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  1. Well, ive been yelling at some players, who look unintrested to become concentrated and vica versa.
  2. European Union Clan FM2013

    Season 2014/2015, Division 2 As it was expected, the second try in Division 2 was more difficult. Again, during the preseason we did not find any decent players to strenghten the team, and that also showed in results. All thoughout the season we were having problems scoring goals, making us one of the worst teams in the Division on the count of wins, at the same time being top team on draws. This was the first time me, as a manager, had to look in a mirror and ask myself.. is it me or is teh team just bad? The answer of course is, that the team is bad, so nothing more to take a deep breath and continue my unsignificatnt career as a Division 2 manager somwhere in Scotland. Finalt team stats for season 2014/2015: Position: 7th Wins: 9 Draws: 12 Losses: 15 GD: -1 Points: 39 As the preaseason of another campaign is approaching, the aim to find some players good enough to increase the quality in order to take the next step. Otherwise this torture of Division 2 mediocaracy will continue.... To be continued....
  3. European Union Clan FM2013

    Season 2013/2014, Division 2 Same as a season before, we were in a situation were the team was not good enough. Previous years success was commenetd by many as "lucky" and that only increased the pessure before the beginning of new campaign. The board expected us to fight against relegation and we were predicted to finish 10th. Of course, my job as a manager was to proove these ppredictions and expectations wrong. Again long preseason started with looking for players all over, but due to the limits on wage and teams low reputation, we only managed to snap one decent player, called Joe McKee. And then the season started. First few games gave us the idea, how difficult the season will be. We did not manage to play our game due to much tougher opposition and only managed few lucky draws. But as the season went on, the team adopted to the league and again, against all odds, we finished 5th in Division 2. Final team stats: Pos: 5th Wind: 14 Draws: 7 Losses: 15 GD: +5 Points: 49 With the season anding on such a high note, we again had to keep calm and understand that the differences are not that big in the league and if we are not to improve, we could as well be fighting for relegation the season to come. And on that note we all went on holiday, who went to ski and who went to swim. But in a short time we are to meet again and fight another season in Division 2, Season 2014/2015 To be continued....
  4. European Union Clan FM2013

    Start of the career, Season 2012/2013 As it was, I was on my way back to Scotland, land of the highlanders and monsters. I opened my Google Maps in order to find this place called Annan. And there it was... near the town of Lowthertown.. how the hell will I get there??? I will not talk much about my travels to this remote place, but once I got there, this is what I had to work with: Team name: Annan Athletic FC Founded: 1942 League: Division 3, Scotland Past season results: Average Expectation from the board: Mid table Team quality: Crap! The only nice thing was the welcoming sign on the wall of the clubs dressing room: Welcom mr. For-Free-Free. And besides that all wingers had already packed their bags and left the club on mutual agreement. Nice, less firinig for me to do. So... while preparing fo the season, the main points were: 1. Change the teams palying formation to 433 2. Fire all crap players 3. Find some decent players 4. Achieve boards expectations First 2 points were easy, the 3rd one was amost impossible and at the end of the season, the 4th point was achieved, with a little bonus called PROMOTION! The season itself was very unstable and we were constantly fighting for 4th-7th place. By achieving the 4th on the last day of the season, we took out the maximum and went up to compete on a higher level season 2013/14. But a lot of rebuilding was to be done.... To be continued...
