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  1. Hi again. I think some people still missing my main point. I try to explain again by simplifying it. 1) I never ever claimed that "cursor" system is the best and it shouldn't be changed. My argument is simple: the new system is not better than the old one.They simply force gamers to be limited in certain things. Nothing left for our "creativity" to make the game smoother. Some folk touch upon certain things such as allowing certain players to have more freedom; or, telling certain players to do certain things which is not allowed by his role etc. This is the thing that I call "gamers' creativity" and this is completely restricted. 2) I stated that the main idea was making the gameplay simpler; and I also told that all these changes didn't make the game "simpler", but much more complicated. I appreaciate SI's effort; yet, I think I have right to tell what my experiences are as I am a gamer for 18 years. It is much easier to make changes in-match with "one click"; however, much harder to estimate the possible effects of a simple change as it changes numerous things that is impossible to follow. Anyways, I believe I supported SI sufficiently. The game is not entertaining anymore within this layout. Nice weekend to everyone.
  2. Good day folks, As the forum is official, I decided to write a critique about the development of the game as I am a gamer since 01/02 years. Also, I will not purchase and play the game again. Since from the change in 14, I gave chance to the game; but it seems, it is not developing; conversely, it is decaying. The issue is not about loosing matches or sthg. I still get good results and achieve things. The issue is, developers forcing the gamers to think the football in the terms of "developers". I will mention a little bit about this below with two issues under one topic. There are more things can be said; but I believe this is the fundamental reason of why the game is decaying. Tactical System Change -Player Roles I do not know whose idea this was, but it was absolutely ridiculous idea. Basic reason is quite simple: no manager in the world tell his players to play as "deep lying forward" or "wing back" etc. In short, they do not use terms to their players as "role". These are the CONCEPTS, we people use to define a certain PLAYER who tended to play in a particular STYLE or TENDENCY. Managers give INSTRUCTIONS to the players, and, what players DO as a result of these INSTRUCTIONS, in addition to their STYLE or TENDENCY, makes us to use CONCEPTS. CONCEPTS that managers or fans use does not make players to DO things. Whether in-match or in training, managers try to utilize the strengths of their players; as well as, develop their weak points. Let me give an example from the game. Assume that you realized your team allowing spaces to the opposition at your right back due to the role you gave to your right back as "full back - attack". You can change it to "support" or "defend" role; yet, it will prevent you to choose particular individual instructions such as "cross from byline", despite you give instructions to "dribble more". This is nonsense. A back can stay in deep and can cross the ball from byline while chance occured. You can change it to the "wing back - support" role; yet, this will create the same problem; as they are tended to play higher on the pitch. I remember in previous versions we are able to give "hold the ball" instruction to any player; yet we are not able to do it since 14. Especially, DM role is important regarding this instruction; but neither a role has this instruction; nor we can give to a player. For instance, "Move Into Channels - Hug the Touchline - Cut Inside With the Ball" removed from strikers. We were able to give these instructions to the central forwards; and these were allowing us to create or use the space of opposition defence. Now, only SC,AMC and MC positions are allowed to "move into channels" and wingers(depending on the role of course) are allowed to "cut inside" or "run wide". These examples can be increased, but I think I made my point: The game restricting gamers and moving into a direction that force the gamers to think in the CONCEPTS of the developers; rather than allowing gamers to use their "imagination" taking inspiration from the football. There is no such a thing as "player role" in MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTIONS. As I said, these are just CONCEPTS we use to define tendecies, sytles etc. of a player. -Tactical System I really understand this change. The basic idea was making the game more "convenient" while changing the approach of the team to the match. Yet, familiarity factor added. The team must be familiar to the tactic depending on several factors such as creative freedom, shape, width etc. These are reasonable factors, however, the "scale" is open to question. But I will not discuss this. My point is regarding the basic argument: "This is more easier". Well, this is absolutely not true. Why? Assume that you change your mentality from "Standart" to "Control". What are the things that changed? Only the "mentality"? Absolutely not. Tempo, width, defensive line, creative freedom... Basically, everything changes... Plus, some "invisible" factors are added such as overlapping backs etc. Who knows what else changes. So, it is simpler to click and change one thing; but in terms of "penetration"; it makes the game unplayable. Because, you must consider a large number of "things" changed just by changing one thing. In addition, you change whole structure of your team just by changing one thing (it can be whether mentality or team shape). However, in real football (and in previous FM games), the "success" comes with simple, small changes in terms of tactic. I will not elaborate and write anymore. I believe, I made my points as clear as I can. The game is going into a direction that is completely irrelevant to football; and creating it's own conceptual world which does not take inspiration from real management. Good bye football manager and thanks for all these good times.
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