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  1. i have my own issues with the game like you can see in my thread, but i see here a narrow formation which you give the instruction play wider so you stretch it when you attack and it also means your team will be playing more over the flanks where you have only 2 players. At the same time you give the instruction shorter passing which narrows your formation when you attack. So do you want to play throurgh the middle or over the flanks. Your formation plays naturally more through the middle because you have all your players there. If you wann play over the flanks your should play a wider formation with wingers. I would cut the instruction play wider. Harrison must be a really good CD as he has to do a lot work If your right WB is on an attack duty. That is what i can tell you.
  2. after some more games... i give up.... i have a logical mistake somewhere and i don't know where Bilbao keeps banging this crosses in and scores and scores and scores
  3. Things you need to know, PI/ppms GK Pass it shorter; distribute to CDs; Roll it out WB(d) dribble less; but has ppm run with ball down right, gets forward whenever possible(all have it) hugs line, dive into tackles CDs: pass it shorter; 1 has gets forward whenever possible, marks opponent tightly, does not dive into tackles, Tries to play way out of trouble, the other has gets forward whenever possible, tries long range passes FB: dribble less, fewer risky passes; ppm runs with ball down left, gets forward whenever possible, tries to play way out of trouble DM: ppm plays short simple passes stays back at all times, tries to play way out of trouble, runs with ball rarely BWM: pass it shorter; ppm tries to play way out of trouble DLP: PPMs tries killerballs, dictates tempo, looks for pass, like to switch ball to the other side WM: PPM cuts inside from both wings, runs with ball often T: He is messi, Killer Balls, comes deep, dictates tempo, runs with ball often, plays one twos CF: close down more tackle harder; PPms: gets forward whenever possible, runs with ball often. The PPMs of my backline are just horrible for me they are not really what i like
  4. Hi, i stopped playing my longtime save and now i'm waiting for FM18 meanwhile i want to try understanding the game better so i started a save with Barca and i play 1 match against Bilbao over and over again. I must say that i still play FM16. I played the match around 25 times, from the first 20 i have won 2!! The rest were draws and losses, since Barca has the way better team, i assumed that it is my tactic that does not work. The attacking pattern from Bilbao was always the same, they run down the right flank with their FB/WB(a), cross and score. That was my starting point: Since i have seen that they raped me over the left side i thought i need better cover there so i changed the CM(s) to a BWM(s) ---> fail --> assumption still not enough cover ---> changed the WM(a) to a WM(s) ---->fail -----> assumption we need even more cover ----> changed the DLP to a DM(d) -----> fail they scored still the same goals. ----> assumption the failure must be somewhere else. I looked up the players and noticed one of my defenders had horrible jumping and heading the opposing striker was great in the air. Heureka!!?? ----> changed the defender -----> fail -----> assumption what the hell is wrong here?????? You need to know that all of my defenders had horrible ratings in most of the matches. --> try something different. ----> move the wm up to the AM Position and play him as a Raumdeuter and the FB(s) became a FB(d) My thought was that if their right FB is so attacking, then there must be room behind him which a Raumdeuter can explore. I moved also the AP up to an AM slot and gave him a support duty. Not sure why perhaps because messi is a natural there. ------> fail, we played not bad and the raumdeuter scored but we still conceded this cross goals from the left and lost or drawed. It was really frustrating I changed the Poacher to a CF because Suarez can play it. I changed his duty to (s) because i thought he was a bit isolated. My ideas ended i didn't know what to do. I also changed to fluid went standard.... I have just fired into the blue sea. Of course it didn't work out ----> thoughts: they attacking us on our left side so i don't need to take care about my right side too much so i came up with this: The idea behind it, i want to fight in the middle, i moved the winger into the CM spot on the right and made him an DLP(s) i defend the right side with my WB(d). I let them come on my right side and then they should have a hard time moving the ball to their attacking players on the left.. If you know what i mean. ----> worked..... wait....try again.... worked....try again... worked... ok fine. I played 5 games with this set up and have won 4 and 1 draw. I have to say in 4 of these games i added "work ball into box" before the game. In the game i show you now i have forgotten it. I have won this game 4-0 but i'm not sure if it was a good game fo us. Lineup first: I see an attack duty on the right FB and on the AMC the left MC is on defend duty. The left FB, the left and right AMs and the striker should be on a support duty Heatmap Bilbao I see a team that comes through the left side and the middle which we want because we have the numbers there and their left side is not as dangerous as their right. But their right side is not completely cut of like we see the green dot on the right outline. They have also no control over our space right in front of our box which is good. Heatmap Barca we are of course very present in the middle, but that red dot in front of my goal is worrying, i'm not sure what it means. Passes Bilbao That underlines that they build up on the left side and that they do long range passes to the right side. Passes Barca It looks like we play the ball quiet fast from the defence to the attacking midfield and often also often over the right side. Interceptions Bilbao looks for me like a high pressing game Interceptions Barca Looks for me also like a good midfield pressing annd look for all these interceptions on our left side, i think we do a good job there, but this missed interceptions in the box worries me a bit. Shots Bilbao That is quiet a number and in good positions i reviewed them and most of them are at the end of a cross from their right side Shots Barca Not a lot of shots but from really good positions. Crosses Bilbao That really doesn't look good 17 completet crosses.... insane.. no idea what i could do about it. Nr. 10 is the FB and 14 is the winger. I think thats it for now perhaps you can show me my logical mistakes
  5. spotting the problems in the match is the most difficult thing in that game, at least for me and then changing the right thing is as difficult. Don't get me wrong, i have success in that game, i won everything with Blackburn so i might doing something right, just sometimes i don't know what. The Vid from Rashidi is great i have known it before and have watched it at least 5 times
  6. thanks for your replies guys, i understand it a bit better now, but i think we have way to many playmaker roles in that game, for me it is always like trial and error to choose the right role and then you often don't know if it is the role or the player which doesn't work.
