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  1. I'm ten seasons into the game, and the highest current ability of any right wingback in my (very good) scouting range is 2.5 stars. Highest potential is 3.5
  2. What proportion of one-on-ones do you think a top striker should finish, Dave? Assuming there is nothing out of the ordinary going on with their morale at the time.
  3. I've got ten seasons into a save and I'd say that's been a consistent rate of OGs for me throughout. Some really dubious ones too, like a shot that was deflected but looked like it would have gone in even without the deflection.
  4. I'm not convinced the tactics forum is particularly helpful with topics like this. The low conversion rate was a topic of debate in the 'SAS' thread, and most of the people in there were trying to convince me that the game is fine and that a world class striker only converts 20-30% of one-on-one chances IRL.
  5. ruining the thread I think the guy's point could open a legitimate discussion, although I agree it wasn't backed by much in the way of facts or argument. Just seems to me that there's an effort to shut down any criticism of the game, which doesn't seem productive within a community like this. Anyway, I've found a lot of success playing a system that is somewhat out of fashion IRL. No attacking midfielders of traditional wingers, but wingbacks and central midfielders, and playing two up front. It seems it's key to make sure that strikers have plenty of space to play in, which this system achieves. With a two striker system it's also essential to make sure they have distinct and complementary roles - one an out-and-out goalscorer and the other a deeper more creatively minded forward.
  6. I never said morale shouldn't matter, just that it was (probably) unrealistic how drastically a striker can be affected my having less than good morale. A top striker IRL is unlikely to go on a ten game goal drought just because his morale is average, but that seems (to me) a fairly typical occurrence in this version of the game.
  7. Has it really got to a point where users who criticise the game are threaten with a ban from the forum? Wow.
  8. It is possible to get strikers finishing chances regularly, but I think the game is quite poor in the way it visually represents misses. Far too often you'll have an experienced natural finishers blasting the ball full power straight at the keeper when he's through one-on-one. I've played about 17 seasons in FM14 so far, and I can maybe remember one or two occasions of seeing a player (mine or the AI's) dribble the ball past the keeper when clean through on goal. Also, loads of misses hit the woodwork, but that's another issue. Moral seems to play a massive (and probably unrealistic) role in determining how often strikers score. If it's anything less than 'good' then it's likely that the player will end up in a goal drought, which I find can happen several times per season. Incidentally, I find it quite frustrating that for certain users on here it is impossible to accept that the game is unrealistic in any aspect.
  9. Yep, I'm relieved that my prodigal Brazilian wonderkid now has a handsome, Elvis-like head of quiffed hair, rather than looking like he's three months into an aggressive chemotherapy treatment.
  10. It worked on my existing regens! Brilliant stuff, thanks. OLT, SI should pay you for sorting out their mess.
  11. Will adding this pack make the bald players in my team magically grow some hair, or does it just apply to newly-generated regens? My youth team is starting to look like a Duncan Goodhew appreciation society.
  12. Why did SI think this would be realistic? I mean, how many players IRL who are under 25 have a completely bald head?
  13. Seriously, it's like 50% of them have alopecia. Is this the same in other people's games?
  14. This is a typical SI fudge. Try to do correct one issue, completely overcompensate and bork the game in the other direction, and then fail to QA it rigorously enough to redress the problem before release. I heard they were trying to make the game more lifelike in allowing clubs to underachieve or overachieve. This season IRL is a good example of why this is important, with Liverpool up there in the CL spots, and Man Utd struggling badly. But it's so ridiculous in FM now that I can't manage in the Prem; I have to be in a league where I'm less familiar with the fortunes of the clubs so it seems less unrealistic. I did about 7 seasons in the Prem and saw Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal all decline into mid-table clubs, whilst teams like Norwich, Newcastle and West Brom were consistently up around the CL spots. Weirdly, Man City didn't both sacking Pelegrini for ages, and theykept hold of all their good players.
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