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  1. Already figured it out, i read something about 2 codes. Checked my email there was another code, used it and it updated Also.. This new patch seems to have reduced goals from crosses also. Will test further.
  2. Well, my game even doesnt update.. I still have 15.0.3... Also i agree with crosses being goals everytime.. Im playing as Dortmund and ive played my preseason, 15 goals scored. Piszczek has assisted 10 of them.. Other 5 have been either Reus freekicks or own goals.
  3. Yeah same here, ive read threads here for countless hours but when i go in game and try to make a decent tactic its 50/50 that i will make it. But once i get a decent tactic im so scared to change anything around. Every regen i get i try to mould him into my tactic..
  4. Yeah i will be putting it together myself, will be my first build . Been saving alot to get a normal machine i can use. I wanted to collect more tho, For high end PC but it will take too long and im already so done with my old laptop. Cant even surf normally in internet without freezes.
  5. I Really doesn't do video encoding and such stuff, i only use it maybe for school work. (word, etc) So i guess i will just stay with 4670K, Later on i will buy SSD and im good to go. Thanks for your help man, really appreciate it.
  6. Thanks For your answer Eple. I know i thought myself aswell that i should get SSD but im on a tight budget hence it isnt priority, in future i will surely buy one. As for GTX 770, Yeah i wanted a GPU I could use for other gaming aswell. I knew it would run FM14 well, but im that kind of guy who likes to load as much leagues as i can . My old laptop i could run about 2-3 Leagues and game was already slow, so i didnt even buy FM14 Yet. But what you think what would be better to use, if i pay a bit more?
  7. Hey, I didnt want to create a new thread for my question, so il just ask it here. Im about to buy new PC(Yes i know its not laptop, but i didnt want to create new thread) So, i wanted to ask if i use I5 4670k And Nvidia GTX 770 GPU and 8GB Ram, how many Leagues could i run and without game getting too slow. Also im planning to get 1TB HDD and SLI motherboard and Win7. Sorry if there is any mistakes, English isnt my main language.
  8. 242 Hours so far, but i just bought the game like 2 or 3 Months ago.
  9. Well the only thing ive noticed is that the opposite goalkeeper is like superman, he saves every shot i take. Doesnt matter where or how he just defends them all, even if the goalkeeper stats are so bad, but mine is like idk what he literally lets every shot in.
  10. Well heres my few youngsters, have high hopes with them Mario Kovacevic bought for 550k, sent on loan, since hes been regular on Gladbach. Andy Vinatea, bought for 500k from Allianza. And Lastly Mateusz Mierzejewski a German Pole who came through academy... Still needs tutoring for better personality.
  11. This happend today, hopefully they get taken over
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