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  1. That looks like a custom skin, so presumably doesn't have the changes to the Inbox and Scouting panels in the dark skin we've done for the update released yesterday.
  2. Thanks, this is one we are aware of and have under review.
  3. Hi, the preference isn't working at the moment so the button isn't appearing - but we've got it under review here and the dev team are working on it.
  4. This should all be sorted in the update that was just released.
  5. Hi Pej, this is intentional - it was discussed, and was more important for consistency's sake to have the confirm button in the same place so that you don't have to keep moving your mouse up and down all over the screen to get through these panels.
  6. Thanks for this - it looks to be at least somewhat resolution based. But obviously if you're in the same resolution it shouldn't be changing between the two, so we'll take a look into it.
  7. Hi, thanks for reporting these. We've got both the screen flow and the custom views issues under review here.
  8. Hi! Yes, you can do this by opening up the 'Filters' menu on the right hand side of the screen and ticking 'Loans Out'. This should be remembered so that from then on, they automatically won't show unless you stop filtering them out.
  9. Thanks, this is one we know about and have under review.
  10. Thanks, we do have this issue raised internally and under review.
  11. Thanks, this is an issue we're aware of and have under review.
  12. Hi OldSwanner, this isn't reproducing for me. Which team are you managing and which panel are you using the filters on? If you're able to provide us with your save as per the instructions in the FAQ that would be most useful.
  13. Thanks, we're aware of this issue and have it under review.
  14. Looks like you have a horizontal scrollbar along the bottom of your panel there. The column is to the right, off screen.
  15. Hi, this should be an option under General.
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