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  1. My crash dumps were caused by my computer overheating, starting to show its age and running a load of leagues overheated the computer and whenever the warning alarm rang, a crash dump soon followed in FM. Since opening up the side of my tower and allowing more air to flow through, crash dump frequency has completely reduced. Just a thought as it might help some people.
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Don't you just love this game!!! In my second season with King's Lynn in League 2 and things started okay, 2 wins from the first 3 games, but then..... a rather shocking run of 11 defeats and 2 draws in 13 league games scoring 6 goals and conceding 23. Down in 23rd place thanks to Tranmere's 10 point deduction for goin into adminstration. In a final roll of the dice before giving up i revert to an old tactic i haven't used in a few seasons and low and behold we grab only our 3rd win of the season, AWAY to top of the table Millwall, 2-1. Delighted, hopefully now we can press on!
  3. From Zero to Hero - The Sign-Up.

    Name: David Nicholls Common Name: Ethnicity: Northern European Hair colour: Black Skin Tone: Pale DOB: 04/01 City of Birth: Birmingham European Nation: England Declared for Nation?: Yes Second Nation: Preferred Squad Number: 23 Job Prefference: Manager Position( check the list ): DL Footed: left Height( cm ): 191 Weight( kg ): 82 Boosted Person Attribute( MAX 1 ): Pressure Boosted Mental Attributes( MAX 2 ): Positioning, Consistency Boosted Physical Attribute( MAX 1 ): Pace Boosted Technical Attributes( MAX 2, Outfield only ): Technique, Free Kicks Favourite People( MAX 2, optional ): Roberto Di Matteo, Richard Sneekes Favourite Clubs( MAX2, optional ): West Brom, Rostov Disliked People( MAX2, optional ): Steve Bull, Robbie Savage Disliked Clubs( MAX2, optional ): Wolves, Birmingham
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Bit dissappointed to see in real life King's Lynn are no more. Wound up a few days ago so probably won't be part of this challenge next year. We'll have to carry on the name for this season at least!!
  5. 2039

    Is that Wigan in the Conference North!!!!!
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    dlnwba86 - Season 3 - King's Lynn - Blue Square Premier Final League Table Not much to say about this season really to be honest. Started off okay but fell to mid-table and stayed there all season finishing fairly well in 9th. Home form was immense, not losing until the new year, but i also didn't win away until the new year, until i finally found a tactic my team is suited to so i have high hoped for next season. Finances - Going downhill fast in this division. Two starts of the season were Virgo at the back and Ibehre up front finishing as leading goalscorer with 20 goals. The rest of the squad were strong enough in most areas. Have already signed a few quality players for next season including Davide Enrico Somma and Sergio Orteman so i'm hopeful of at least a play-off place next season. Cups, nothing to report unfortunately, one day i will bother with them, if only for the prize money!!! Season 1 - BSN - 2nd - Playoff Finalists Season 2 - BSN - 2nd - Playoff Winners, Promotion Season 3 - BSP - 9th - ......................
  7. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    dlnwba86 - Season 2 - King's Lynn - Blue Square North Final Position: 2nd Well after losing to Fleetwood in the Play-Off Final last year, we had all the tools necessary to go out and win the league. After a good start we were top after 6 games and stayed comfortably ahead for the rest of the season, until THIS HAPPENED!!!! To say i was mortified is an understatement, we just lost it completely and Chester never looked like dropping points in those final few games. So after being top for 34 games of the season, we still had to do it the hard way via the play-offs. A 4-2 win at Stafford and a 2-1 home win set-up a final against Southport. Final We got off to a great start when our player of the season and BSN leading scorer Graham Boyle fired in after 33 seconds. Memories of last year's agony came flooding back though when Daly equalised for Southport with 10 minutes of normal time remaining. However, my hero, Fabio Ferreira fired in a 90th minute winner and sent The Linnets into the Blue Square Premier. Cup-wise: FA Cup 1st round, lost to St. Albans FA Trophy, 3rd Round, lost to Eastwood. Finances aren't looking too bad at the moment and hopefully i can get rid of some fringe players before the start of the season. Here is the Squad that did the job and i feel that it has the potential to finish in the top 10 next season, although BSP is usually where i struggle so we really have to wait and see. Career Season 1 - BSN - 2nd - Play-Off Finalists - Season 2 - BSN - 2nd - Play-Off Winners - Promotion
  8. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Mine said that too, i think there was a link at the top of the page that takes you to the usual site.
  9. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    dlnwba86 - King's Lynn - Season 1 - BSN Well i usually do okay getting out of this league, BSP tends to be the problem, so i was hopeful of a decent season back in charge of King's Lynn. The season started off terribly, only 1 win out of 10 and hovering precariously above the drop-zone, but then, an unbelieveable run of form, probably the best i've ever had on FM, 15 wins in 16 games (not inc. cups) put me up into the play-offs spots. For the remainder of the season i battled away to try and catch Hyde who had been top since day 2. It went down to the last day of the season but despite a last minute winner, it wasn't enough to take 1st so it was the play-offs for us... Play-offs: In the semis, a 1-1 draw at Tamworth was followed by a convinving 3-1 home win and set up a final against Fleetwood... Play-off Final | League Table Needless to say, i was gutted, didn't perform at all and am consigned to another season in the BSN. Finances - In the black Cups - somehow lost to Wivenhoe in the FA cup. Players: Renton - Norwich loanee scored some vital goals and hopefully i can keep him for next season too. Transfers Next Season - Given the performance this season, anything other than promotion would be a failure. Season 1 - BSN (2nd) - Play-off Finalists PS: Start of season 2, some decent signings and 7 pts out of 9 so a good start.
  10. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Have tried holidaying through another season but despite this the lowest rep team i got after 50+ reloads was Marine (950). Anything lower than 900 would be very unlikely by the looks of it.
  11. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Quick question, is anybody's board allowing them to scout France???? I swear everything was set-up as required but have noticed anyone else mention this yet.
  12. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    dlnwba86 - King's Lynn After the success of 2007, i can't resist going with King's Lynn, that and the fact i know one of there players makes it an easy choice. I decided to predict a mid-table finish for season 1 but this feels like a step into the unknown.... Profile
  13. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Holidayed to April, nearly there........
  14. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Well after the success of 2007 with King's Lynn and failures of 08 and 09, i think its time for another shot!!! Will be loading all night for a variety of teams and will post some detailed analysis later for us geeks!!
  15. Where are YOU buying FM2010?

    Cancelled my Play.com order just to be sure of getting it somewhere on friday. Play weren't particularly cheap either so no big loss.