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  1. FC Nordsjaelland for me, I just made second season, they're in Europe and are using a lot of youth players after losing almost all their regular 11 that got them to where they are.
  2. Places and points were: 1 AaB 68 2 FC Kobenhavn 66 3 Esbjerg 50 4 Randers 47 5 AGF 44 6 FC Nordsjaelland 40 7 Midjtylland 39 8 Brondby 39 9 OB 37 10 Viborg 37 11 Vestjaelland 36 R 12 SonderjyskE 27 R
  3. Yeah, there must have been character limit, so I've posted in two parts
  4. Europe I don't want to talk about it. Here's the results ECC Nordsjaelland 1-4 PSV PSV 2-1 Nordsjaelland Out in the Best Place Quals. EC Group Stage Nordsjaelland 3-3 Freiburg Spartak Moscow 4-1 Nordsjaelland Bordeaux 4-1 Nordsjaelland Nordsjaelland 0-1 Bordeaux Freiburg 2-1 Nordsjaelland Nordsjaelland 2-2 Freiburg Out in the Group Stage with 2 points. Awful. I felt it was a bit of a "Group of Death" though, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Danish Cup Such an easy draw all the way through! R3 - Naestved W6-3 R4 - Varde IF W3-0 QF - GVI D1-1 (9-8 on pens) - okay, not so easy. SF1 - FC Midtjylland L2-1 SF2 - FC Midtjylland W3-0 AET FINAL - FC Svendborg - Won 1-0 Very happy to claim some sort of silverware in the first year! SUMMARY Average league season, poor European campaign, satisfying cup win. Key Players Morten Nordstrand Joshua John Ivan Runje Nicolai Stokholm These four provided a real strong core to the side. Ones to watch So far I've identified Uffe Bech and Kamal Issah as future star performers. NEXT SEASON -Top 4 in Superliga -Get out the group in Europe -Reach Danish Cup Semis Thanks for reading, I understand it turned into a bit of a dossier, my apologies! I feel this thread needs regular posters, due to the quality of the opening post. Great job, Viggo Vickers! Thanks again,VVV
  5. Season report, not done one for a while, it's definitely not concise enough :L Superliga 2013/14 Started off how I usually do with a new team, by reading the guide and getting to know my players, who I've got, and the areas of my squad I need to improve, and then selecting a tactic that will best suit my team. I decided to stick with the same coaching staff for the first season, I usually change it round staff-wise once their contracts have run out. Settled on a 433 starting formation, with a flat 442 as a backup, hoping to utilise the strong wingers at the club, particularly Joshua John. Set about trying to locate a left back as a bit of backup for Mtiliga and a right back, allowing me to use Stryger Larsen elsewhere (I ultimately failed in this task, instead using Larsen and Pascal Gregor). Transfers - First Window In Vincenzo Iaquinta - Free Erjon Bogdani - Free Jonas Knudsen - 450k Tommie Hoban - Loan Out Nicolai Johanneson - Loan Andreas Maxso - Loan Nicklas Mouritsen - Loan Hakan Redzep - Loan Jannich Storch - Free Oguzhan Aynaoglu - Loan I got hold of Iaquinta and Bogdani as free agents, felt I needed a little bit of backup for Nordstrand, or maybe even as a partner. I was overjoyed with my signings, what a coup I had achieved! Well... Not exactly. With 2 goals in 17 games between them, and extortion wage demands, I released the pair of them in November, leaving myself Norstrand and Bech. Knudsen proved to be my most successful signing, at age 20 when he signed, I felt he could provide excellent cover for Mtiliga and ultimately take over the position in a season or two. Hoban was a youngster from Watford I brought in on a 3 month loan as I felt I may be a little short at the back in case of injury or poor form. He only played 4 games, didn't really set the world alight. Basically by November, I'd learnt my lesson. No big marquee signings who were good "in their day", this isn't the A-League. As for the transfers out, well, not much to say, I've just loaned the young players I don't feel that I need just yet. Pre-Season Friendlies Farum W2-0 FC Frederica W1-0 HB Koge W2-0 Skovbakken W3-1 Slovan Bratislava L0-1 Legia W5-1 No one particularly shone, pretty much had a different goalscorer for every goal. Superliga I had what can only be described as a miserable start to the season, my first 7 games bringing me 1 win, 3 draws and 3 losses, and the start of what would turn out to be a recurring theme of the season, conceding extremely late goals costing me a ridiculous amount of points. Nordstrand was also sorely missed, those two OAPs up front could barely make any impact. What followed was a run of 5 straight wins, John firing on all cylinders, Nordstrand back from injury and Martin Hansen showing some excellent form in goal. In short, it was very very patchy, I'd put together 3 wins here, 5 losses there, what felt like 10 draws here and there, very very frustrating, but with a squad average age of around 24, I felt very positive. Approaching the last 10 games in 8th place, suddenly I found what I hoped would be the catalyst for the rest of the season, another free transfer, Ciprian Marica, another high wage, but this time a debut goal, the first in a 2-1 away win at Brondby, and a 93rd minute penalty winner from Nicolai Stokholm (who was a massive force for me throughout the season). Unfortunately, it was Marica's last goal, last decent performance, and he got what shall now be known as "The Iaquinta Treatment". Wage budget back under control. Then came the horror moment - John "done a cruciate" and is out for 12 months! 12 months?! 4 losses and a draw in my last 5 games left me in 6th place to end the season, not disastrous, but certainly not what I was hoping for. What I also found strange was the fact my job was not once in danger, regardless of my poor league season.
  6. So I've just written my season report and I get the old "Forbidden" message. Any ideas?
  7. Had an average to poor first season so far, spent most of it experimenting on tactics, formations, team selections etc. but I'm starting to find the right balance. I'll stick up a season report if you're interested as soon as my season is done.
  8. Given this a go with Nordsjaelland, won the first game after a miserable first 7 league games with my old tactic, so I'll let you know how it goes!
  9. Used to do this one every year in Australia, once my current game dies, I'll definitely be hitting this one, possibly Qatar, I'm thinking!
  10. Oh well, India just didn't do it for me, gone back to Australia. Decided that in India, I've got no hope, resources, players, staff... Nothing. At least in Australia I've had previous success. Indian Arrows also had a rule where they couldn't sign anyone over the age of 23... So I'd have had no chance. Holidaying in Australia, and I promise to do this challenge right.
  11. Okay, one of many returns of mine... I've decided I'm going to go for India. Holidaying my first year now, had an idea that I'd probably not complete the challenge, but hopefully raise a few gem regens (regems) and maybe look for continental club glory.
  12. I will do, definitely, gonna do the customary Liverpool season first though, set myself a few targets, but this page will be where I go when that all goes wrong! Thinking of trying a different country after 2008's India effort, and 2010/11's Australia seasons. I'm thinking Hong Kong.
  13. Nah, I wanted to download the database to play it. I was too late to sign up.
  14. I've been looking for that sign-up that comes with the database with all the teams mixed up, and all the names renamed, think it was named after Cities. Can somebody tell me where that is?
  15. Simple question. Does it help to place players on an entirely different training schedule to improve some of their stats. For example, I have a striker who has a low heading attribute, but is tall. So if I was to set him on a defensive schedule, would this help, or just turn him into a defender?
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