clubs for first team experience, or keep them all in the youth team/ reserves to play together with the good training facilities and also have access to mentoring/individual training etc?


    i see the argument for both points but personally think keeping them at the club would be better. Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts before I did this as I don't want to screw up their development. 

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