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  1. Does that include formations with wingers or inside forwards or just 3 out and out strikers
  2. Thanks, I will give them a try, I was going to give WOF a try but I will try one of them instead. I really wanted to try something with wingers this year and people seem to be having good success with 451 dm. Plus we have a decent midfield it’s the strikers and the defence that is bad. I was having really good results with the Beowulf 451 flat until the latest patch i don’t mind something that will take a season or two to build a good team and get promoted rather than a straight promotion. It’s just getting frustrating watching my team get dominated every game no matter what I change
  3. hey knap, what tactic do you think I should use for Bolton, predicted to come 23th in the championship, tried many tactics with little success
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