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  1. I usually dont have more than 5-6 leagues selected.. One more thing: It has 8Gb ram. Will that be enough or should i upgrade to 16? And what exactly does ram do for you in FM?
  2. It's really not easy to settle for a laptop... Had decided to go for the Lenovo Ideapad l340, but i dont like the cooling system it has - wich is underneath the laptop. So now i have decided to go for the Lenovo Legion y540 with the Intel core i5-9300H. It seems to have a much better cooling system. So i was about to order it, but now im wondering on one more thing: Is it worth to pay around £250 extra to get the Core i7-9750H? Or will the i5 be more than good enough for FM? Im only using this for FM.
  3. Thank you very much for youre help! It makes sense now. It says that the laptop has two modes. One for work, and one for gaming. Appreciate youre quick replys!
  4. There are so many versions of the 'same laptop'... I think its this one, but im not sure; https://laptopmedia.com/laptop-specs/lenovo-ideapad-l340-15-gaming-27/ Im using a norwegian site, so that may be difficult for you to read. But you could try; https://www.netonnet.no/art/data-og-nettbrett/laptop/laptop-14-15-tommer/lenovo-l340-15irh-gaming-81lk00dfmx/1009048.10997/ Just scroll down a little, and click on 'teknisk spesifikasjon', and you will get all the information for this laptop.
  5. I see. I was looking over the laptop again, and now im getting confused... Yes, it says its using Nvida GTX gforce 1650. But at the same time it says its a integrated graphics (Intel UHD 630) From what I can see, there are big difference between those two...? So my question is... Does this laptop use Nvida or Intel uhd?....
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. So the graphics card is also good enough for 3D matches?
  7. Hello! Will this PC be good enough for FM 20: Lenovo intel core i5-9300H / 2.4 GHz Nvida GTX gforce 1650 4gb 8GB ram 512Gb SSD I think this is the best i can find for my budget around £850.
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