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  1. I am playing with Kongsvinger in the top division in Norway. I just registered for the latter part of the EURO cup. Then one of the player that showed up with a green U21 box next to him started to complain that he was not registered, even though he is still eligible to play the upcoming games. Now his morale has dropped to bottom and will likely underperform because of it. Anybody else encountered this? Any chance for a fix?
  2. I'm on my 4th season in English league, currently in tire 5 (Vanarama Conference). Finished 4th last season but did not make it to promotion. However, I've now played through pre-season and no league games are loading. ??? What is wrong, any way to fix this without restarting my career? The below picture show date Aug 2019 but the previous season is still showing up and nil games are scheduled. The same goes for the whole of English league games, I've attached the game schedule for Arsenal who has got their cup games scheduled but not the league games. I am not using an editor by the way. Game breaking and very annoying. I'd attach the save file but it is 135mb.
  3. I would love to see a better 3d engine; the graphics looks not much better than FIFA 98. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, the well organised interface and readily accessible information sheets. However I feel a bit dumb staring at a game that looks like it's 15years old. I appreciate that a lot has happened since we were looking at circles running around a 2d field, but I believe that it's time to take graphics more seriously. I believe it would improve the game experience a lot as most of us spend at least some time watching the matches we are preparing for. Seeing our hard work come to life with silky smooth animations, ball-player interaction, and a 3d crowd cheering you on will definitively feel rewarding. It would also be nice to have more control of the camera, by being able to zoom in on players and move the camera around freely during the game (or at least during the replays). With decent graphic cards available for $100 or less, there is simply no excuse any more for not improving the 3d graphic part of the game. And if people still prefer to watch the game in 2d this option should still be available to them (but why would you;).
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