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  1. New post - Portuguese Cup 2012/2013 - The outsider of the season
  2. I have publish a new post - The transfers of the season 2012/2013
  3. I have publish a new post - The transfers of the season 2012/2013
  4. I guess even if I don't respect the playing style demanded by the boardroom and I complete the competitions objectives the board will be happy. My focus will be always to get results within board expectations.
  5. That attribute should be visible now, since is not possible to get a scout report from staff that can hint about a strength or weakness buying players. That is a mandatory capability for a director of football.
  6. Staff should have an attribute related with negotiation skills, if I put the DOF handle player transfers how do I know that he's capable of doing good business looking to current staff skills?
  7. If SI doesn't impose limits your game will consume too many memory and the game will crash. 100000 players seems to be a reasonable limit. The biggest save I have create was with 80000 players and consume about 2gb of memory, about half the memory of the most of computers. That intensive resource consuming alongside with other operative systems tasks can cause your computer to freeze. That's why SI impose limits, because probably they had made capacity tests on 32 bit and 64 bits, finding a reasonable limit.
  8. That's my player profile, I also play about 1 hour a day and when the season is ongoing I play an average of 2 games per day and maybe little bit more at weekends. On Football Manager 2012 steam indicates that I have played 300 hours, about 1 hour a day. I take about 2 or 3 weeks to complete a season.
  9. Probably I won't will play FMC, but that was a good idea by SI to improve game sales, because now the people with less time will play and that means more sales, more sales will mean a reinforcement on this project investment and even more improvements in future versions. More games modes, means a larger market penetration and more sales, helping this project to keep alive.
  10. Maybe the prize will be the Football Manager 2013 activation code
  11. When a player gets older he mainly loses some speed and stamina, but technical quality and experience won't drop. A old player should drop much more on physical attributes than technical. It's like Ryan Giggs, now he don't have much pace, but is still very difficult to take him the ball because he keeps an excellent dribbling level, he still do good crosses, good passes and shoot well.
  12. On my first save I had a central defender that 30 goals on a single season, but that bug was corrected. The strange thing about corners on FM is the fact that is always the central defenders to score, it's very rare to see other players scoring on corners.
  13. I agree, Rodrigo technical attributes are low, at least this one should be improved.
  14. I have played 3 different saves on FM 2012. Probably on FM 2013 I will play a single save.
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