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  1. Hi I am using a custom level 10 english database and in the 2026/27 season my season review hasn't happened, it also happened on an earlier version of the database in the first season. Not sure if it is the database or weather it is something in game which makes it so I don't get a season review. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Hey I have seen some posts in a group I am in about player pools. I then went to sim a couple of seasons and seen that when I start with 395000 players and staff at the start after the first season it has dropped of by 47000 and after season two it has dropped by another 2000 . When setting the database up I loaded up the premier league and had all continents with players from nation ticked. Why is the drop so big and why do teams not produce enough players to cover the drops. If this is the bug like it sounds how will it effect my save using a custom database to go from teir 10 to premier?
  3. Hey is there anyway to get Monaco national team into the national league and euros with out rebuilding the whole competitions?
  4. While playing a custom database my new gen assistant managers face has disappeared and only shows his hair. https://gyazo.com/5aed5337414a661885e14eeda08565eb
  5. I have the save file just before the next game if that would be useful? Here is a link to that file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KsZJH9pmZTM3Ly4j9fuvtJL4sc0hjJGp/view?usp=sharing
  6. I got a news feed about a var incident that happened in the Manchester derby and when i went to view the incident from the news feed it only showed the players celebrating the award of the penalty before var over turned it and not the actual incident.
  7. it says all on the section under the loaded leagues and it still says I am favorites for the 2 clubs jobs I applied for
  8. Hey I am playing as Shamrock Rovers and after 2 years I told the press I intended to resign and start applying for job, while doing the interviews I said I would join end of season but when I had done the interviews and was offered the job it would not let me do talks for contracts or accept the job this has happened with Middlesbrough, Anderlecht and the Togo national team. However with the Togo national team I used the editor to move there. Is this a know problem or is it a problem when you tell the press you intend to resign at the end of the season?
  9. Hey I made a custom database and I have a few problems 1) when i start the game I have it set to 2 years to gain nationality but when i sign players over 18 it says they have to wait at least 5 years to gain nationality 2) when i sign players using the in game editor it sometimes will put my reputation back down to 1 can anyone help?
  10. trying to build a 2 team nation league with b teams in seperate league with both first and b teams in cups while building up a nation
  11. I have been trying to build a database the way I want. However recently it has stopped adding the champions league in when I go to start the game is this a bug or is there something Iam missing. It added them to champions league automatically in the first 2 databases but now it doesn't.
  12. just simmed a season on touch and had 1 league loaded and out of 20 premier teams loaded only 5 clubs produced any regens is this a bug
  13. just simmed a season on touch and had 1 league loaded and out of 20 premier teams loaded only 5 clubs produced any regens is this a bug
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