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  1. Just made it to the first of January after starting another Spurs save. I chose to stick with the old database because Tottenham didn't do much business anyway and one of my favourite buys, Alex Telles, had been sold to Galatasaray so I expected not to be able to get him as easily anymore. In the first transfer window I focused on cheap youngsters and pulled the trigger on three transfers. The aforementioned Leftback Alex Telles for €8,5m , midfielder Lucas Romero for €6,75m and old favourite Spurs transfer target Leandro Damiao for 4,2M. The first two have quickly found their way into the fi
  2. To the OP, as an idea for a little more challenge, adjust your Staff Responsibilities so you have less control. Give your DoF final say in signings and don't sign anyone yourself, have your assistant handle training, have someone handle youngsters. All you're allowed to do is handle the first team. Basically, it gives you more of the "coach" role that's more prevalent outside England. In Belgium for example, it's fairly rare for the manager to decide who gets bought or sold. He can have input and say "I need a new striker", but it's more of a matchday job.
  3. Balanta (€11m) Gabriel Barbosa (€2m) Richairo Zivkovic (free) Jonathan Silva (€4m) Ben Davies (€8m) Balanta is a must-have for anyone with the budget, the other ones need a little time before they're ready to jump in the first team, but they have the potential.
  4. I'm not 100% about this, but couldn't you use the authentication code that's printed on the booklet or somewhere inside the case and redeem the game from steam? Then you could install the game and never actually have to use the disc. However, there's been loads of people finding digital copies of the game for around 25 pounds or less. I myself bought it from Gamefly for 24.99 and it took about twenty minutes.
  5. It all depends on how you've set up the "staff responsibilities". You can set him up to find players and bid on them himself, basically letting him have free reign over transfers or you can set it so you have final say over accepting transfers, have him do the bids and you do the contracts, have him handle youth players only,... It's worth taking a look at all those settings and adjusting it to how you want to play your game.
  6. If you want to make it feel right role-play wise, you can change the setting in the "Staff Responsibility" where it says "Hire/Fire DoF" to your chairman. Personally, I only start RP-ing after a couple of days in the game. Otherwise I'd feel to bad firing all the former legends and getting my own staff in.
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