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  1. i see so many threads on here complaining and moaning and what not but the boxed version of the game isnt even out here yet, EPIC dissapointment as i am a massive fan of the game i was getting all up for the "5th November" and pow! nothing, NOW I KNOW THAT IT IS NOT RELEASED EVERYWHERE AT ONCE, but still would have been nice. the worst part other than the extra wait is that the guys at the shops cant tell me when it will be out. oh well guess us people here in great old SOUTH AFRICA (FTW) will just have to wait! PS. THANKS SI FOR THE GREAT GAME OVER THE YEARS! CANT WAIT FOR THIS YEARS!
  2. i had this with man utd YEARS ago with one of my previous versions of the game after many many MANY years in which i won pretty much everything all the time. but yeah other than that i havent had it for a long time as i start new games often. man i want a stadium named after me again!
  3. south african work permit feeder club

    like i said previously im not 100% sure i dont know all the rules for the SA leagues. im gonna play around though later and see what happens!
  4. south african work permit feeder club

    sorry bud i hav noooo idea, i play with tuks in the first division inland so i cant even get a decent non SA player! but il give it a try and see if anything happens for me and il post it back here if i come right. it may take a while though!
  5. south african work permit feeder club

    it works on the same principle, just for south africa. they also very fussy about playing here, they hav to qualify to get the permit. Mind i cant be 100% sure, iv never tried gettin that. i just sign SA players.
  6. interesting maybe would a screen at the end of the season like the season summy, but for the club and its players, such as which players achieved what milestones E.g Giggs Scored his 100th career league goal, (Player) becomes youngest ever chelsea player, etc any sort of milestone or something along those lines. you could also have for your nation or national team players E.g Beckham becomes most capped england player, etc also some milestones could appear on both lists, just a thought cause its hard to remember what players achieve over the course of a season.
  7. south african work permit feeder club

    south africa has work permits in terms of players normally from other african countries such as mali, malawi, senagal, ivory coast, niger, nigeria, congo etc etc, also i think south american like chilie etc hav to get a work permit.
  8. Kermit Erasmus

    He's one of south africa's biggest prospects, like the new Benni McCarthy, im my game all my scouts for all my teams dont rate him highly. but as a fellow south african, i cant help but pray he doesnt stagnate like most our young talents.
  9. 150 games unbeaten!

    dam i cant seem to download it!
  10. Hahahaha i cant wait to get my game and check this out!!! Funny as hell most definatly!! Sneaky sneaky si!!!
  11. im from south africa and though i still dont have my FM09, i can only add sumthing from FM08. AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A RACIST COMPLAINT, just a thought to be more realsitic!!! in South Africa, or africa in general, there is a massive difference when it comes to names of white or black people, noe my idea is for the REGEN PLAYERS and THEIR NAMES, you will get in FM08 a regen player who is WHITE, with the name THABO NDLOVU for a random example, the problem with this is that both THABO and NDLOVU are very very common BLACK names, so a white player with that name is almost ridiculas! and not at all realistic, AND PLEASE DONT THINK IM RACIST BY SAYING THIS! another example would be a BLACK regen player with a name such as FRANCIOUS DU PLESISS, which is an incredibly white name here, I hope SI is getting my point that it seems very unrealistic to mix up names and races. i know they regen players and it randomized, but thats just my view! AGAIN PLEASE DONT THINK OF ME AS RACIST! PS> here are sum common black and white names and surnames (FORGIVE MY SPELLING PLS) if itl help SI! Black: Ndlovu Mokeona Lebogang Thabo Thebogo Zuma Radebe (Leeds Fans might remeber Lucas Radebe) Junior Khanye ETC ETC White: Du Plessis Van Der Merwve Botes Botha Tian Thinus Pieter Jean De Villers etc etc PPS: by the way i mean that the Regen players pic dont match with thier name! ALos these are by no means the most common names or anything, thay are just an example of how balck and white names differ!
  12. i know there was a thread bout this error with the FM08 Editor on the forums but i cant seem to find it! how do i fix this problem again? P.S. i still havent gotten my FM09,iv played the demo(BLADDY ADDICTIVE) and even with all the problems i still think its gonna be a cracking game! Thanks SI for my fav game ever!!
  13. REALLY?? i guess i didnt see that in the demo! my bad!!!! shot!
  14. i had an idea or two that would be really cool if it was in FM09 or later releases! POST YOUR IDEAS HERE IF YOU LIKE!!! I know that its a bit late for FM09, but still! 1. When designating squad numbers for your club, and even national squad numbers, you could have an interaction of players requesting or even demanding a specific number, and could have an interaction aspect, And if they dont get that number they could get frustrated (Ala GALLAS) or even retire or not pitch up for the team or national training squad, etc!
  15. I live in South Africa I was born and live in a city called Pretoria