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  1. Great tactic, working for me very nicely with Schalke in third season. I was struggling quite abit at the end of second season + beginning of third. But this tactic made quite a difference, after trying alot of tactics. Thanks!
  2. Well, I can only say what happened in my game with Genk... Guess what? I signed Dzeko for free in 2013... And I assure you I am not cheating. He just popped up all of a sudden without a club and I approached him and he agreed...
  3. 8th March Patch

    LOL, must be the most funny post I have read in quite some time around here... Some people...
  4. . I think most people who are complaining in this thread are people who play FM 24/7 and don't have a clue what happens with patches from other PC game titles. Because otherwise they would know, like Biscotti said, that most of those other PC games don't even get patched or with luck get 1 patch a year later which fixes maybe 5 bugs out of 50...
  5. This is a great tactic like I said before, only thing that seems to be difficult with this tactic is having success in Europe... With Genk I never managed to get to the quarter final in the CL (in 5 seasons). Although I have a pretty strong team by now, with Dzeko and babel along with a great regen upfront. I always lose with 1 goal difference on aggregate, always conceding too many goals in Europe
  6. My God, this is so dreadful I lost 3-0 away to Ath Madrid in the first leg, missing a penaly pretty late in the game ... Now the return match... 2-0 up after 60 min, 15 min later I got a penalty !! And yeah... Missed !!! ****ing hell, both penalties that were missed are from 2 different players, one with 17 and other with 16, lack of experience at this level I guess ?
  7. Uhm, the one from the opening post obviously
  8. Serek, make sure to praise and criticize players often, seems to help alot in my game with Genk. In my second season with Genk I got in the CL as earlier mentioned and managed to win the group with Milan, Porto and Schalke ! ****ing great result is that. Next round I got Ath Madrid, will keep you updated
  9. I am playing with Genk as I mentioned earlier in this thread. Update : 1st season : won the league, got to the second round knock-out phase of the EURO CUP. early exit in belgium cup. 2nd season so far : qualified for the champions league and won my first game and again top of the league. This is quite amazing with a team like Genk GREAT tactic !
  10. Been using this with my fav. team Genk in Belgium Pretty good so far. 10 points after 5 games in the league and managed to qualify for EURO cup after 2 qualifying rounds. Nice work !
  11. What a mess SI made of the tactics screen is really beyond me, settings that stick and unstick with certain actions and **** like that is making me enjoy this game alot less than usual ...
  12. Thanks for the tactic Mr. Hough will try it out. Question though, you are not even letting your Ass. Man do the OI's ?
  13. I personally would never buy a player like Balotelli, mental stats are crap beyond words, not to mention his aggression and he is unable to be in any team longer than 2 years. Seems to me like a kid who had a lot of trouble in his youth...
  14. [FM11] "More Clubs than tiger woods pt 2"

    Great thread and great job! But Defour on a free ??? Sorry but that smells like a bug to me, no?