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  1. @parsdaft1982 I already made it darker in 1.3, I tested it 10 times, it works fine for me, the screen is not that transparent. I can't do anything for you, I don't know what you did or if you're using the 2.0 but this bug doesn't exist, the problem isn't my skin ... maybe try to remove the other skins you installed, verify you have the 2.0 version etc but please stop asking about this, I can't do anything ... v1.3 - v2
  2. Thanks for you help, I think I found it <3
  3. Hey, can you explain how you fixed the start match game freeze bug please ? I have the same thing in my skin but didn't find how to solve it Good work btw
  4. @alex1234 No that's not planed, sorry, I don't really play the matches so that's a lot of time for nothing for me
  5. I fixed it for my skin but I don't exactly remember how If you want, these are the files involved, I think you will find how to fix it match.rar
  6. I fixed it some days ago, redl the skin For having more panels in between highlights I will see for the next update.
  7. Guys stop asking about something that is not my skin please ...
  8. Thanks man ! For the colors, that's right, I didn't check for changing it, I will see. For the selected news, I will see if something fits better.
  9. For 80% permanently, download this file, replace the background_selector folder in [FM19] Neub Skin v1.1\panels background_selector.rar
  10. Somone had the issue on FMScout, I told him to redl and reinstall the skin and it works, try this
  11. I don't know what happens, for me it's good ... Did you change something by yourself ???
  12. @kingrobbo Maybe I will care about the nation overview when SI will care about the international football in FM I joke, maybe I will do something, I will see.
  13. Thanks men Hey, I forgot to include this, download this file https://www.mediafire.com/file/6e8hp6i03whwr65/player+overview+panel.xml and place it in the "[FM19] Neub Skin v1.0\panels\player". You will be able to select the positions panel
  14. You're welcome Thanks, I PM you For information, next update will certainly be the 1.0 version, I think the major parts of bugs are fixes or are being fixed. I don't think there will be more "features" for the moment, but there will be new fonts for the 1.0
  15. There are a lot of files used so that's a bit complicated. This global panel is the "match in between highlights panel review.xml" in [FM19] Neub Skin v.BETA.6\panels\match . But you must check it for find all the files related and used for this Maybe, I will see but that's not a priority. I think that's works but I don't recommend it because sometimes I use some transparent boxes, sometimes not. My skin is made for an unique dark background
  16. Hey, I'm happy to present to you the FM19 version of my K76 Skin for FM18. That's very similar, I improved some panels and I will update it. If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord. I'm back with this v2 of the skin, probably the last for this year Features in Neub Skin - Instant Result button - New manager home panel - New player overview - New club overview - New fixture overview - New match overview - New staff profile- New "IR" result panel- Supported version for low resolutions - and much more to discover Updates - v2 : New player overview (with new panels options), new match in between highlights (in match and review), more transparent boxes (like inbox, there is still some black boxes but I didn't find how to modify them), fixed tutorials issue and press conference transparency, many minor tweaks. Supported resolutions 1920*1080 : Neub Skin v2 - 95% dezoom1600*900 : Neub Skin v2 - 85% dezoom1366*768 : Neub Skin v2 LowRes - 95% dezoom Known issue When you start a new game, if you enabled the tutorials, turn off my skin until you completed the tutorials (some menus and first match) because the tutorials will not displayed and this will prevent you to click on continue button. This should be fixed now, thanks to OPZ Contact & Donation - Contact on Discord : Krysler#0067 - PayPal Donation : Paypal Neub Skin Preview LowRes version preview DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD LINK How to install the Neub skin on FM19 - Download the .7z archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders. -Move the extracted folders "Neub Skin" or "Neub Skin LowRes" to: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins Create folder "skins" if it doesn't exist already. - -Start the game and go to Preferences screen, and then to the Interface tab. You should see "Neub Skin v2" and "Neub Skin LowRes" as option in the skin drop down of the Overview box, choose the one you want. - Use the Clear Cache button, then hit the Confirm button. Credits - TCS by bluestillidie00 - OPZ - Andromeda skin - Wannachup skin - Flut skin - michaeltmurrayuk and Cyrius50 for the mods - GzSkin
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