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  1. I'm interested in buying a copy of FM16 and was surprised to not be able to purchase it via Steam. I had no idea that older games would vanish from the store, rather than being discounted. At this point, the only way it seems to play the game is to buy a physical disc -- is this true? I'd like to avoid having to load from a disk every time I want to play. I am happy to pay to play the game digitally, and even the copies I've identified on illicit sites don't seem to be legit files. Is a physical disk the only way to go? Or can the community direct me a to a legit way to play the game without a disk?
  2. As a non-Neymar aside, but related to how my tactic works, I've had a very hard time getting Ozil going. He's still settling into the squad (I signed him in January, and it's now pre-season in August), and performs poorly when he plays. Based on how I've described my preferred style of play above, is his low work-rate a problem playing in the middle? Are his creative skills being usurped by the Treq operating as my playmaker? He's the guy I would most easily sell - I could use Hamsik as an AMC, plus I have a killer regen ready for more first team action.
  3. Thank you for your responses. I have a few follow-ups. I'm interested in how to use the player into my system, rather than adjust my system to accommodate a specific player. In short, my tactic is built around a creative attacker up top, and one of my wide players play almost as a second striker. The AMC is meant to feed those players, or score the occasional goal himself. The other wide player is an outright Winger to keep the middle of the park from being too crowded. I signed Neymar because he can play alone as a Treq up front, or as a goal-scoring threat out wide. It's when I want to play him alongside comparably skilled players that I have questions. Hamsik has the stronger Treq attributes, but I'm thinking the two players would play together tremendously (based on Neymar's superior speed and finishing). Wouldn't playing him as a Winger, with a PI to stick to the left side while dribbling, significantly impact his ability to score? If wanted to use him as a second striker from the outside, wouldn't want his PIs to be Cuts Inside or Moves into Channels? Do you not think he could be used as a lone striker? If I use him up top, it's as a Treq, with the idea that he'd be bringing his teammates into play rather than just getting pummeled by physical defenders. Or are you suggesting that would happen regardless based on his positioning (rather than his role)? The other question then is what role to give him when he's alongside a Treq - as either a second striker, or a lone striker with an AMC Treq?
  4. I'm Spurs, and find myself in the midst of an arms rates of sorts. David-Moyes-led Arsenal went on a spending spree, signing Aguero and Ayew, along with the free transfer of a 29-yo Lionel Messi on a free. I was asleep at the wheel on checking the expiring deals during the January window and may live to regret that oversight. Here's my squad: I was in the market for a second ST (for depth/rotation with Hamsik) and AML (fill-in for Gareth Bale, who has one serious injury each year). Fresh off a board takeover and flush with cash, I signed Neymar. My scouts and assistant manager both rate Neymar as playing best as a natural wide player, rather than a striker. I have a lot of flexibility between Hamsik/Bale/Neymar/Ozil, but having so many options can be chaotic. I want to land on a steady tactic set/squad rotation, and had a few questions along the way (mostly about how to use Neymar and Hamsik together): Would moving him between positions (he played Winger at Santos, Striker for Brazil) have a negative affect on his ability to adjust to the club? What striker role should I use for Neymar if Hamsik is playing as an AMC Treq? My lone striker can sometimes get marked out of the game. If I play Neymar out wide and have him switching positions with Hamsik, will that help eliminate the problem? I was also considering a 4-4-2 (w AML/AMR) with Hamsik as a Trequarista Striker alongside Neymar. But, again, what would Neymar's best role be? Here are the players involved:
  5. I either play: AP-A DLP-D DM-D --- or --- AP-A BWM-S DLP-D My thinking is that the first configuration has two of the midfielders staying back to break up play, and the AP's attacking play helps to support the attack with runs into the midfield space (and hopefully keeps the opposition CBs from marking the Treq out of the game). With the second configuration, the midfield is less about breaking play but rather on getting forward into the oppositions half. At least that's how I was thinking it would work. When I use a Winger, it's in a 4-2-3-1, using an AMC for the reason you point out. With the Treq dropping deeper, I have an AP-A (AMC) and IF-A (AML) running in to fill the space. IF I wanted to play a Winger in the 4-1-2-2-1 would the AP-A coming out of CM be able to fill that space? Or is he too far away from the striker to provide that support?
  6. Sorry to reply to my own thread, but I've gotten further in my save and had a couple of questions, related to using space on the pitch. When I'm playing a 4-1-2-2-1 (two wingers), what kind of situations would be right to play the DMC as a DM-Defend vs DLP-Defend? Would I use the DLP if I'm playing more of more an attacking game? The idea being that they would be focused more on advancing the ball forward and turning around play than breaking down an attack? Also with the 4-1-2-2-1...If I'm using the Trequarista as my striker, is it better to play both wingers as Inside Forwards to fill some of the space vacated by the Trequarista dropping deeper into play? Would he function more like an AMC - receiving the ball and directing play? I also play with a 4-2-3-1, and put one of my attacking wingers as an Winger-Attack to help from congesting the middle with the Trequarista and an Advanced Playmaker Attacking (playing as AMC). Would a Winger compromise the shape of the 4-1-2-2-1 by staying out wide? I play against a lot of teams parking the bus, and sometimes it feels like the Winger hopelessly lobs crosses into a crowded box, rather than stretching the defense.
