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  1. @vamcj I don't think we can do this. I wanted to do this with the match result popup with instant result but didn't find so I think these popups are not resizable.
  2. @upthetoon My skin is not made for 4K resolution, that causes problems. @phiebe For DF11 facepack, no my skin is made for cut-out and I didn't test with other packs. For the problems with top boxes which are strange, that's my fault, I must redo all the boxes, that takes time and I don't want to do that now. The last screen, the panel is in panels\player\player personal details panel.xml
  3. Maybe you must put a .png file and not a .jpg file, if this doesn't work too, I don't know.
  4. @parsdaft1982 I already made it darker in 1.3, I tested it 10 times, it works fine for me, the screen is not that transparent. I can't do anything for you, I don't know what you did or if you're using the 2.0 but this bug doesn't exist, the problem isn't my skin ... maybe try to remove the other skins you installed, verify you have the 2.0 version etc but please stop asking about this, I can't do anything ... v1.3 - v2
  5. Thanks for you help, I think I found it <3
  6. Hey, can you explain how you fixed the start match game freeze bug please ? I have the same thing in my skin but didn't find how to solve it Good work btw
  7. @alex1234 No that's not planed, sorry, I don't really play the matches so that's a lot of time for nothing for me
  8. I fixed it for my skin but I don't exactly remember how If you want, these are the files involved, I think you will find how to fix it match.rar
  9. I fixed it some days ago, redl the skin For having more panels in between highlights I will see for the next update.
  10. Guys stop asking about something that is not my skin please ...
  11. Thanks man ! For the colors, that's right, I didn't check for changing it, I will see. For the selected news, I will see if something fits better.
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