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  1. Just made it to the first of January after starting another Spurs save. I chose to stick with the old database because Tottenham didn't do much business anyway and one of my favourite buys, Alex Telles, had been sold to Galatasaray so I expected not to be able to get him as easily anymore. In the first transfer window I focused on cheap youngsters and pulled the trigger on three transfers. The aforementioned Leftback Alex Telles for €8,5m , midfielder Lucas Romero for €6,75m and old favourite Spurs transfer target Leandro Damiao for 4,2M. The first two have quickly found their way into the first team rotation. Telles is obviously helped by the lack of a decent alternative and Romero had to provide cover since Dembele has been injured for most of the season so far and actually returned to full training just a couple days before the new year. Damiao picked up a knock himself for a couple months and hasn't made too much of an impact. I'm a firm believer in rotation so you won't find a favourite XI or tactic from me, although my back four always tends to be two attacking fullbacks, a BPD and a LD with some variation. Other than that the squad seems to lend itself well to playing 4-2-2-2 with Wingers, basically a classic 4-4-2 with more advanced Wingers. I've been loving the fact that Chadli, Townsend, Lennon and Lamela can all play on either wing, giving me a lot of flexibility. The season so far has been pretty stellar. My first defeat didn't come untill October 21st against Real Sociedad in the Europa League. The first Premier League loss took even longer, but it was a tough one. I lost 2-4 at home against Chelsea on November 23rd, signalling a run of not-so amazing games. I lost more games against Liverpool, Newcastle and then against Southampton at home which kicked me out of the Capital One Cup. I only managed to win 3 out of 8 games during that run and dropped from top position to third. Hopefully things have picked up again as over the busy holiday period I've been undefeated for 4 games again. Fortunate draws in the FA Cup, Middlesbrough, and the Europa League, PAOK, should mean a clean run through to the next couple of rounds. In the Premier League after 19 games I'm currently 3rd with three points behind the 1st with a game in hand on the 1st and 2nd. The biggest surprise so far has been good old Jermain Defoe, gifting me 14 goals in 16 appearances. Honorable mentions go to Erik Lamela and Soldado with 7 goals, 6 assists and 6 goals, 7 assists respectively, both in 17 appearances. Another fun thing was seeing Arsenal be absolute bottom of the league from week 5 till 10, although they have picked it up somewhat and are currently 10th. The first business of 2014 has already been done, picking up Matej Vydra on a free transfer when his contract runs out in June. Southampton's Gaston Ramirez is currently transfer listed for €9,75M but I don't really need another ACM so I'd only buy him if someone comes a-knocking for the others and gives a decent offer. Ramirez is definitely someone I rate though, if another club makes an offer for him, I might just join in. Unless anything major happens, I'll report again when I hit the end of the season. I chose not to add screenshots because I'm lazy and the post was long enough as is, but if anyone wants something specific, I'll deliver.
  2. They did away with the "set as playmaker/targetman" feature when designing the new tactics system. You can still set them though, by assigning someone the Advanced or Deep Lying Playmaker role. If you assign multiple players these roles, they will share the workload. Same goes for Targetman. You can still set your Striker with that role and I believe a Poacher acts like a targetman who recieves deliveries with his feet instead of his head, but that might be wrong.
  3. Sounds like a real rollercoaster of a season. Who were your biggest impacts during the year? Did Soldado live up to expectations? Did you end up buying/selling anyone in January?
  4. I personally put him on unwanted list for a little more than value, Monaco came in and bid for value.
  5. Was playing with Spurs. I know he's not worth 40m, although I have to say I play with Euros, so it would be £33m or something. But that's why I didn't buy him.
  6. Really? Wow, they were asking like 40m for him on my save. Probably the high end to drive my price up but still, I don't think I would have gotten to 10.5 I love Alex Sandro, he was great for me on FM13, crossed the ball to Lewandowski for the winning goal in the CL final.
  7. I find it interesting that he's more of an advanced playmaker than a strong holding midfielder in the game. I think in Brazil he actually played more of a DM role or what passes for it there, so I don't know where they got that. Also found it frustrating that Sandro no longer is a natural on central midfield, he's still accomplished so it's not that bad tactically, but it does feel awkward. With Livermore and Carrol on loan it leaves us a little short in midfield for the first season. Honestly, I know this is cheating but I think on release I'm going to go in the editor and cancel BAE and Livermore's loans. Edit: Also, I believe that Paulinho's stats are mostly based on his last season in Brazil and the Confederations Cup and not so much on the first matches of this season.
