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  1. you can't imagine how many times their keeper was man of the match player, you can't . FM engine....
  2. I will try your approach, of course I am 2 divisions down I don’t know if my players are capable to support the exact plan but I will see it.
  3. did you have find balance with the compination of DM & VOL ? i believe that Anchor with VOL is more suitble, are you seeking some support from your DM? i believe that the lines between MDFrs and ATTrs is far from each other what lines of engangment you use?
  4. For me the “easiest “ retraining is a CM to LIB ,the result will be a player with very good vision ,flair for the position with good positioning perhaps a lack at marking but very efficient in tackling. speaking about role combinations and tactics I believe a tactical orientation of 5 defending and 5 attacking is the most balanced for middle table teams swepper keeper 2 inv. FLBs one LIB def, CDcov, HB, 2 Roaming CM 2 wingers and a Advance forward was very effective with Bayereuth SpVgg in mine save now at Budesliga 3.
  5. sorry but i donot know python and canot understood ...what is df etcetc if you can
  6. very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this python ? can we make it in excel?
  7. how to contribute !?!!?!? i do not have your caliber in coaching
  8. one question are shareble this new skin version?
  9. Nope as many stats Looking in game stats at a goalkeeper of opposition i notice that he had made during the match 13 clearences When i check at search section of the game the same gk it was written none . ?!?!?!
  10. I didn’t paint the picture for making your work looking bad but to point out ( indicating) the issue ( instead I believe that is the best skin ever of all skin editors ) the problem starts when I using the skin and export the data day by day …… first day ok , second day ok , third day ok, fourth day missing data or wrong export , with the same view with the same skin and finally, that’s way I didn’t communicate the “issue” directly with you …because some how , some way you see on me only the bad side of me …. @_Ben_
  11. all this threat is about this issue with photos
  12. @snowofman yes you are perfect please can you contact if you may with @_Ben_ to tell him this issue for his skin? if i tell him he will never believe me , trust me on that
  13. yes i have multiple saves ,older and new any solution to suggest????
  14. Thanks for your reply first I have tested in various skins and the default also i delete all the views and I recreate them the game was at the end of the season so full game data I also notice when I try to recreate the views that either at general stats or chalkboard stats was some in the list named as general exp assists goals dribbles stats chalkboard stats chalkboard etc etc . @snowofman and last it came that issue out of nothing after the last update until then all the raw data was exported smoothly also I noticed in some cases in export data when I make the html file excel to “play with “ during that process the money appears as it is , millions (m) or per annum (p/a) and in other cases with others symbols that does not specify currency
  15. But in some test that I make so far I noticed that a the data that are empty is the per 90 …
  16. So you believe that isn’t my skin or my save fault ?
  17. Yes please is possible to provide me a link ?
  18. but that is a problem that recently came up i have never had at any version of the game before any help or advice or guidance would by precious
  19. ok its sega problem ? mine problem ? what your opinion?
  20. numerous time and i test it with many skins even the original i am desperate
  21. regardless i have choosen some in game data the game does not exported as suppose to do any idea why
  22. regardless i have choosen some in game data the game does not exported as suppose to do any idea why
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