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  1. Would be great if one year SI just worked on a polished match engine and improved AI instead of implementing pointless features. Improve the core of the game and then when that is solid worry about additions after.
  2. hahaha and people think this Match engine isnt a joke?
  3. Going to try and get a refund on mine and re buy if the crosses / difficulty situation improves I think. Good luck all
  4. In a 90 minute match , the ball is only in play between 53-58 mins for the average premier league team. So 73 crosses is actually worse than it looks. lol
  5. I'm 33 and have been playing FM/CM since I was about 8 (so pretty much its entire lifetime). Just some quick thoughts.. Booted up the beta and first impressions very good, love the new tactics , much easier and simpler to tune and understand. The interface is smooth and looks good. The only 2 real issues I have (and i'm afraid if they remain are deal breakers for me) and will stop me playing are: 1) 90% of my goals come from crosses or a scramble in the box after a cross 2) Its too easy, i've let in 2 goals all season with Arsenal come late December and haven't lost a game (including City and Liverpool away) Just my 2 cents. Cheers
  6. Are you some SI blind fan boys or something? I'm not saying it should be the same result every time, but how can arsenal v swansea with same exact tactics have a 3-0 win and a 4-0 loss with everything in between, you would expect maybe a goal or two loss either way with similar results in between not a completely different match every time where i am either completely dominating with 21 shots to 5, then the very next match I am on the backfoot from the off with 6 shots to their 18 and getting smashed. Makes no sense to me whatsoever, yes I expect the result to be different every time, but there should be a similar pattern to the matches not just a wild difference each time!
  7. Played the same match 8 times as a test, same formation and tactics every time to see the results: 2-0 win 1-1 draw 3-1 win 4-0 loss 2-0 loss 2-2 draw 1-0 loss 3-0 win Think this says it all. SAME TACTICS EVERY TIME and completely different result every time, SORT THIS OUT PLEASE, worst match engine for years imo.
  8. Unbeaten with Arenal 20 games in, and first game back with new patch i lose 4-0 at home to west brom. its still dodgy as f. sort it out.
  9. Oh and every time i change the colours for my player stats and reboot the game th enext day I have to change the colours again, never remembers my settings..
  10. Also noticed a bug with putting Arshavin and Rosicky in the reserves to get match fitness, they are stuck on 59% and just wont get a reserve game whatever i tick or choose. so im forced to get them match fitness playing them in first team matches now! Seems to work for some players but not these two for whatever reason!
  11. I'm seeing far to many 6-5, 5-4, 6-4 type of matches, Im hoping the improvements made to the match engine in the patch/es will tone these down. I know they happen in real life, just not nearly as often as they happen in this Game
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