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  1. I want to give my 2 cents, since this thread exists. 1. This launch has been disastrous. The match engine is, once again, very poorly balanced, and there are still lots of bugs and niggles. More importantly, there's a game-experience breaking (considering how most people play FM) bug that affects the Determination-attribute. Right now, there SHOULD have been a sticky at the top of the forums, informing everyone about the known issues, and when a patch can be expected (I realize, that's not easy to predict, but if there's a policy that dictates X days of testing before release, it should s
  2. Yep, I know. Not what I'm looking for, though. I just want generated regens of at least the same quality that we had a couple of years ago. Hopefully FM will improve the faces a bit the next patch, but I think we will have to make more hair 3D models ourselves.
  3. Did anyone make any progress with this? Regen faces are one of the worst things about FM2018 for me, and as I normally play far into the future, it affects the game a ton.
  4. Yonko, did you fix the tactics screen? Could you upload the skin somewhere?
  5. I can't find any folders for replacing regen hairstyles. Was the possibility to mod this removed?
  6. I'll add one more thing that I keep seeing in the match engine, that has been around for years, and not fixed. - Fullbacks keep getting caught offside. They go too far forward, and keep standing there / don't get back onside fast enough. Very, very rarely do you see backs getting caught offside in real life. It should be possible to have them push up all the way to the d-line, without trying to make "runs" behind towards the corner flag. This behaviour would make sense if the runs were angled, towards goal, and the aim was to get in behind the defense to get a chance on goal, but there sh
  7. Some early thoughts: The UI changes almost all make actions require more button clicks than before. Obviously not a good decision. The UI is also riddled with visual bugs and glitches. Ok, it's beta, but after a year of development, and very little change in this area, it doesn't reflect well on the developers. The new tactics screen is also really poorly designed. Same with the new match day experience. Specifically there are a lot of very bad choices when it comes to size and visibility of buttons, as well as consistency in the UI, and what the user expects vs. what's required. It'
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