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  1. Hi, unfortunately there isn't any mechanism to add new keyboard shortcuts. You are able to change existing ones in Preferences -> Shortcuts, but as you say rewind doesn't have a shortcut at the moment. It's certainly an idea worth us considering for future versions though, so I've passed this on to the relevant people.
  2. Hey, this will be because you're managing a club and a country - and the processing panel only shows the fixtures for one of them. In this case it's showing information about your club side, so the national side fixture isn't displayed. The drop-down calendar is able to show both.
  3. Thanks usert4, this looks to be something limited to certain leagues like Australia which have a slightly unorthodox setup. It's with the developers here to look into.
  4. Hi Claus, thanks for these. In the first example, you're actually sorting by the Match Sharpness column there - for the sorting to return to normal, you can just sort by that first Position/Role/Duty column and it will work as before. The second example is a bug which I've passed on to the developers, cheers.
  5. Thanks XaW - I agree with you here and we'll get it looked at internally. It should be unknown on the staff search screen as well really.
  6. Hey there, Are you playing in full screen mode, or in windowed mode? 768 is the very minimum vertical resolution we support, so if that's your screen size but you're in windowed mode then you are going to have a few issues like this. I would recommend going to preferences and changing the zoom setting to 95% to see if that improves things - it should only be a minimal change but could improve things a lot for your situation.
  7. Cheers guys, unfortunately this wasn't one that we were able to get into this update. But we are aware of the issue and will be looking to fix it in the future.
  8. There's a fix for this available in the latest public beta build - details on how to access this are in this forum, if it's something you want to do: https://community.sigames.com/forum/670-public-beta-forum/
  9. Yeah, it's not been fixed in this patch. It's not mentioned in the patch notes at all - that was only for Turkish and Finnish league rules & some technical issues.
  10. Hi, attending AI matches is disabled in this beta. It should be enabled for release.
  11. Hi, there's no need to bump threads - we'll get around to them! This is a known issue that's been posted elsewhere, we've got it under review here and are working on a fix.
  12. You shouldn't be; whereabouts are you trying? If it feels like a bug that you can't do it then please feel free to post in the UI bugs forum.
  13. This is intentional (to an extent). By default they will change depending on the situation - so during a transfer window you'll get the subpanels related to finances & scouting, during the season it'll be league tables & statistics etc. Differences before and after a match too. If you want it how it was last year - i.e. static and retaining whatever customisations you want to make to it, then there's a preference in Preferences -> Interface that you can untick called "Highlight Important Panels on Overview". However, unticking this is not fully working in this beta and is being reviewed by the dev team currently to fix. So they will change for now.
  14. Hi - can I take it from your edit that this has been resolved on your end?
  15. Hi, would you be able to attach your system's DxDiag for us and we can see if it's an issue with your system or if there's any tech help we can offer based on that?
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