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  1. Ok, thanks. I'll try playing around with the team mentality and some of the player mentalities to see if that helps.
  2. Hi all, I was an avid FM player for many years, and after a few years away I'm back with the FM20 beta. Something I'm really struggling with is the difference in my form away vs at home. I'm playing as Sunderland in league one and have finished the first season in 5th place. I had the best home record in the league but was 15th in away record. I've used the same 5-3-2 tactic which works great at home, but in away games I can't score and concede a lot more. Should I be using different tactics and formations for home and away games. Do people find a tactic that can work with both? Thanks for any help.
  3. My players regularly get down the wing but wont cross. 30 seconds later AI gets down the wing crosses and scores? Its winding me right up
  4. Ah right, I've been playing FM for years and never realised that! Cheers.
  5. I've had clubs make bids for my players where they include a Selling Club Wage Contribution clause as they obviously can't match the players current wages. Why is this option not available when trying to buy players? I've just got promoted and am trying to improve my squad, there are numerous players I've gone in for who are transfer listed at their club so I can afford the transfer fee, but can't match the wages they are on/want. If AI clubs can request it from me, why can't I request it from them?
  6. Just sold a regen left winger who doesn't look great to me, and is valued at 675k, to Man U for 17m?!! Happy days!
  7. I had a good season with the squad above in 18/19. I finished 2nd in the league behind Arsenal I won the European Super Cup (beating Benfica), won the Capital One Cup (beating Sunderland), lost in the FA Cup final (to Man City in extra time), won the Champions League (beating Arsenal!) Going to try and keep the squad together (although Walker has requested a move as he wants a new challenge) to defend the Champions League, and try and add the Premier League.
  8. I've also given up using this screen most of the time for this reason. It seems a bit of an oversight not being able to select multiple players.
  9. I've just started season 4 (18/19). Last season finished 4th and won the Europa League. Sold Lloris and Chadli this summer as both were unhappy. I'm targeting youth players to develop, as well as younger first team signings. Squad for this season is: GK: Horn/Rajkovic DR: Walker/Vrsaljko DC: Dier/Alderweireld/Mammana/Veljkovic DL: Rose/Suk-Young MC (AP): Eriksen/Alli MC (BBM): Meli/Ajer MC (DLP): Pogba/Bentaleb AMR: Lamela/Januzaj/Embolo AML: Son/Luan CF: Kane/M Romero/Clough Lewis Cook is joining in January I've signed up some regens who look good and are loaned out. I've still got Walker-Peters, Carter-Vickers, Winks, Sterling and Onomah who haven't been able to break into the first team and are out on loan. Also signed Andre Dozzell in season 2 and have been loaning him out. Net transfer spend since the start of the game is around £90m, hoping for a title challenge this year.
  10. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Paul Pogba Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller:Juventus Player's Value: 61m Offer: £69m up front, £36m over 36 months. £275k per week, 50k appearance fee. £24m in player and agent fees Transfer/Wage Budget: £212m transfer budget, £500k spare wage budget Patch: Latest Season: 18/19 preseason
  11. Had another example of this trying to sign Tielemans. Bids accepted from me and Porto, open negotiations and he wants 145k per week, 4.5m signing on fee, 20k appearance fee etc. I tried to negotiate down to around 90k and 3m fee and he ended up withdrawing. Signed for Porto on 36.5k per week, 1.5m fee, 6k appearance fee. He even has a preference to play in the premier league in his plans on his profile.
  12. Has anyone else had issues signing players due to over the top wage demands, only to find them going to another similar rep team for much lower? I've had this a few times in my current save, playing as Tottenham. As an example, I tried signing a young left back from Brazil, he was being paid £3,500 a week but requested £95k and a £4.5m signing on fee. I offered him £50k which he obviously rejected, but he then signed for Benfica on £36k?
  13. I was playing GK - Defend FB - Support CB - Defend CB - Defend FB - Support W - Attack CM - Defend DLP - Support W - Attack DLP - Support AF - Attack Instructions I had Play Out from Defence, Pass Into Space, Be More Expressive Fluid team shape. In the championship I altered Mentality depending on opponents or how the game was going between Counter, Standard and Attacking. Since promotion I've mainly been using Counter. You're right, most games losses have been 0-1/1-2 rather than getting hammered.
  14. How do people approach playing in a higher league after promotion. Do you tend to use the tactics which brought you success in the league below or change? I'm playing as Middlesbrough, and won the championship in season 2 (2016/2017) with a record 108 points. I played a fairly standard 4-4-2 using some instruction tips I'd seen on here. I also had cup wins against Chelsea and Man City. I signed a few players (trying to concentrate on young english players) to fit the system and started the season with it. I've had a disastrous start, and eventually abandoned it in attempt to change fortunes, but still struggling to find something that works. I'm currently 17 games in, bottom of the premier league with a record of W0 D5 L12 GD-22. What can I do?!?!?
  15. On the subject of overly whingeing players, I've got a Man City game going at the minute, and 37 year old Richard Wright is kicking up a fuss because he's not getting in the first team. Really?
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