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  1. The angles aren't really that great.
  2. Think we're getting around 4mil for him. Not much, but his contract does run out next year.
  3. Fully agreed with that. Scholes should still be a 1st choice midfielder next season. Anderson is great, but he had/has gone a little off the pace this season. I don't think Scholes will be playing as a squad player for another year, yet.
  4. Linked with: 45 Linked away: 10
  5. Nope, i'm still wondering. A striker & right back should be our main priorities. Probably only getting a striker now Brown signed a new seal.
  6. \O/ MoTM: Van Der Sar Runner-up: Rio
  7. I thought Fletcher was out for 5/6 weeks? Glad he's on the way back, though.
  8. no reason he should be. even if Rio plays he needs someone alongside him, Piqué probably in the box seat all things considered. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Can't see that happening. We'll go with the 'experienced' Brown, tbh.
  9. I wouldn't start Giggs in either game, tbh. Especially with the makeshift defence we'll be using. They need all the protection they can get and with him not tracking back so much, they aren't going to get it.
  10. MoTM: Rio Runner-up: VDS Park :*)
  11. Not really inferior, as such, but they always isolate Rooney. Our forward players don't do that, which allows Rooney to play well. Two Carrick's How's Neville playing, btw?
  12. I don't think Giggs has played 2 matches in a week for ages now. I guess we could start Anderson as a pseudo-left winger. I think Tevez will be on the bench. We need some kind of goal scoring threat on there. No Saha pretty much makes that decision...