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  1. Thanks for the option to auto size columns in the squad views. How about a preferences option to automatically auto size all squad views? It's a bit foolish that I'd need to customize every squad view for this. Without auto sizing columns all player names are far left and other data far to the right on my wide screen LCD.
  2. So tracksuit or tie... how about Arsene Wenger's sleeping bag coat? FM 2018 maybe?
  3. I (still) hate Team Italy so much. Please someone tell them the point of the game is not to kick the ball mindlessly for 120 minutes. You should actually try to win by scoring some goals.
  4. Approximately one hour per game including pre-season matches. Comprehensive highlights. If I only had time to watch full games...
  5. How about an option for manager background: manager is a player legend of a certain club. Ryan Giggs, Kenny Daglish etc. This would improve player/board/fan loyalty when managing that club or make the club more likely to contact you when searching for a new manager. This option would also make the press to approach you for comments on your former club.
  6. 41 I started with the original Football Manager. Match engine is slightly better now CM3 was my first SI game, I believe. Look at Mr Redknapp, I'm not going to retire anytime soon.
  7. Hi, I have been playing CM/FM for 20 years but this is my first post here! Anyway, I often find it difficult to identify individual players in the 3D view (when off the ball) since the player models are very generic and shirt numbers are not visible. I wish there was an opition to "mark" single or multiple player(s) to be watched. There could be the shirt number or some other symbol hovering above the "marked" player in the 3d view and maybe even a special real time statistics tab for the player being watched. This function could be used for scouting or even for keeping an eye on the most threatening player in the opposing team.
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