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  1. I tend to scour the database manually for players rather than rely on reports. Am I as well off having 0 scouts at the club or does having a good scouting network have any other benefits e.g. enhanced reputation etc Also what's the difference between scout and chief scout, are there any important attributes for the latter or do you simply choose your best scout to be chief scout?
  2. I'm managing Albion Rovers in the Scottish Championship. "Youth Setup" cost £115,000 last month and £716k last season, looks like it will top £1m this year.
  3. I know what they are. Is this 'Youth Setup' expenditure directly related to how high a level my network and coaching are? If so, why won't my board reduce them given the fact that it is plunging me into debt - which they are moaning about? I thought developing youth players was supposed to be cheaper than buying players!
  4. Just wait until they play well and the pathetic, derisory offers will come in from the AI teams that demand 100x the value for their own players.
  5. Away and buy The Sims if you want to play happy families son
  6. I'm managing a lower league club and I'm haemorrhaging money due to this one expense. I've tried asking my board to cut back on Juniour Coaching but apparently "our finances are stable enough to support it", even though they tell me we're in a "Poor financial position" and want me to sell players :rolleyes:
  7. I'd be more interested in the issue of not being able to play a network game whatsoever, but alas that has been ignored.
  8. I was meant to be having both upgraded, which for some bizarre reason was going to take 4 years. At some point during the latter half of the 4th year they must have decided to cancel it as it as the progress bar thing has disappeared from the Boardroom Overview screen. Find it a bit silly that the board would cancel it after 3+ years of work when it's very nearly finished, especially since I've been having to pay for it every month for those 4 seasons and did not have any of the money returned when it got cancelled.
  9. I've asked non stop for over 4 seasons, and on other saves have gone through the leagues over 8+ years constantly being refused. So... yes it is hard.
  10. I know, because every other team in my league is taking advantage of that!
  11. I am basically the only team in my division that doesn't have one. Celtic and Barcelona have/had a relationship that functions as a feeder/parent system, even though Marc Crosas was the only fruit of that. When the deal happened it was mentioned, and that other players had previously been offered the move but declined.
  12. With the exception of 2 clubs (one being Hearts), I am the only side in the league that does not have a parent club.
  13. I've taken Albion Rovers up the Scottish divisions, I'm in the Championship now and despite trying every single time it allows me to ask, I've found it impossible to get a parent club. It's bollocks really. Do I need to change my tactics
  14. I never really understood why SI introduced the 'feature' of changing your tactics while the game is being played. It still has to go out of play before it changes them so it makes no difference at all. In fact I usually pause it while I'm doing my tactical changes so I don't miss any of the game. There's also the thing where if you make tactical changes while you have a corner, the corner just disappears from existence. Or at least it's never a key chance - and quite how a cross into the box with loads of your players attacking it isn't a key chance I don't know.
  15. Is there any value in signing scouts based solely on their nationality, and the scouting knowledge that comes with it, disregarding their JA/JP? Like if you are managing a smaller club with a very limited scouting range, would signing a South American scout (if you can) increase your player search pool? You could then scout manually within that using the filters, or ask for reports on specific player from more skilled scouts.
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