  5. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2020-2021 Championship Final position: 5th Lost in playoffs vs Leicester 4th Leicester 46 24 13 9 73 47 +26 85 5th Ebbsfleet 46 24 10 12 80 60 +20 82 6th P Nottm Forest 46 24 8 14 85 56 +29 80 FAC 3rd Round vs Everton LC 2nd round vs Birmingham As many times before, the promotion year seems to bring out an extra boost from the team and seemingly also increase the luck factor significantly. With the team expected to fight for relegation, we somehow managed to end up 5th when all games were played. But it was not a big surprise to see us losing in playoff semis to Leicester. Of course we wanted to see miracle happen and were a bit disappointed with that result, but at the end of the day again the team showed good spirit and another successful year for Ebbsfleet was behind us. Transfer policy Lot of high potential youngsters were signed and lot of youngsters who were not cutting it, were released. Total 650k on transfer income was made. Stats Top goalscorer: Bastien Moreno - 20 goals Most assists: Henrik Kunert - 10 assists Most MOM: Bastien Moreno - 6 MOM Fans player of the year: Bastien Moreno Best eleven 2019-2020 * Key players for the team in italic bold Name Position Apps Gls Rat Haci Hasan Özdemir Goalkeeper 48 0 6.86 Vasile Merce Defender (Right) 43 0 6.89 Moussa Kourouma Defender (Centre) 48 5 7.00 Jonny McCullough Defender (Centre) 47 4 7.00 António Santos Defender (Left) 24 0 6.70 Kévin Delamare Midfielder (Centre) 39 5 7.03 Rainer Winkler Midfielder (Centre) 37 8 6.95 Giancarlo Rossi Midfielder (Centre) 38 1 6.86 Bastien Moreno Striker 41 20 7.17 Hendrik Kunert Striker 49 17 7.06 Scott O'Neill Striker 33 7 6.86
  6. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2018-2019 League 1 Final position: 1st***PROMOTED TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP*** Pos Inf Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag G.D. Pts 1st C Ebbsfleet 46 31 9 6 102 47 +55 102 2nd P AFC Telford 46 27 14 5 145 77 +68 95 FAC 3rd Round LC Q/F, lost to Wolves Finally the young team was mature and gelled enough to win the League 1 by surprise. We were in top places throughout the season and even though we had some bad spells, we managed to hold the advantage until the end. It was a big day for the manager, the players and the club. First time we were to taste good english championship level football. Transfer policy With the team promotion from league one, our players were scouted more and more by bigger teams and due to this new transfer fee record was made, when Chelsea bought young and talented frenchman Omar Ba for 1M pounds. And that was not all. Also another young talented central defender, Nik Grasic, was bought by Liverpool for 650K. Even though both fees were way too small for a players of such caliber, it did help the team to be financially sound and ready for new challenges. Total of 1,9M on transfers were made that season. Stats Top goalscorer: Bastien Moreno - 31 goals Most assists: Gerson Sousa - 12 assists Most MOM: Bastien Moreno - 10 MOM Fans player of the year: Bastien Moreno Best eleven 2018-2019 * Key players for the team in italic bold Name Position Apps Gls Rat Haci Hasan Özdemir Goalkeeper 47 0 6.79 Vasile Merce Defender (Right) 42 1 7.15 Jonny McCullough Defender (Centre) 53 7 7.12 Nik Grasic Defender (Centre) 31 4 7.18 Gerson Sousa Defender (Left) 43 1 7.11 Ádám Földes Midfielder (Centre) 48 2 6.90 Kévin Delamare Midfielder (Centre) 36 4 6.90 Evandro Midfielder (Centre) 34 1 6.81 Bastien Moreno Striker 46 31 7.32 Hendrik Kunert Striker 36 19 7.24 Noé Gerber Striker 35 14 7.04 Sofiane Azzouz 9 0 6.68 Moussa Kourouma 50 2 7.03 Jean-Baptiste Cardi 11 0 6.61 Oumar Ba 31 12 7.10 Nicolas Lacoste 29 3 6.66 Christian Bengtsson 11 0 6.78 Scott O'Neill 11 1 6.81
  7. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2017-2018 League 1 Final position: 7th FAC 2nd Round LC 2nd Round Only a slight increase in performance, which helped us getting to 7th position and to playoffs but the team was not good enough to win the playoff first round and therefore another year in League 1 was upon us. But with the visible improvement, we were looking optimistically to next season. Transfer policy Due to limited financial possibilities and transfer policy of signing players with potential, yet again no key players were signed. But it was good to see young players evolving and repaying slowly the trust which was invested in them when signed. Meanwhile the season also included one major transfer, where Vladimir Kocourek, a player not able to find first team games, was sold for 850k. It was necessary for the team, as the financial side of the team was getting weaker. This transfer helped the team a lot and some of the money was used to build some much needed extra seats to the already newly built stadium. Stats Top goalscorer: Bastien Moreno - 20 goals Most assists: Ray Welsh - 13 assists Most MOM: Henrik Kunert - 8 MOM Fans player of the year: Henrik Kunert Best eleven 2017-2018 * Key players for the team in italic bold Name Position Apps Gls Rat Haci Hasan Özdemir Goalkeeper 42 0 6.76 Vasile Merce Defender (Right) 46 0 7.13 Jonny McCullough Defender (Centre) 51 6 7.07 Moussa Kourouma Defender (Centre) 52 2 6.88 Gerson Sousa Defender (Left) 36 0 6.82 Mike Weaver Midfielder (Centre) 41 6 7.01 Antoine Capinielli Midfielder (Centre) 48 6 6.96 Arnaud Honoré Midfielder (Centre) 49 9 6.84 Hendrik Kunert Striker 52 19 7.03 Bastien Moreno Striker 50 20 7.02 Ray Welsh Striker 45 11 7.02 Antoine Duhamel 15 0 6.53 Nagui Bouras 40 4 6.84 Kévin Delamare 26 6 7.10 Milan Kubice 17 1 6.79 Noé Gerber 13 1 6.74 Joris Héron 8 0 6.80 Malcolm Shepherd 12 1 6.74 Other events Beginning of the season 2017-2018 new stadium was built, it was called EBBSLFEET STADIUM. It is all-seater with 8702 seats.
