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  1. The Copa America draw system for QF and SF is broken. Everytime both 4th placed teams of each group are paired together in QF, granting a spot in the semi-final for one of the worse teams. The rest of the QF draw seems random, which means that in some cases both 1st placed teams will face each other in QF. This kills the tournament
  2. I have the same issue. But is not 100% random, both teams placed 4th are always drawn together, which means that one of the worst teams in first stage has a waranteed spot in semi-finals, while the big teams are likely facing each other in QF. Please fix
  3. Same issue here, Argentina league stops at 2022: Randomly, it was played on 2023/2024, but same issue on 2025, and onwards: On my save, my idea of worldwide journeyman was to go back to my country and manage Boca until I retire, is a shame I can't do it
  4. Hi Tonao, I don't see the CONCACAF champions league being scheduled for 2021. Is this expected? I'm attaching a picture:
  5. Whatever i set up as throw in routine, the players always do always the same thing, they just done care about the instructions. My current routine, DL takes it with mixed setup: At the game: You can see that ML is not coming as close as expected, STCL is not in the area, MC is not out lurking outside the area. Worse than that is that DR is not back and DM is not back as needed. Needless to say they scored a counter attack. I was hoping this new ME will address this, no luck. Same thing happened before the patch.
  6. As the title says, there is tent on the pitch: This is in the Pyramids stadium (from Egypt), I'm playing has HUS Agadir (from Morocco) in the CAF champions. It doesn't seems to affect gameplay, but I couldn't see any highligh when the players are interacting with it, either crashing, or bypassing it. I've uplodaded the match, I can provide the save if required. Thanks Pyramids v HUS Agadir.pkm
  7. In 19.2.3, I've started a career in England 8th division, as unemployed. A mid-table Cheshunt hired me in the middle of 2018-19, and finished 5th in Isthmian D1 SC, using your 442 tactic. 2019-2020 finished second, promoted to Isthmian Premier. 2020-2021 struggled with the defense, conceeding to many goals from long balls, finished 8th. Switched to TFF tactics. (I'm sorry Knap) 2021-2022 finished 1st, promoted to National South. 2022-2023 after leading the entire season, was hit by a 10 games with no wins streak, finished 2nd and lost the playoffs. 2023-2024 fired the entire team at the beginning of the season, build a completelly new squad, started testing many tactics, finished 5th and lost the playoffs again. 2024-2025 found your 4231WC P109 ALL CUPS, where you defensive record was incredible. Life changed. Finished 2nd again, and dominated in playoffs. Promoted to National. 2025-2026 favourites to finish bottom, finished 2nd, promoted to league two via playoffs. 2026-2027 Now as professional team, won the league two, promoted to league one. 2027-2028 Won the league one, promoted to championship. 2028-2029 Finished 4th with a team and players with reputation of league two, promoted via playoffs. 2029-2030 Currently sitting 14th in the Premier League, game updated to 19.3. For a SUS tactic (to use last 15-20 mins or when getting spanked by the big teams), changed mentality to Defensive (pressing changes to Much More Urgent), changed CWB-At to NFB-De, and added Waste Time Whenever Possible, Huge thanks Knap, this carreer is unbelievable, thanks to you! I'll try !!!!FM19.3.0BEOWULF4231IFAFKnapP105.fmf next.
  8. Hi Knap, Where is the file? Or is some of of the 19.2 tactic? I had great success in 19.2.3 with your tactics, I'm waiting your update in order to update the game to 19.3
  9. Hi, I've started a new save on 18.3 in argentinian lower leagues, one of the most complicated in terms of amount of teams, format, and economic. I've started in the 4th tier with my local team, and played for over 2 seasons, with great results: Season one: 4th tier - Federal B Group stage: 160 teams in 16 zones, top 5 of each group qualifies to Promotion stage: Promotion stage: 8 groups of 10 teams each, first one wins promotion: We delighted the board with an unexpected promotion. Season objetive was reach promotion stage. Season two: 3rd tier - Federal A Group stage: 40 teams in 4 zones of 10 teams each, top 2 qualifies to Promotion stage: Promotion stage: one group with the 8 qualified teams. Top one wins promotion: Expectations were around top of the league, and we won the only promotion spot! Season three: 2nd tier - B Nacional Top team wins promotion, from 2nd to 9th plays a playoff for another promotion spot. Expectations are Fight bravely against relegation, and we are undefeated after 5 games. Looking really good so far! Huge thanks again!
  10. For the first time ever, and 've been playing since Championship Manager 2001, I've won the FIFA world cup with my national team, Argentina! This is the proof that this tactic can make miracles, we won a final match, and also defeat Germany, seems unreal : I've used the 101PALLCUPS as normal tactic, P102 as attacking one, and 101PALLCUPS SUS as defensive. A huge thanks Knap!
  11. Fusion DB on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FusionDBFM/
  12. I've using this tactic in Italian lower divisions, and won 3 straight promotions: 6th level Promozione, 5th level Eccellenza, and 4th level Serie D: Serie D was the hardest, predicted mid-table after tons of signins, expectations were "Fight bravely against relegation", and we eneded up with the record of consecutive wins right at the end of the season: Thanks!
  13. 1st goal: a poor cross that the defense din't even try to react. 2nd goal: again low reaction, also the 4 defenses runs backwards! [video=youtube;vbLuK9kxWoA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbLuK9kxWoA 1st goal: Defender gives up automatically with no reason. Also goalkeeper is bad 2nd goal: 2 defenders with zero reaction and running backwards. [video=youtube;b4e6WzqkYAU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4e6WzqkYAU Goal: Defenses didn't know what to do [video=youtube;1V9AhWoTg0o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V9AhWoTg0o
  14. Isn't normal to receive 2+ goals every match like this... I'm preparing videos and files to report this in bug forum
  15. Totally agree!!!!! I hope somebody from SI reads your comment! They must print it and paste in every programmer and designer office!
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