  8. To the OP, as an idea for a little more challenge, adjust your Staff Responsibilities so you have less control. Give your DoF final say in signings and don't sign anyone yourself, have your assistant handle training, have someone handle youngsters. All you're allowed to do is handle the first team. Basically, it gives you more of the "coach" role that's more prevalent outside England. In Belgium for example, it's fairly rare for the manager to decide who gets bought or sold. He can have input and say "I need a new striker", but it's more of a matchday job.
  9. Had to restart my save. It was something stupid, not a gamebreaking bug or anything god bless, but I'd put in the wrong place of birth and hadn't noticed. Now, the second time around I got past my first two games and my lord did I just have a "Holy shmoly this is why I love FM" moment. Playing the EL Playoff against some unknown Danish side and we're doing dreadfully. They got a goal on a corer, we equalize in the 41, all square at the break. Kaboul is exhausted, Soldado picked up a knock, I bring in Super-Jan and Defoe off the bench. Go down 2-1 on a questionable penalty and I'm really sweating it now. And then Townsend's jets get warmed up. He goes on amazing runs, swoops past defenders like they're statues and delivers great chances. Two goals and an assist from Andros later and it's 2-4. I know it's just a teeny Danish side of scrubs (and apparently Edgar Davids' cousin), but it still felt good to get that win in. Especially after losing my first League game 2-3 against Southampton. In other news, it seems like Monaco is especially keen on our lads. Sold Ade to them for 9m and then they come knocking for Rose. Negotiated a deal worth 11m and 50% of future sale and it seemed like the perfect way to get some funds for an upgrade, but the deal breaks down because Danny wanted bigger wages. Another very suprising sale was Jordan Archer to Man Utd. I have no idea why they would come for him, but got a deal for his value (300k I believe) and 50% of future sale. Sold Gomes as well, so I'll probably look for a youngster as a back-up. I've brought in Balanta (who caused the penalty mentioned) for 11m, Timo Werner for 6m and Zivkovic on a free. There's a nice young fullback at Estudiantes called Silva who could come for cheap, but i'm looking at either Davies or Shaw ahead of him. Coming from my first two results, I'm fearing a difficult season. I think I was fairly lucky the last couple of years with my tactics working out and that might not be the case with the new system. I'll be praying to Blanchflower that I find my groove.
  10. Seems to me your main decider would be the European competition you want to play in. I don't think any of these would be too hard to challenge the title with, Tottenham has the better youth and training facilities if that makes a difference to you. But yeah, the main difference would be if you want to play Champions League and play against some major European forces, Europa League and maybe go for the silverware there or just focus on the BPL without distractions.
  11. Balanta (€11m) Gabriel Barbosa (€2m) Richairo Zivkovic (free) Jonathan Silva (€4m) Ben Davies (€8m) Balanta is a must-have for anyone with the budget, the other ones need a little time before they're ready to jump in the first team, but they have the potential.
  12. I'm not 100% about this, but couldn't you use the authentication code that's printed on the booklet or somewhere inside the case and redeem the game from steam? Then you could install the game and never actually have to use the disc. However, there's been loads of people finding digital copies of the game for around 25 pounds or less. I myself bought it from Gamefly for 24.99 and it took about twenty minutes.
  13. It all depends on how you've set up the "staff responsibilities". You can set him up to find players and bid on them himself, basically letting him have free reign over transfers or you can set it so you have final say over accepting transfers, have him do the bids and you do the contracts, have him handle youth players only,... It's worth taking a look at all those settings and adjusting it to how you want to play your game.
  14. On the cusp of my first game with Spurs, Hull Away. Haven't brought anyone new in, mostly because I haven't found a leftback yet that fits the part. Alex Sandro and Alaba don't want to come, Shaw and Davies aren't really an improvement on Rose on their current ability and I don't like a rightie on the left like Santon. The hunt continues, but in the meantime I'm hoping Rose can play above his ratings and hopefully improve himself quickly. I've had a 9m offer from Monaco for Ade, who I listed for 13.5. They left me till Deadline Day to decide, so i'm waiting if maybe someone is willing to give me more. Then I'll probably get a young Striker in, maybe Timo Werner, but that depends on what my scouts can find. Debating if I'm going for a left winger because we don't really have a back-up after Chadli there, only if there's a bargain though.
  15. If you want to make it feel right role-play wise, you can change the setting in the "Staff Responsibility" where it says "Hire/Fire DoF" to your chairman. Personally, I only start RP-ing after a couple of days in the game. Otherwise I'd feel to bad firing all the former legends and getting my own staff in.
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