  7. Hi, i have some questions about playmakers in general. 1. When do i want to play with a playmaker and when not ? 2. when do i use a playmaker in the in the backfield and when do i want one up front ? 3. what is the difference between the wide playmaker in a 4-4-x and an advanced playmaker in an am/x slot I know it all depends on the tactic but are there some general principals, when to use one and where ?
  8. i would also recommend to switch the wingers to support. At the moment If you get the ball then your attacking wingers will immediately bomb forward and then they are often too far way for a good pass.
  9. Hello again, i'm at home from work so i have time now. My CDs are pretty solid with high strength, marking and Jumping reach. My Goalkeeper has his biggest strength in dealing with crosses and my Fullbacks are very good in speed, tackling, anticipation, decisions, positioning all in all leading players in the Premier League thats why iam really helpless at the moment. I play very high pressing wingers and striker because they should be more involved in defending. I always have the feeling that they just stand around if i don't let them press. The other plan is that they should play a bit more through the middle if i press on the flanks and the middle is my strongest area. That brings me to the CM(a) BBM duo, i think that could be the breaking point. I'll switch the CM(a) to a BBM and the BBM to a CM(s). Perhaps that stabilizes the middle. My GK has of course PIs to not hoof the ball out. The Question is if i need a DLP or if it would be better to play with an anchor man or a DM(d) Pulling the AML and AMR back isn't a real option because i just want to get this formation to work By the way i'm playing in the year 2029 but i wasn't able to make us a topside although we have some leading premier league players in our squad. It's not that i don't have success, i won some cups, coca cola 2x, FA 2x, Euro league 1x, but in the league i'm not able to become better than rank 7. Anyway, thank you for your answers if you have some more ideas i really would like to hear them.
  10. Hi guys i need your assistance, i'm not able to keep a clean sheet with my 4-1-2-2-1, Perhaps you have a idea why. This is my tactic: Team Instructions: whipped crosses PIs CF(a): close down much more, tackle harder AP: close down much more W: close down much more FB right and left: fewer risky passes CDs pass it shorter I don't want to play a short passing possession game, if we have the ball we should play it forward, fast if it is possible but not with too much risk. I create good chances but the opponents do the same. I'm often 2 goals up and than either i tie the game because of late goals or i lose it. Through balls and crosses are the main issues. That were my stats from the last game, i was 2:0 up until the 72 minute: Like we see the right winger Ojo doesn't get a lot of balls. I think it is because we have AP on the right wing. Overall stats. I have to say that Everton is a strong side in the league 5th place with very good players. Ok, so do you see any problems why i can't keep a clean sheet here, what is unbalanced in this tactic ? Should i try it with an Anchor man perhaps to become more stable ? I'm out of ideas, i hope you have some
  11. Hi, i'm playing with Blackburn in the Premier League right now and most of the time the AI positions in the game looks like that: Perhaps you know that. The AI does it with variuos shapes and i often struggle against it. Often the FBs bombing forward here. How should i set up my shouts against it ? Most of the time i try to stretch them with play over the wings and very wide. But that often doesn't work and the bombing forward FBs kill me regularly. Does someone has a suggestion how to deal with it ?
  12. Hey, a 4-4-2 is often used as a counter attacking system where the midfield line and the defensiv line stay really close together. How do i get this in FM working, do i have to play a defensiv mentality with pushing higher up ? because i noticed if you drop deeper, the gap between the 2 lines becomes bigger instead of smaller.
  13. Hook you are right and i really know what the roles do, but to know what something does and to use it is something different. Sometimes it is helpful to look at something from the other side to fully understand it. Let us talk about the Half back, i know what he does, but i dont know how i could use it. What is the sense of it. What is the idea behind the role ? Hard to explain what i want from you guys I try it as Question. Why does someone take a Half Back instead of a normal defensiv midfielder or an Anchor Man . All 3 aren't creative but they behave in a different way. What does he want if he chooses the HALF BACK ?
  14. In the pairs and combinations thread is explains how roles works together, but i still don't get some roles right i think and that is what this thread should be all about. I want to know what the aim behind the chosen role is. First the Winger Positions. 1. What do i want when i choose a wide midfielder ?? 2. What do i want when i choose a defensiv winger ? A Winger is clear, i wanna have a lot of runs and crosses down the flanks 3. What do i want when i choose a wide target man 4. What do i want when i choose a Advanced Playmaker second the defensiv midfielder Position 1. What do i want when i choose a Half back Central Mids When do i use a CM(a) insteed of an advanced Playmaker ? That are my main questions at the moment. Perhaps some of us have the same Problem with all of these roles. Hopefully i get some answers. Stonebiter1
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