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  1. HEY GUYS, THE V2 IS AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD Screenshots are available in the first post
  2. I didn't see any bugs in these ?
  3. @mi.fritsch90 That's broken on FM20, maybe someone will find how to have it again. @Koetzer Oh yes I made a mistake You can redl the 1.6 for the fix
  4. Thanks so much ! <3 Guys the background selector is back for V1.6, redl it if you don't have it
  5. @wkdsoul Wow you managed to make it work flawless ? :O
  6. HEY GUYS, THE V1.6 IS AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD CHANGELOG V1.6 - Fix views issue (Playing Time) - Fixed the issue with some views (suggested time, development center ...) - Improved match screens (Reviews, in between highlights ...) @roykela @seagull84 @Gunteraz @FrazT @Bello di Notte @Rub Me The problem is fixed
  7. Yeah I saw that issues, I don't know why it does that, I don't know if it's my skin (I suppose because I didn't see that before 1.5). If you switch to base skin the bug is still here, so for now it's complicated to solve because I just don't know why it happens.
  8. Yes but this is not an issue.
  9. This is not a problem ?
  10. The button for normal page is in client object browser I linked. Don't forget when you download it to rename it with the original name, the forum renames it 534224456_clientobjectbrowser.xml instead of client object browser.xml Same for the match titlebar.
  11. @Enos If you want you can keep it. And you can have the background selector button directly in match too. match title bar.xml Put this in Heffem V1.5\panels\match client object browser.xml Put this in Heffem V1.5\panels\client_object But I must delete it for public version, there was too many people complaining. @Arancio Amaro For the black numbers, clear your cache and restart your game.
  12. HEY GUYS, THE V1.5 IS AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD CHANGELOG V1.5 - Removed background selector. It was broken with the release update, sorry for custom backgrounds user. - LowRes version is no a dependency so you need the regular version in the skins folder if you want to use the LowRes. - Many fixes @anagain Fixed in V1.5
  13. For all the "Help me to modify your skin", don't expect any consideration for your personal demands. If you want to modify something, just learn by yourself. I spent so much time in this last year and I just want to play the game and do others projects, sorry. @forzamr_b It's something problematic in my skin or it's the same in the base ? If the second, I will do anything sorry. @tugboat & @Gunteraz It will be fixed in 1.5, sorry.
  14. The background selector and opacity selector are broken with the release patch so ... for the moment we can't use it. I recommand to not use backgrounds packs for the moment, sorry.
  15. Which screen ? For me there is no problems ?
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