  8. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2016-2017 League 1 Final position: 13th FAC 2nd Round LC 1st Round As the leagues get higher, the games get tougher and first season in League one showed exactly that. Team was never really threatened by relegation but at the same time not really contending for any higher positions. Season itself was good enough. Transfer policy Again, no changes with key personnel. Stats Top goalscorer: Henrik Kunert - 18 goals Most assists: Mike Weaver - 13 assists Most MOM: Nagui Bouras - 3 MOM Fans player of the year: Mike Weaver Best eleven 2016-2017 *Key players in italic bold Name Position Apps Gls Rat Haci Hasan Özdemir Goalkeeper 47 0 6.57 Vasile Merce Defender (Right) 43 0 6.91 Nagui Bouras Defender (Centre) 48 10 6.92 Yassine Abdellaoui Defender (Centre) 42 6 6.85 Joris Héron Defender (Left) 38 3 6.89 Mike Weaver Midfielder (Centre) 43 6 7.05 Milan Kubice Midfielder (Centre) 38 3 6.92 Arnaud Honoré Midfielder (Centre) 46 5 6.86 Hendrik Kunert Striker 43 18 7.00 Malcolm Shepherd Striker 35 6 6.86 Omar Baljic Striker 40 6 6.67 Stanislas Boucher 2 0 6.90 Stephen Mooney 4 1 7.50 Evandro 25 2 6.81 Noé Gerber 23 9 6.97 Marcus Solberg 13 2 6.58 Gerson Sousa 26 1 6.89 Krasimir Vandev 5 0 6.24
  9. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2015-2016 League 2 Final position: 3rd Promoted The second season in league 2 brought unexpected success, when the team finished a magnificent season in 3rd place and got promoted to League 1. Transfer policy With the younger players maturing from year to year, again no significant buys were required to achieve the promotion nor any key players were sold. Stats Top goalscorer: Henrik Kunert - 18 goals Most assists: Henrik Kunert - 17 assists Most MOM: Noe Gerber - 6 MOM Fans player of the year: Noe Gerber
  10. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2014-2015 League 2 Final position: 6th It is never easy to adapt with higher leagues the first season when you go up, but finishing 6th and getting to playoffs was over achievement by any standards. Although we lost in the playoff first round to Crystal Place, the season was considered a success. Transfer policy Again some young talent for the future was brought but the key squad was the same than season before in the lower league. So good work from the boys. At the same time made the first bigger sell of the career, sold Joseph Mendes to Plymouth for 28k. Stats Top goalscorer: Omar Baljic - 21 goals Most assists: Antoine Capinelli - 10 assists Most MOM: Nagui Bouras - 7 MOM Fans player of the year: Omar Baljic
  11. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2014-2015 League 2 Final position: 6th - Playoffs, but no promotion The team reached playoff position against all odds, but unfortunately no promotion. All in all, good season. Stats Top goalscorer: Omar Baljic - 21 goals Most assists: Antoine Capinielli - 10 assists Most MOM: Nagui Bouras - 7 MOM Season 2015-2016 Preview With outstanding achievement of season 2014-2015, the team was expected to challenge for promotion.
