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  1. Really not happy Friday 5:33 pm is the last time I played the game and never loaded up at 7pm on the same now was just about to start my 4th season at Celtic help please
  2. U have make a mistake with Ronny deila former Celtic FC manager he win the Scottish premiership in 2014/15 , 2015/16 & also win the Scottish league cup in 2014/15
  3. I think it would funny as hell 2 put a team in administration if u dont like that team
  4. well am un beating in allmost 500 mathies with 4-4-2
  5. how about u lets us puts clubs in administration and re name the cups 2 the right names like the champions cup is the ( champions league) and the euro cup is the ( europa league)
  6. ok thanks can u say if glasgow rangers will be in the scottish d3 ?
  7. are we getting fm2013 handheld and if we are are the new updates in that the same as the pc game ?
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