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  1. Good luck lads. Will be good to see Cleon step down. Fresh breath of air in the tactics forum now
  2. Built a new 125,000 seater stadium in 2026, named after me. Took 5 years in total from the day of asking the board. Required leaking the story to the press first. No news item until the stadium is actually built but you can track progress in the boardroom section.
  3. I've just had it accepted by leaking to the press with the same image you posted above but there was no news story about it?
  4. Have any of you managed to get a new stadium built? My capacity is at 99,250 and I've asked twice for a new stadium and the board have rejected it. I'm in the last year of my contract and have been trying to add "build a new stadium" into the deal but they won't go for it.
  5. Hey folks! I'm in March 2020. Just signed Ronaldo back at the ripe age of 35. Here is my Man Utd story since the beginning of FM14! First off, here is my current squad: http://imgur.com/OmQ3Htd The Newgens Angelini - http://imgur.com/ZDKadJM Cia - http://imgur.com/kOLkuUX Spice - http://imgur.com/k7sfdPt Vasco - http://imgur.com/KfO7AEW Visser - http://imgur.com/xqFq4Mh Rolón - http://imgur.com/fODJ743 Tactical Set-Up http://imgur.com/RMUobUT http://imgur.com/1Ae8drm Transfer Activity 2013/14 - http://imgur.com/hxliRIv 2014/15 - http://imgur.com/roupD2Y 2015/16 - http://imgur.com/u92PFso 2016/17 - http://imgur.com/yzgEaBJ 2017/18 - http://imgur.com/ZmGjC8a 2018/19 - http://imgur.com/3nD7MS5 2019/20 - http://imgur.com/8H83dzJ Competitions Through The Years Premier League - http://imgur.com/mzC7QOd FA Cup - http://imgur.com/EVMc78O Capital One Cup - http://imgur.com/f5BeyFe Community Shield - http://imgur.com/RY8bFh9 Champions League - http://imgur.com/SaYGEpt Super Cup - http://imgur.com/cAkB58r World Club Championships - http://imgur.com/BW0bwgk Overall Best XI http://imgur.com/G6z8s1y Manager Statistics http://imgur.com/3kcQC2S Old Trafford in 2020 http://imgur.com/BqfVtCj That pretty much sums it up
  6. Had the exact same thing happen to me last season with United, I was on for 3 in a row. Lukaku scored in 90+3 to win Chelsea the title.
  7. He kept pestering me for a new challenge when I was managing so eventually when his form dropped and he was dragging morale down I sold him. I hope he's happy. Only started 7 league games in his first season. http://i.imgur.com/i11Tafk.png
  8. For the game against Barcelona I wasn't playing the high line as seen in the shouts image from the Bayern games.
  9. FM14 is driving me a little crazy when it comes to the latter stages of the Champions League and my players getting very angry & getting themselves sent off. It happened in my first season. It has happened me a few times in big games and now this is just really taking the ****. Ended up getting hammered by Bayern Munich. Starting off with Barcelona in the quarter finals. Knockout Round Leg 1: http://i.imgur.com/J88Iaog.png Are you serious? Both centre backs straight red cards inside 27 minutes? Knockout Round Leg 2: http://i.imgur.com/F2iJvkj.png Probably my greatest ever win on Football Manager. Literally just changed to a 4-4-2 and thought, hell, we'll go for it. Was an incredible yet highly unrealistic win. This time Barca on the receiving end of the red card fury. Come on? After an 8-0 aggregate red-cardless rout over Braga it was on to the semi finals v Bayern. Semi-Final Leg 1: http://i.imgur.com/0ifbVgg.png Semi-Final Leg 2: http://i.imgur.com/5G8dIXa.png Tactical Shouts: http://i.imgur.com/i6HMsaT.png Stay on feet? Nah. We're just going to kick out until we get sent off and ruin the whole tie over both legs. It's ridiculous. Same thing happened in the game in-between those two games. A 1st vs 2nd clash with three games to go in the league: http://i.imgur.com/oSApgQY.png Now we're just 1 point ahead and have City next. Title probably gone. As you can expect, Fellaini was given a 4 week wages fine for his actions. He didn't seem to agree with me despite the idiotic actions so he is now in the U-21 squad, transfer listed and I'm patiently waiting for interested side AC Milan to make me a £25m bid. Aggghhhhh!!!! Am I the only one with this red card in big games issue?
  10. I have two from GMG. One is Beta, second code is full retail code & I've just activated that through Steam.
  11. Which is the game code? The first or second one?
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