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  1. This makes sense now. Thanks a lot!
  2. Then it's a bit confusing to me. If they've reached their potential, how can they still grow? Or am I misunderstanding something about CA/PA?
  3. Let's say we have a player with a CA of 185 and a PA of 185. Let's say he is 23. Does this mean that his attributes will not grow anymore, because he reached his potential?
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to hear if it is possible to remove the European ban of my team using MacAssistant? I know it is possible to do it by editing the database, but I am already one season in and soon-to-be-champion, so I don't want to start all over again. Unfortunately, my team is banned from all European competitions for a season. Anything MacAssistant can fix?
  5. Oh okay, didn't know it changes with each patch. Too bad. Anyway, AMAZING work, this is an incredible tactic.
  6. How does squad status affect performance? I have 2-3 different incredible players per position and I rotate nearly from game to game. Therefore, not many players can have Key Player status. But will upgrading a Rotation player to Key or First Team have any effect on his performance, morale and so on? How do you tackle this issue?
  7. I've noticed that if you wait until a month or a week before their contract expires (if it's a player who will not be snatched by other teams on a Bosman), they are willing to drop their huge wage demands. I've tried it with Diego Lopez in my Milan squad (he is back-up to Courtois and wanted 7M per year (up a million from 6). Got him to sign for 4 Million, but had to wait until his contract almost ran out.
  8. You wrote an incredible guide in the beginning about which PPM each player should learn. Why did you delete it? It was simply so well written!
  9. When you manage a team with world class players it is easy to forget that the scout ratings are based on your squad. If you only have stars in your team, finding a regen with five stars potential is like finding a new Messi, which doesn't happen too often. I often forget this as well. So if you are in this situation and find a four star, that's definitely a player to pursue, as he can become at least as good as your current players. 3 and a half stars is not bad either when managing a team with a world class squad.
  10. Have you updated the game in the meantime? I manage Milan and my 4-2-4 was killing until at some point in time Steam updated the game. From the time I started playing again, the tactic didn't work anymore, so I had to change it and voilá, my form was back. But it might be this causing your surprising drop in form.
  11. For me it's more the wing-backs missing. In Europe there's a lot of midfield talent, but you might be right about South America. However I often find interesting players when scouting South America, including CMs.
  12. Okay, so I can see I am not the only one shooting like hell on the goal and scoring a small fraction of my shots...
  13. Haha just my words. To the OP: I don't care when players complain, it's not their job to lead the team, but mine. Their job is to perform well. I had my Milan players unhappy at me selling Niang and Petagna (in two different transfer windows). Once one of my key player (Douglas Costa) god unhappy and I let him know he doesn't decide anything in the team. After 7-8 games he was happy agaiin, although I have to say that his performances were sub-par during this period. Luckily other players delivered. Don't care about one or two players and if they are divas, I tend to look to sell them and bring in players with a professional attitude.
  14. If for example I lead by 2 goals but it was lucky, or it is a much smaller team I am playing against and we are not doing so well, I always tell my players I am disappointed. Actually, I tell my players I am disappointed in them 60-70% of the time. The rest of the time I tell them I am happy, if they are up by a few goals and playing well or up by one goal against a bigger/big team and playing well. This seems to work for me most of the time. I am not a fan of "don't get complacent" because in previous versions it ruined many games for me. Told the players not to get complacent at 2-0 and lost 2-3 or drew. Don't have good experiences with this, so I keep myself to my simple tactic: Unhappy with players (calm or assertive, depending on the level of unhappiness) or happy (calm or passionate, depending on their performance).
  15. I also feel that their ratings is poor, although I had Diego Lopez playing really well for some seasons and now Courtois doing the same. But you know what... as long as I win at the end of the game, the GK can have whatever rating he wants However I agree that this should be solved.
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