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  1. Jack Deal

    Viewing games bug?

    Hi, attending AI matches is disabled in this beta. It should be enabled for release.
  2. Hi, this is a feature this year to show the most relevant panels for the situation. Don't worry, there is a preference to turn it off if you prefer customisation - "Highlight Important Panels on Overview" can be unticked in the Interface section. However, this is currently not working - we will fix this for release. So for now you're stuck with it changing.
  3. Jack Deal

    Crazy wages in a news article

    Hi SeeCarrot, would you be able to upload this save to our server so we can take a look at it? Details are here: Have you changed the display settings for wages (from weekly to yearly, for instance?)
  4. Jack Deal

    Training UI Line on text

    Thanks! This is something we're aware of and have under review.
  5. Jack Deal

    Not recognizing players trained in Finland

    Hi, would recommend posting this in the relevant thread in the League Specific Issues forum. But I believe it's a known issue that we've got under review in house.
  6. Hi Lawlore - sorry you've encountered this. It's something we are aware of and are looking to fix. Were you able to progress after reloading the save? If not, is the Skip induction button still active? This should skip you past it.
  7. Jack Deal

    Schedule/Fixture Issue!

    Thanks Stewart, these are both issues we are aware of and have under review.
  8. Jack Deal

    News + Social screen at a blank

    Hi, there's no need to bump threads - we'll get around to them! This is a known issue that's been posted elsewhere, we've got it under review here and are working on a fix.
  9. Jack Deal

    The typography is very little

    Hi Kenudan, with that resolution I'd recommend moving to a different zoom setting - that's what they're there for! Have you tried 150%?
  10. Thanks for posting this, it's something we're aware of and have under review here.
  11. Hi, thanks for raising it. Could you please log it in the relevant thread in the Data Issues forum? The researchers check those, so that's the best way to let them know.
  12. Hi fmonge, do you know what you added that made them vanish? We're aware of an issue with them and are reviewing, but as much specific info as we can get the better!
  13. Jack Deal

    Full Names on Mouseover

    Hi Lawlore, this is indeed a deliberate choice. There are scenarios where it's useful to have some way of getting hold of the full name without having to go right into the player's Info panel.
  14. Thanks Jszen, this is a known issue we're aware of - are you on a Mac? That's where this is generally reproducing. We've got it under review here and a fix is being worked on.
  15. H DomFx, we're aware this isn't operating at 100% at the moment and will be looking into.