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    I literally have what looks like a hospital in the corner of my BRAND NEW Premier League stadium. The lack of corner stands in stadiums with over 30,000 seats is just ridiculous. I get the fact that they have to be careful with licensing, but there are stadiums with corner stands in the game so I don't get why all new builds don't come with corner stands.
  2. This is a very simple request. It would be cool to get a news segment or email about a title parade when you win something major like a Premier League/Champions League. It could talk about the numbers at the parade and maybe some quotes from players interviews from the bus. Thanks.
  3. I have built a successful tactic and this season have only lost 6 games across all competitions. However, only 7 out of my 25 man squad have an average rating of over 7. Usually at the end of a season I look at my players stats and think if they have over a 7 average rating then they've had a good year, and if it's below then they need to start performing better or be sold. This year, using that measuring stick, i'd have the replace the majority of my squad every summer. So, I have to ask. Are the player ratings harsher this year, or is it my tactic (despite the success in results)?
  4. My influence is a bit of Klopp, but also the way I usually set up on FIFA career mode. 4-2-3-1, inside forwards creating a 4-3-3 with wing-backs overlapping in attack. In defense, press high up the pitch and don't commit my wing-backs too much that I get caught on the break. One midfielders staying deeper and providing the backward pass options/dictating play, the other midfielder being more of a workhorse and being everywhere. Are any of my instructions contradictory?
  5. Wow. That's really in depth and great advice. I'll check out those attributes and make sure i'm playing the right players in those roles. Also, looking at the analysis for a good performance vs bad is a great shout! Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, I use a 4-2-3-1, with a DLP and BBM. I play the ball through the middle of the park and in most games have more possession than my opponents. I have been promoted back-to-back from League Two to the Championship. Despite my success, no matter who I start in midfield (even if it's a loanee from the Prem), they always get between 6.6-6.9 ratings. How can I improve these ratings? Has anyone found a system where the midfielders perform well? Thanks for your help.
  7. It looks right in line with the 25 year hard-code mentioned earlier. So I guess I know when my stadium will be approved.
  8. Especially in a game where this frequently happens to the people playing it. You’d think they would build in a work around to the hard coding.
  9. I’ll raise it as a bug. Good idea. If I was in a small town, I could see how that would come into the decision. But as this is a sizeable city, it shouldn’t really affect the likelihood of getting a new stadium.
  10. Bristol. I am the most reputable club in the entire world. Realistically, the board would be chomping at the bit to get into a new stadium, if the biggest club in the world was playing in front of 12,500 fans every week.
  11. I don’t have the in-game editor. But I did the exact same thing in the previous game (created a club) and I was able to build a new stadium. I think I got the logo pack on fmscout or sortitoutsi. Google those websites and you’ll find them. I play on Mac so it’s compatible.
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