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  1. I remember your old project. It was very fascinating. If this one goes till the end, maybe it will be my reason to buy FM19 :)
  2. I am playing on the 2012 and doing this challenge. Is there any possibilty to display total career goals of a goalkeeper ?
  3. I am starting this challenge with my 17-year old GK (10 in Free kicks, 1 on Penalty Taking). I am currently improving his freekick by training. Maybe I should focus on penalty ? So far, it is 1 penalty on 2 attempts and 0 FC on 20 attempts in 10 matchs !
  4. Hello guys, I want to make the 2018 version of Gaia for FM2018. So, any feedback would be great if you have any idea of what I can add, remove or correct. I started to write a list : - new clubs (to add to the 768 already there) : I am very open-minded on this point so you can submit your ideas - International competitions totally reworked - new players - keep the world league system or return to a more traditional structure ? - remove the rules for squad selection - academies creations, unplayable teams with high-PA regen creation. Anything e
  5. Gaïa Editor Data V3 Gaia Graphics Pack V3 I will update the presentation later !
  6. The V3 (with 768 clubs) will be my Christmas gift to FM players, don't worry
  7. Thx but my editor data was too big for this manipulation (4Mo) so I had to redo all my work
  8. I am a little late because I am a new daddy so I had less time for editing But the release will be during the month of September, I swear ! :o
  9. No combination in particular. The problem is if you dont select some countries, the grey players will have some weird names not in relation with the club second nationality.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a little problem and I hope somebody will help me. Yesterday, I was editing and I saved my fmf file directly from the editor to my USB key. This morning, I tried to connect my USB key on my computer and it was undetected. After a long time spent trying to figure out why, I came to the sad conclusion that myUSB key is dead, with my fmf file on it unreachable However, in the editor data folder on my computer, there is a file named last_saved_rules.tmp. Same size, same save time that my fmf file on the dead USB key. I suppose that it is an automatic backup. But I wasn't
  11. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I think I will integrate all of them (yes, you read well) in the next version
  12. Exactly. For clubs name (and their Gaia countries and/or real countries). I am currently creating the new clubs so it's now or never
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