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  1. It looks right in line with the 25 year hard-code mentioned earlier. So I guess I know when my stadium will be approved.
  2. I feel your pain. Our situations are almost identical.
  3. Especially in a game where this frequently happens to the people playing it. You’d think they would build in a work around to the hard coding.
  4. I’ll raise it as a bug. Good idea. If I was in a small town, I could see how that would come into the decision. But as this is a sizeable city, it shouldn’t really affect the likelihood of getting a new stadium.
  5. Bristol. I am the most reputable club in the entire world. Realistically, the board would be chomping at the bit to get into a new stadium, if the biggest club in the world was playing in front of 12,500 fans every week.
  6. I don’t have the in-game editor. But I did the exact same thing in the previous game (created a club) and I was able to build a new stadium. I think I got the logo pack on fmscout or sortitoutsi. Google those websites and you’ll find them. I play on Mac so it’s compatible.
  7. I’d love someone who writes the code for this kind of thing to shed some light. But that will never ever happen.
  8. So here is the back-story. I created my old team called 'Esparzas'. I took them from League Two to the Premier League, and when we got to the Premier League the club expanded the stadium to 12,500. The stadium was built in 2006. I have now won the Premier League 5 times, and the Champions League twice. I have had sell outs in EVERY SINGLE home game for the last 5/6 years in all competitions (even friendlies). I have over 500 million in the bank. Three years ago, the board started giving me the option, twice a season, to ask for a new stadium. But no matter what I ask, say, or do, the request is always denied because of 'lack of fanbase'. Now surely this must be a bug? Is there anything I can do? In previous additions after asking maybe 4/5 times, finally they would give me a new stadium. But in this game? No. 100% sell-outs The most reputable team in the world. Not enough of a fanbase to justify moving from a 12,500 capacity stadium, to a bigger stadium despite being the biggest club in the entire world. Can anyone help me. This is destroying the enjoyment of my save to be honest. I'm almost ready to give it in. HELP!
  9. Possibly the craziest thing that's ever happened in an FM game. They beat Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Holland to win the World Cup. 2026 as well, not exactly far into the game.
  10. It amazes me how often ex-players have poor coaching stats, whereas the ex players who are current coaches at the start of the game tend to have great stats (Scott Parker, Ledley King etc). Surely, if the ex-players who are currently staff IRL have great stats. The future ex-players who become staff should have good stats. But that is too logical, and thus probably won't be changed in the game
  11. Only on things like fantasy premier league would you be credited with an assist. Not the official records, as far as I know.
  12. Are they credited with an assist when it's an own goal? If not, they should be.
  13. I'd also like to know how to filter the reports so you don't keep getting the same players. I have seen Moise Kean and Mbappe so many times in my scout recommendations.
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