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  1. maybe reduce "creative freedom" of some players and put your wingers with cross often from byline
  2. Put the players you want with the option "move into channels" it may work
  3. Just started my "mandatory" save with Dortmund as its my second favourite team in the world, what i will be looking to do is keeping with the strategy the Klopp was developing there, which is betting in the youth talents that are in the youth tams of the club. For the first season I only bought Demba Ba for 7M Wellington Nem for 3,5M And I sold Blaszczykowski for 20M to QPR I play a 4-3-3 with control metality and high pressing Weinderfeller Piszczek --- Subotic --- Hummels --- Schemelzer Kehl Gundongan ------------------- Wellington Nem Reus -------------------------------------- Gotze Lewandowski Unfortunately my 3 wonderboys (Gotze, Reus and Wellington) they got injury for 7-8 weeks all of them so i had to cop the begging of the season without them which make my team very inconstant because i created my tactic around them. One thing i actually think is annoying in this team is that there are very few players with more than 15 of determination to be tutors.
  4. After seeing his nationality i had the same reaction, hes really good for middle table teams and a godd back up on some good top team tough
  5. the classic 442 i have to admit it's not one of my favorite tactics but i decided to give it a try with this one as the results seemed amazing and i have to say that is one of the best tactics i've used at this fm congratz
  6. thanks everyone for your suggestions i end up buying sommer and he has been unreal so far thank you all
  7. i am currently on my first season with dortmund and weindenfeller got injury for more than 3 years and my other keeper (langerak) he doesnt inspire me confidence, so my question is what keeper do you usually by to be weindenfeller substitute? i tried marc andre and the guy from hannover but they are too expensive any helps? :s
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