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  1. The maintenance is a big advantage on dedicated graphic cards. 1gb will be enough to play Football Manager depending of the amount of leagues you select. For example I start a save unemployed and I select about 20 countries with all leagues selected, with a total of 100000 players. When I'am playing with that save, Football Manager is consuming 2gb of memory. That's why 4gb of memory is a comfortable amount of memory if you want selected lots of leagues.
  2. The are graphic card with shared memory, that used a part of computer RAM and is cheaper solution. There are also graphic card with dedicated memory, meaning that the graphic card has internal memory, granting a better performance, but is a more expensive solution. If you only play Football Manager, you will need lot of RAM, 4gb at least and a good processor. Football Manager is not the kind of game that demands a very good graphic card and I think a shared memory graphic card is enough.
  3. Bojinov was a very promising player, on last season he came to play on Sporting of Lisbon and was total flop. At least on FM he is performing well.
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