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  1. It's hard to chase them up when they don't even respond to your emails.
  2. Have contacted Sega and had no response since May 17th. Any other suggestions on a resolution???
  3. I have a similar issue - I do have the old install folder so tried using that. What I find curious is that when I try to run the game I see that steam is downloading an update. This makes me believe that there has been a patch supplied for this game which is the cause of the issue. I find the lack of interest shown by the support team to be pathetic and that coupled with the ****** graphics decisions being made by SI in their 3d match engine makes me further convinced that they will not be getting any further money from me.
  4. Think of it this way. The more rigid the shape, the more segregated the play. Think WBA under Pulis v's Man City under Guadiola. WBA's style is structured - players with defend duty defend, attackers attack. City is fluid, with anybody likely to attack. Your defenders will still defend on fluid, but if the option is presented they will be more adventurous. Thats my take on the situation anyhow.
  5. I second that motion Cleon - Its a lot to do with how you cover your flanks. Playing three at the back doesn't mean you have 7 to attack with!
  6. Style could be a lot like personalities (professional,ambitious, etc) , where there is a hierarchy of the choices. When a if a player qualifies for more than one of those, one style may trump the other.
  7. Yeah, manually editing the XML files is no fun at all.
  8. The hair will align and stretch to match the face shape. Even if you stretch the image it will not render below the point of the chin.
  9. I have started with photoshop and cut out all of the beards. Seemed easier than deleting the files.
  10. The issue is that if the image is detected to have a beard, it will truncate the image to about level with the jaw. I think that facial hair is generated by the game itself. The only option is to go through and replace any beards with new images, or remove them and rebuild the index files. Neither appeal.
  11. I've been playing around with the images and it looks like you can not successfully have beards on players. No matter what I tried to do, the graphic was truncated and the beard was pushed up over the nose. Image sizes of 132 x 132 seems to be the new size, probably due to the smaller image of players. In order for the hair packs to work correctly there will need to be a crap load of work done.
  12. During the match I have a default setting which I like to use . However after the match I might want to look at other things in detail. What I would like is to be able to save a configuration as a preset much like what you can do with the team instructions. This would be particularly handy to track a player flipping from one set to another to see what was going on. Also it would alleviate the frustration of having to reconfigure things every time you load a save,
  13. Agree 100%. The players must have played together before surely?? Unless once a manager has been sacked, Doctor Evil comes in and mind wipes the players... but that is only a tactical mind wipe, as the team morale is still retained! I would like to see them retain the previous managers formation knowledge so you have something to build on.
  14. Am loving the new depth chart in FM17, however it is frustrating to have to click away to see my player profile is annoying. Why not add the information popup to the player name like so? Also it would be handy to see the assigned player roles in each position.
  15. Again not a solution - then I have to wait 10 minutes to reload the game.... I want to abort the save I have created. Not abort the game.
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