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  1. Makes no sense! A team made an offer for my leading scorer. I asked them £ 1,5M and they accepted, although the deal got cancelled because of transfer deadline. Then a couple of weeks later another team bid £ 110k for the same player and my chairman thought "it was too good to turn down". What the hell? I really hate when chairman interrupts deals and it would be good if you could turn it off or something like that.
  2. Get rid of shock retirements! Just signed a 61-year old head coach and he retired the very next day! It also happens with older players too often.
  3. Does any future update change the starting season to 2015-16? If so, please remember to expand the Finnish Liiga to 15 teams in 2015-16 (KooKoo Kouvola being the new team) and to 16 teams in 2016-17 (Mikkelin Jukurit being promoted after this season). Also the Finnish Liiga is now closed, so no more promotion play offs from Mestis. Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys!!! I´ve been playing EHM 2005 a lot lately, but now it´s time for something new and fresh
  5. Hi, In my game, I can only select three squad statuses for my players: "Key player","First team" or "Not needed". All the other statuses are greyed out and unavailable. Couple of players have other statuses that are "locked" in grey with only available change to "Not needed". What seems to be the problem?
  6. This. I´ve had only one longer save game in the normal FM. FMC is just so fast and easy to get into and it currently works just fine. Only thing I would add, is more leagues (five or six maybe?) and the chance to add more levels in the league pyramids, like in the normal version.
  7. Bumping this up! I´m playing in Finland and my board decided to upgrade my youth facilities after first season. My team had "good facilities" before the upgrade, but after the board announced that the work is completed, the facilities are now listed as "minimal facilities". I remeber having this same thing once before and now it happened again. I also have the latest update.
  8. Hi! Any way to make a new FMC game in Finland to start at January 2013?
  9. Maybe a chance to get news about major transfers happening around the world, just like in old Champ Managers? A filter system based on the fee involved would be great, for example I could get news about transfers that pass £10M mark. It might just be cosmetic, but I think that would make an interesting little addition to the game.
  10. Finnish international Mika Väyrynen has joined Mikael Forssell at Leeds. He´s a good attacking midfielder, who had a great last season with Heerenveen.
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