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  1. Not sure if this has been asked before but when I click on the globe - world - transfers - youth intake I get this screen.
  2. Hello, often when I press the submit team button the game will crash and say my PC is low on memory, I have attached 1 dmp file but have a few more if they are required. I can rarely get into a game without it crashing when trying to watch 3D. If I save and then it crashes and I reload it will load the 3D fine and I can watch the game. If anything else is required just let me know. FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.11.25 17.56.39).dmp
  3. Anyone started their long-term save on the beta or planning to, or ya'll waiting for the full release?
  4. Is there a way to add TV Money for a match in the Premier League so it starts from a specific date?
  5. Is there no way to do an online tournament anymore with exported teams?
  6. Is there any set date for when the brexit happens because I think I might of missed it in the news section or is there a way to check what the effects of the brexit were?
  7. Is the possession stat glitched ? Just had 50-50 at FT and then after I did the team-talk after the match had finished it went to 24-76 to the opposition, strange.
  8. My Wilson is on fire atm, just did this And goals so far this season Brilliant
  9. So finished my first and second season, in the first season I won the league quite comfortably now into the 2nd season it was a tighter affair as Chelsea pushed me all the way but we manager to come out on top: Also we won the Champions League: Beating Chelsea to a Cup yet again Now into the 3rd season and we have started of brilliantly in the League: My first 11 is as follows: The bench changes every game but I have a hard time selecting it more than the first 11 I also have Stones coming in as a backup RB and hopefully first team CB one day
  10. How do you view previous results vs teams where it brings the table up and stuff ?
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