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  1. I'm managing in the third tier of Italy - I currently have a continental C license - The board wont send me on a course because they are afraid i will leave, yet they spring for the U-18's manager, and a coach to get more highly qualified. Honestly this system of requiring the board to pay for your coaching qualifications is absurd.... Its has always been difficult to get through the levels as a manager, but in FM21 it has gotten way worse.
  2. In my previous club I earned a promotion - this has dropped off when I change djobs.
  3. This is the table after 2 games in the relegation division. As you can see the points have carried over, but the rankings are not based on total points. Obviously the rankings are based on a different measure which is not shown on the table - how are you supposed to work out what you need to do to avoid relegation????? League sorting rules state average points - shouldn't this be shown instead?
  4. Do we really need a full screen pitch????? In the days of a widescreen monitor, you could easily have a bar occupying 20% of one side which was customizable for user data, like stats, analysis, etc. basically make the pitch window not go under the info bar. You could even have a docking tab that resizes the pitch view to full screen when you hide the tab, The big problem with the development trend is they only develop for people who play on key highlights. I play comprehensive highlights, and so the in-between highlights tab is useless for me as it flashes up for 5 seconds at a time.
  5. I would say the interface has undergone a total lobotomy..... It is not unable to communicate to the outside world in any meaningful way
  6. Yep, What customer feedback was considered in this change? I play games in comprehensive mode, and I now have lost access to all match data. Not only that, but you can only access the match data before the team talk. You cant have the team talk, and then look at the data to consider substitutions at half time. STOOPID decision.
  7. This is incorrect. For 50% of the time, the new window is greyed out if the ball is in the right half of the window. This need to be changed as it is ruining a very good game.
  8. I always play with fake players - I like crafting my own world, with it's myths, legends and villain's!
  9. It's hard to chase them up when they don't even respond to your emails.
  10. Have contacted Sega and had no response since May 17th. Any other suggestions on a resolution???
  11. I have a similar issue - I do have the old install folder so tried using that. What I find curious is that when I try to run the game I see that steam is downloading an update. This makes me believe that there has been a patch supplied for this game which is the cause of the issue. I find the lack of interest shown by the support team to be pathetic and that coupled with the ****** graphics decisions being made by SI in their 3d match engine makes me further convinced that they will not be getting any further money from me.
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