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  1. I want to give my 2 cents, since this thread exists. 1. This launch has been disastrous. The match engine is, once again, very poorly balanced, and there are still lots of bugs and niggles. More importantly, there's a game-experience breaking (considering how most people play FM) bug that affects the Determination-attribute. Right now, there SHOULD have been a sticky at the top of the forums, informing everyone about the known issues, and when a patch can be expected (I realize, that's not easy to predict, but if there's a policy that dictates X days of testing before release, it should say "earliest next monday" or something similar). 2. I love FM, but it's disappointing to see the level of improvement from game to game, especially in key areas. This may sound overly critical, but with such a big development team, it's very disappointing (every year). Metacritic and Steam user scores are poor, and reflect this. Additionally, the developers on this forum rarely show humility and respect for the consumers when dealing with the various issues that crop up. Bugs can exist for months and years without being fixed, and the game has actually taken a step back in some areas (like faces of generated people). The game is also very poorly optimised, graphically. All in all, love FM, looking forward to play, but disappointed (as I am every year) in both the improvements and the state of the game.
  2. Saevel

    Regen hair

    Yep, I know. Not what I'm looking for, though. I just want generated regens of at least the same quality that we had a couple of years ago. Hopefully FM will improve the faces a bit the next patch, but I think we will have to make more hair 3D models ourselves.
  3. Saevel

    Regen hair

    Did anyone make any progress with this? Regen faces are one of the worst things about FM2018 for me, and as I normally play far into the future, it affects the game a ton.
  4. Yonko, did you fix the tactics screen? Could you upload the skin somewhere?
  5. I dont' think this is DxDiag-related. This seems related to the bug I just posted:
  6. I'm going to describe a game crash here, that I'm sure has infuriated a lot of players. I will not upload match files, or anything, but it should be reproducable for you game devs: If you've readied a substitution, and one of your players gets a red injury before the sub takes effect, you'll be forced to make a sub for the injured player. When you're taken back to the tactics screen to make this substitution, the injured player has taken the spot of the player you've readied to sub in, and you end up having to sub someone else on. This bug causes the game to crash at the end of the match, after the team talk has been given, and you click to continue.
  7. So, if the game uses 3d-modelling the same way as it uses for managers now, why is the quality so much poorer than on the manager model? It looks like there's no "filter" applied to the model, kind of the same way the regens in FM 2017 bugged out graphically after matches. Can we expect this in a future patch for FM2018? The regens in FM 2017 are STILL bugged, they were never fixed, so the track record is not particularly good- and a statement from SI here would be nice. Also, I strongly agree with what others have said: If the technology is THIS bad at this point, then it should not have been implemented this year. Much better to wait until next year, when it's been improved to a less embarrassing level.
  8. Regens look shockingly bad. The development over the last 2 years baffles me. I don't really understand the criteria of the people who think this year is better than the last. Solely that the variation is better? The shading bug is now a permanent feature, and it looks like it's impossible to use 2D hair graphics- we're stuck with the horrible 3D hair models. I just don't understand the decisions made at all.
  9. I can't find any folders for replacing regen hairstyles. Was the possibility to mod this removed?
  10. Others have said it, but I'm going to try to be as concrete as possible: Shape mainly does two things: - It changes the creative freedom of all players (more fluid = higher freedom) - It changes the mentality of the players. The more fluid, the more similar mentality everyone has. The more structured, the more attacking attacking players are, and the more defensive defensive players are. It should be mentioned that "attacking/defending players" refers to both position on the field and role (defend/support/attack). To elaborate slightly on the 2nd. point, one way of looking at it is that the Shape first sets the individual mentality (so if you go very structured, the mentality might be 5/20 for a CB and 15/20 for a forward, whereas if you go very fluid, it might be 9 for a CB and 11 for a forward), and that Team Mentality then adjusts this up or down, depending on how attacking it is. Lastly, it should be mentioned that shape might do other, subtler things, like alter the way players fill in for each other when a spot on the field is vacated, and possibly the width and general shape of the team.
  11. Not necessarily disagreeing with that What FM needs is to separate tactics into build up and final third, or something like that. I believe FIFA does this. It should be possible for a slow and careful build up, and then explode into action once the ball is higher up the pitch (or the opposite, for that matter). If you could set tempo, risk (mentality) and passing for each of these stages, it would make things a lot more interesting. Similarily, it would be nice to be able to set separate instructions for defensive pressure and shape when the ball is deep in the opponent half, vs. when the play has been established in your own half. Like how Barcelona used to press really hard initially, and then fall back if that didn't work.
  12. It definitely makes the players generally spend more time on the ball before making decisions on what to do.
  13. Not offsides, free kicks or corners, though. Another odd choice to omit these.
  14. I'll add one more thing that I keep seeing in the match engine, that has been around for years, and not fixed. - Fullbacks keep getting caught offside. They go too far forward, and keep standing there / don't get back onside fast enough. Very, very rarely do you see backs getting caught offside in real life. It should be possible to have them push up all the way to the d-line, without trying to make "runs" behind towards the corner flag. This behaviour would make sense if the runs were angled, towards goal, and the aim was to get in behind the defense to get a chance on goal, but there should be a way to have a back stay far out wide to provide width, without going offside. On support, backs usually stay too far back, even with "forward runs" marked, so there doesn't seem to be a good way of getting them to act realistically at the moment.
  15. Some early thoughts: The UI changes almost all make actions require more button clicks than before. Obviously not a good decision. The UI is also riddled with visual bugs and glitches. Ok, it's beta, but after a year of development, and very little change in this area, it doesn't reflect well on the developers. The new tactics screen is also really poorly designed. Same with the new match day experience. Specifically there are a lot of very bad choices when it comes to size and visibility of buttons, as well as consistency in the UI, and what the user expects vs. what's required. It's also obvious that different people made different parts of the UI, without good general guidelines and coordination. Match engine (these are general trends I keep seeing, when watching full matches, over and over): - Players in certain positions (AML and AMR, possibly others) are positioning themselves very weirdly. Sometimes wingers will drop down almost to the backs, for no obvious reason. - Mark specific player is completely ignored a lot of the time - Players are closing down really strangely. I can have an MC with full closing down, hard tackling and good work rate/bravery/aggression, and he's still just standing around, meters from the ball carrier - Keepers are still saving the ball several meters wide of the goal, and holding the ball while diving or shuffling across the line, for a corner. This has been in the game for several years. - Dribbling over the sideline is back. I think I saw this about 5 times in a match from my LB Alex Sandro. Just put your back on attacking and dribble often, and watch him go. - Players aren't quite aware enough of their surroundings, and too often a pass will hit the heels of a player who is running in the opposite direction, completely clueless of what's going on. Might be hard to ameliorate, but this has also been an issue for years, now. Lastly, a lot of things feel a bit off in the match engine. I'm gonna mention them all here, as they're not exactly must-fix-issues, but it seems like the match engine has taken a turn for the worse in these areas. Shots, passing and first touches all feel strange and sluggish for players with high attributes. I feel like even the world's best players have really bad technique. Efforts from players with 18+ technique and long shots go 10 meters wide, even when the players are not under a lot of pressure. Maybe this is just compensation to adjust the number of goals to realistic levels, but it looks really weird. Crossing is also really bad in some cases. Players with good crossing/technique regularly cross the ball out for a goal kick- again this is often when not under pressure. Last year my first impression was very good. Things worked relatively well, and the changes were mostly improvements. This year, my impression is that this is a bit of a mess. I know I will come off as overly critical for a lot of people, but I honestly expect a lot better after a years work.
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