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  1. Hi Guys Have been creating England database down to Level 9 (County Leagues Top Divisions) & FA awarded trophies. Have made playable levels 7,8 & 9 (Regional Premier, Regional First Divisions and County Premier Leagues or top Division at level 9). Have also include all lower league teams in database to create an inactive level 10 (roughly 303 teams) this was done to be able to create the FA Vase as a full competition. Boundaries have been added to levels 7,8 & 9 to ensure teams stay in correct region when promoted or relegated therefore hopefully eliminating those weird promotion & relegation routes seen in previous years (ie:- North East & North West teams suddenly appearing in South West leagues when season update happens) Have reworked FA Cup to include all rounds from Extra Preliminary Round all the way to the Final (That's means the 4 early rounds added missing in game), even have figured out how to have semi finals on different days as in real life (1 Saturday & 1 Sunday). Including current prize money for each round & TV dates from 1st Round onwards. Includes all teams from Premier League down to Level 9, giving a total of 669 teams competing. Reworked FA Trophy to include early rounds that were unplayable, as all leagues involved in that competition are now playable. This means a total of 276 competing for the trophy as in real life, Also is included is the FA Vase for level 9 and lower teams. This is where the inactive level 10 division comes into play, with all teams the lower league teams in database included in here. This means am able to create a full FA Vase competition to include all rounds as in real life, competition starts with 604 teams in the hat with the lowest 184 from level 10 inactive division competing in the 1st Qualifying Round and the other 420 teams entering in the 2nd Qualifying Round to create a perfect knockout tournament. Have also managed to create the Finals for both the FA Trophy & FA Vase to be played on the same day at Wembley as in real life. FA Vase kicking off at 1pm & FA Trophy kicking off at 4pm. Game has been tested on holiday mode for 4 seasons yesterday & overnight to test stability. Have been through save this morning, checking Cups have played out as created and they have passed, leagues have played out as expected with no weird promotions. So I am now confident with the created database to share with the community for anyone who wishes to play a LLM game. Recap on what the Database includes: Levels 7,8 & 9 fully playable Level 10 as an inactive contain all England lower league teams in database to assist in creating the FA Vase as in reral life. Reworked FA Cup to include all early rounds not previously playable with prize money added for all rounds & TV Dates Reworked FA Trophy to include early rounds not in game to include all playable leagues that are eligible to enter with correct prize money Complete build of FA Vase to include all rounds using correct dates & prize found on FA website & wikipedia, teams playing in competition are all playable level 9 teams plus the inactive level 10 division teams to make it the full competition. England Lvl 9 & reworked Cups v.7.fmf
  2. jam jameson cant see why finals are played at home team stadium as my file has all 3 cup finals played at national stadium set
  3. there no relegation from level 9 as have not setup level 10 league structure, just added it as an INACTIVE league so all lower leagues were together for easy when creating FA Vase, resetting Final venues for cups now, and looking at number of sub issue as well. as for other stuff will look at that after fixing other bits
  4. guys busy doing 14 hour days last week, will look at all these issues raised over next couple of days to look at fixes where possible
  5. further to above post have found the problem with season start dates this year in england rules in the advanced editor you can now adjust season start date had never seen this before so i am currently verifying file now ive changed this and will update it shortly when i have created a new game to check that it works. as all the other testing i haven done yesterday & overnight has had no errors or crashes in nearly 11 seasons
  6. how do you do that then as in every version of this game the 1st season has always started on 1st July as that is hard-coded in the db but this year you have options to start season later but i cant see anywhere to change this to start season earlier, Also as this file is the original db with lower leagues & FA Vase added plus the FA Cup & FA Trophy reworked to get it released ASAP for people who like to play as lower league managers. to start game at the date you want maybe possible if you completely rebuild england db but as i work 60 hours plus a week every week i dont have the time to start from scratch.
  7. Have tested for 5 seasons and could not see any problems & had no errors in that time am going to leave it on a longer test today as doing 14 hour shift will look at that when i get home tonight & update on long term stability
  8. sorry guys loaded wrong file to steam workshop yesterday. have added the fully verified file to opening post so should work fine now, with all league down to County Premier Leagues active. cant do anything about game start date as have not touched anything to do with european competition settings, game is set to default start on 1st July. My question back is to who mentioned this why are you downloading this file if your worried about the early qualifying rounds of the Champions league & Europa league in season 1, they have no bearing on 1st season if you are playing as lower league team which is why most people download this file, from season 2 they would be played out. Also if you start a new game from scratch when playing without any added files in game that also starts in July in the 1st season for an english league game db. As this a english based league system, the coefficients places allocated to english teams means other than qualifying through fair play league for the europa league, english sides always enter much later in the qualifying rounds. therefore again has no bearing on 1st season if starting from lowest possible level ie:- County premier league team & working way up the pyramid system to premier league glory
  9. Hi guys have created my Lvl 9 database again this year File includes all leagues down to level 9 as active leagues with promotion & relegation places sorted, have also included all lower league teams in database into 1 huge level 10 league but set as inactive. (This helps with creating the cups) Have reworked FA cup to include all rounds including extra preliminary & preliminary rounds that are not in starting database. Have also reworked FA trophy to include the missing early rounds too. Have also added FA Vase to game this includes all level 9 teams & all lower league teams included in the inactive level 10 league so competition has the same rounds as in real life. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=558635701
  10. could I please refer you to the bold text in opening re county cups as to why i will not be including them. thank you
  11. as i'm new to this editing lark, not sure how to go about that so left it as 21 teams as just wanted to get updated version out there for latest patch update. will look at how to sort that over the weekend as am off this one, first couple of days off together for a while so will have some more time to tinker around with things
  12. have updated opening posts with updated database file to solve problems caused by latest patch
  13. have sorted out number of teams problem and now testing file for any other problems
  14. just look into problems with file after patch. si have completely deleted Hereford from database so cant restore them, so now having to look for work around or another way to sort problem
  15. if someone could let me know if you download from mediafire link or steam workshop that season for added leagues finish on april 25th and playoffs for leagues that require them are on 30th april and 3rd may with playoff final on 9th may to ensure i have uploaded correct links please (leagues having playoffs are regional Premiers, regional Divison 1's, Ebac Northern League Div 1, North West Counties Prem, Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties Prem & Toolstation Northern Counties East Prem)
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