  7. It took a few seasons to learn how to build a tactic in my last save, so I decided to restart and build a team from Day 1 based on what I've learned on this forum. I'm Tottenham, playing a controlling 4-2-3-1. On occasion, I'll drop the MCs to DM positions and play counter, or play a 4-1-2-2-1 counter as Cleon does at the start of this post. I narrowly won the league in my first season, which exceeded my expectations. In my second season, I want to complete my switch from a Poacher to a Trequarista as my lone striker, with Hamsik replacing Adebayor up top. In doing so, it raises some questions about how I build out the rest of my formation. My goal is to have the majority of my scoring come from Hamsik and Bale, with Sigurdsson chipping in as well. My questions are related to AMC play and using a supporting role. In a 4-2-3-1, should I be looking to have one of my attacking midfield three play in a supporting role to help balance out the formation? Does it matter if that supporting player plays in the middle, or out on the wings? In my first season, I played Sigurdsson as a Trequarista at AMC and he won several matches (and the English Player of the Year award) on the back of with his long-range. In switching to a Trequarista striker, I need to decide whether to play Gylfi as an AP-S, or AP-A. His Teamwork and Work Rate are low, which makes me think he should be an attacker, but would he fight for space with the Trequarista? That leaves me with my Wingers. I’m re-training to Bale to play on the right, as an IF-A. Douglas Costa would play out left as a W-A. Lennon would back them up. Between Costa, Sigurdsson and Bale, Bale has the best Teamwork and Work Rate, but I would like to use him as an attacker as IRL. Finally, I was wondering if Costa’s PPMs would influence how I play these three. Specifically, Move Into Channels and Plays One-Twos. Am I right to think this would suggest I should be using the AMC as Support? Here is my tactic as well the profiles of my attackers:
  8. Yes. We have won the treble for three consecutive seasons. I thought that the Trequarista was the player to drop back and support play. If I play that AMC in a Support role, would that help to link up play? Or should I be looking to play the striker more as a DLF?
  9. If I'm understanding your comments, and the article, correctly, due to the high number of specialised player roles I should consider playing Rigid to allow those players to do their thing? Would doing so alleviate some of the fighting for space/lack of cohesion from my attacking core? I don't know if that is a function of the roles or the team instructions. I've played *very* effectively with this lineup for the past 2-3 seasons, so I'm trying to understand why it's going wrong (wrong being the subpar away from and the struggles of AMC play) all of a sudden. Would it help with team play if I put my AMC on support duty? Or would that be more redundant with the Trequarista's play up top?
  10. Hey everyone. I posted on this forum several months ago, and what I learned helped turn my game experience around. I'm back because after years of applying what I've learned to become the most dominant team in Europe, I'm off to a sluggish start and facing tactical issues I haven't faced before. I play with Spurs, and employ a 4-2-3-1 (both shallow and deep). I sold Gylfi Sigurdsson and replaced him with Gotze, believing he was perfect in my squad. Here he is in 2016: I play with a Trequarista striker, and my AMC as an AP-Attack alongside an Inside Forward (Bale) and Winger (Hulk) out wide. This season, I've been struggling away from home - drawing/losing against mid-table teams who are playing narrow, with either MCs or DCs almost overlapping each other. An example of opponent positioning: Typically, the shouts I use are: Work Ball Into Box, Run at Defense, Retain Possession and player wider/narrower depending on my opponents shape. This all leaves me with a few big questions: Am I getting the best out of Gotze? He's been off to a slow/cold start, as he's struggling to blend into the squad. His role raises some questions about the rest of my attack, though. Sigurdsson had low teamwork, but his finishing/long shot skills allowed that position to score in the event Hamsik was getting marked out of the game. I got Gotze to be less of a scorer and more of a distributor (better dribbling, teamwork and passiong), thinking that he won't try to score as frequently, causing congestion with Hamsik up top and Bale cutting in from wide. Should I consider using Gotze as an AP/Support, with Bale/Hulk both as Inside Forwards? Would they help spread the defense? My concern here is that some of my wide midfielders are more natural wingers, causing issues with rotation. Is there a risk of having too many playmakers on the pitch - an AP as a MCr, the AP as AMC and the Trequarista?
  11. Has this forum been closed? I have been trying to make a posting but am getting "forbidden" messages from the server.
  12. Kind of. If you use a IF, you'll want to use your fullback as a Wing Back to provide cover. When I use a Winger, the corresponding fullback is set to automatic duty. My fullbacks are naturally attack-minded (as per my assistant reports), but I play them on an automatic setting. The idea being that they'll attack as-needed and do so naturally.
  13. I would suggest sticking around to read Cleon's response to my post above (#1334), as it deals with AM/ST partnerships in a 4-2-3-1. The Setting Up an Effective 4-2-3-1 is another good thread. Trust me, I've read them all over the past few weeks... In my experience, you should consider using one of your AML/AMR as a winger otherwise you run the risk of too many players clogging up the box. The Winger will help create some space for the other 3 members of your attacking unit in the box. I've used a Poacher in this formation with mixed results. They can bang in tons of goals, but can get pulled too far up and limit their supply. This can be an issue especially against weaker teams who park the bus. In my last game before starting my Trequarista striker experiment, I obliterated Arsenal 6-0 with 2 goals coming from my poacher and three from....Wellington Nem. I play FM12, and he's been amazing. Can play both Wings (great as an Inside Forward) as well as AMC. I've used him as both an AP-A and AM-A in that role, and he scores from there as well. Great versatility for a team playing in Europe.
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