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  1. He has only played 16/28 BSN matches, and I never play him if he's less than 90% condition. The whole teams morale is pretty bad at the moment, but the only way that's going to change if is I win a couple of games. Now I can see in his information that he is: "Concerned about his lack of goals and feels it is affecting his confidence" Should I put him in the reserves for a bit or something? Or is that just going to screw up his confidence more?
  2. He has no PPMs. Well either the WM, AP or supporting striker (DLF/S / TM/S) I figure can supply him with through balls? I admit I don't have a particular preference as to who supplies him with the ball, so long as he gets on the end of it and doesn't get caught up with the ball outside the box and forced to pass it off to the WM or supporting striker who blast off long shots willy nilly. Should I be playing a counter attacking style instead maybe to give him more room?
  3. I tried what you said jman, but he still can't seem to score. I don't know what's going on... 1 goal in over 27 hours on the field. Compared to what is supposed to be my backup poacher: I've also just gone on a massive losing streak and dropped from 7th to 12th: Super frustrating.
  4. I'm playing as Chorley in BSN, and my best player - Alex Titchener - isn't scoring for me (10 appearances - 1 goal 2 assists). I'm not sure what to do with him, I was trying to play him as a poacher, but he wasn't getting on the end of plays, kept putting himself in the middle of it around AMC area and feeding it off. So I've also tried to play him in his preferred position of DLF/A, paired with an AF, and it's just not working out. I cannot get him scoring goals, or even get a decent amount of shots off (he has gone through a few games with 0 shots). I'm not so great at creating tactics, so help would be appreciated. I generally try and keep it pretty simple, as the more I "tweak" the worse my team performs. The weakest part of my team is defense (except my goalie) and the strongest -should- be the strikers, if Titchener was scoring, and my midfield is decent. I only have players for a 442, and practically no wage budget left and definitely no transfer budget. How can I get him scoring goals? This is my tactic:
  5. I've hired some new scouts with better determination, and it's not making much difference. Is it just loads harder for lower league teams to sign players in FM 13 than it was in FM 12?
  6. My head scout is JPA 12 JPP 12 Adapt 12 Determination 8 My other scout is JPA 10 JPP 12 Adapt 10 Determination 2 Not exactly amazing, but by far the best I have been able to hire so far, but they seem pretty much useless at finding players.
  7. I'm playing as Truro in BSP in 2015. Two of my scouts have been on the assignment "New Talent" with no conditions for 15 months and have made 0 reports? I also have only 75 players filtered for "Realistic transfers" by searching, only two of which are above a 2 star ability rating. I have a "Large" database size. Just wondering what is going on? Is this normal?
  8. So, my coaches suggest to me what individual focus a player should have in training, and often these are not key attributes for his best role. So I'm wondering, how much do non-key attributes actually matter? Is it ever better to raise a non-key attribute instead of a key attribute?
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