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  1. Agreed My main point is the stupid use of Squad numbers by the AI. "Normally" we tend to see clubs use the following for the first 11: 1: GK, 2: DR, 3: DL, 4: MC/DC, 5: DC, 6: DC/MC, 7: MR, 8: MC, 9: ST, 10: ST, 11: ML Then 12 or 13 for the sub GK depending on where you are, I see 19 alot as a ST, the rest of the number dont tend to have a pattern. I know this is more cosmetic, but we need a better AI management of squad numbers. Say a GK joins a club when there is already a #1. So he gets any old number thats available. Then the #1 leaves and our budding GK manages to work his way into the #1 spot, but he still has the same squad number... Basically, we need to have the squad numbers change to reflect a players prefered squad number, or a squad number suitable for his position.
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