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  1. 1. I would like to see retiring games for the greatest players in the world (ex: Ronaldinho) with the manager of the last team that he played to pick world 16 stars to confront with the last team that the star has played (aka Barca for Ronaldinho if he retires there). 2. I want the divion to rise if 1 or 2 teams are having great succes in Europe (ex: I managed Steaua Bucharest in Romania and in 15 years I have won 1 Champions League and 1 Uefa Cup, also I have played quarter finals and semifinals more times than I thought ... Steaua's reputation has rised, but Divizion's reputation didn't rise so I can't buy great players ... not even good players ... only rusian, mediocre brasilians and good romanians). Bottom words: I like to see in fm2008: retiring games for superstars and divizion reputation if more than 1 team is bashing with succes in Europe years after years.
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