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  1. There is no solution to this problem ? if the labor I give for years is a heba, my passion for the game will be severely reduced
  2. English: I can't activate fm 2016 shortlist in fm 2017.i take couldn't be transferred to the game error.What is the cause of this problem and what is the solution? Turkish : FM16 daki short list ( oyuncu kısa liste ) mi FM17 de aktif edemiyorum . Oyuna aktarılmadı hatası alıyorum short list dosyalarının uzantılarını hem slf. hem fmf. olarak denedim sorun çözülmedi sorunun sebebi ve çözümü nedir .
  3. About Full Name:Tomáš Malec Date of Birth: 5.1.1993 Nationalities: Slovakia Height: 199 cm Weight: 93 kg Position: Forward Sides: Centre Roles: Target man Current Team: AS Trencin Reminds:Libor Kozak Foot: Right Market Value: € 325.000 Agent : HMP champions football agency Youth Team : As Trencin Languages Spoken : Slovak , Czech Strengths: Finishing,Off The Ball , Hardworking ,Side Balls , Strong, Coldblooded Weaknesses : Flair , Technique , Mentalite ( arrogance ) İnjuries : Not Found [video=youtube;q1Zle0B_QNw] Producer : Bilal TATOĞLU ( Turkey / Istanbul )
  4. Hello..! We want to be in your fansites from Turkey We have played FM for 14 years and we have experienced people in my forum site. (Site owners are 26-27 years old) We have research and development teams. We have a new platform. We have raised the bar for one year. We are thinking also international tournament. This idea can actualize being your fansite. We are critical for buying original game and anyone can't use pirate game in site. I sent you a mail four months ago. I think you scheme a fansite in these times. With All Respect OUR WEBSITE www.FMLegend.com
  5. @Friel With last year's game is not the same as this year's game engine
  6. @Things Could Get Messi It might also have two tactics are very different from each other in terms of team player instructions need instructions are designed differently from each other
  7. This system created by me. I used and developed old verision of Tactickz' 2012 grid system This program developed and designed for Fm 2013 it's first grid system.
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