  12. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2012-2013 Final position: 11th For the club the season was more or less what was expected but for the manager it ended up to be a disappointment. The expectations were mid table, but the manager was expecting a play off spot. Unfortunately it was not to be. Too much tactical changes during mid-season ended up to be the reason for downfall. Transfer policy The team kept the same transfer policy as previous year and the years to come. Young talent all over the world are welcome to join the team and help the Fleet to achieve their long term dream. Most of them are part of the youth and reserves team, but hopefully will see them in action for the first team in the near future years to come. Stats Top goalscorer: Atana Ivanov - 18 goals (sold at the end of 2012-2013 to Darlington) Most assists: Guillaume Norbert - 12 assists (sold at the end of 2012-2013 to Woking) Most MOM: Kevin Isekusu - 5 MOM Fans player of the year: Balazs Bergmann (sold at the end of 2012-2013 to Haladas, HUN) Season 2013-2014 Transfers Again a lot of incoming and outgoing players were registered. With some key players sold, mainly due to their age, new younger generation was expected to take charge and bring glory to Ebbsfleet the season to come. With this in mind, out of 24 players 18 were 21 yo and younger and only 3 players older than 25. First team GoalkeeperSUPERGOALIE Andrej Fisan GK 29yo SVK DefenceWALL Gerson Sousa DL 20 POR Nagui Bouras DC 21 ALG Kevin Isekusu DC 22 FRA Jason DR 22 AUS MidfieldMAGICIANS Milan Kubice MC 19 CZE Arnaud Honore MC 21 FRA Antoine Capinielli MC 22 ITA StrikeFORCE Kalen Damessi ST 24 FRA Omar Baljic ST 23 BIH Alexander Leth-Nielsen ST 19 DEN The team is set, now lets see how the season went The Season The start of the season expectations were 14th, but who cares about that. Our aim, as it has been past 2 seasons, was promotion. The season started OK, but with too many draws we were unable to challenge for the title. And to be honest, with the team like Lincoln in the league, managed by a super-genius Jonny Kaufman, we had to be realistic and aim for the playoff spots. By mid season we were lying 8th, but the form started to get better and the team gelled more and more and from there on we were seriously pushing for the playoff spots. And so it went. We ended 2nd in the league, behind super-Lincoln and just in front or Tamworth, managed by another super-genius, Fergus Martin. At that point it was evident, that the team to get promoted via Playoffs was either Ebbsfleet or Tamworth (because other 2 teams were crap). And so the day came, 24th of May 2012, Wembley, London Ebbsfleet vs Tamworth The BSP Playoff Final Total of 38 819 spectators came to see the match, which unfortunately came to be quite one-sided, with Ebssfleet dominating the game from beginning til the end and winning it with final score of 3-0. It was a great day to the Fleet and to their Manager, showing that with young talented and unknown players you can achieve great things, if he spirit and determination is there! Stats Top goalscorer: Omar Baljic - 21 goals Most assists: Milan Kubic - 12 assists Most MOM: Kevin Isekusu - 7 MOM Season 2014-2015 Preview With first time in History reaching league football, the team is hoping to cherish this opportunity and make a strong impact right away. Now that the team has reached the new heights, we intend not to go back, but forward, only forward....
  13. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    Season 2011-2012 Recap Final league standing Predicted: 18th Final Pos: 8th Games: 46 Wins: 24 Draws: 7 Losses: 15 GF: 80 GA: 52 GD: +28 Pts: 79 So season was well over expectations and expect to do even better next season. Transfers The number of players signed is still under dispute. Therefore lets just agree, that the number players signed was: A LOT! Same goes for players released: A LOT. The number of domestic players in the club (in this case english), is approx 2%, with the rest 98% from all over europe... so a true EU Team. Majority of the players were youth prospects, but I still have to mention few players, who helped the season to be as good as it was. Stats Top goalscorer: Alexander Markovic (SVK) - 20 goals (14 league + 6 cup) He was signed as a free and played total 41 games. He was given to league 2 side Macclesfield at the end of the season for free. Top assist: Darjan Slavic (SVN) - 8 assists Signed for free and played in total 36 games. Was also voted as 'FANS PLAYER OF THE YEAR'. Highest avg rating: Carlos Ramos (NED) - 7.13 A versatile player, who was again signed for free mid season and played in total of 22 games. Was doing a good job in the midfield both by creating goals and breaking up offensive moves. Preseason 2012 - The preparation for season 2012-2013 Again, a bit less than A LOT pf players were signed, but a bit less than A LOT of players were also released or 'sold' for free. But the number is dropping.... Season 2012-2013 --- To follow soon ---
  14. European Union Clan FM12 online game

    New season, new manager, new formation, new era: EBBSFLEET UNITED FC At the start of the new season, Ebbsfleet United FC hired an unknown manager, to bring them glory and success for the team in the coming year. That manager was ME! Within the first few weeks all players were released and new players were brought in. The total number of new players is still under dispute, but the number is expected to be around 60. Understandably will not name them the players here. To my big surprise the team suggested using a flat 4 3 3 tactics.... Guess they've been doing some research on me. First season aim: respectable mid-table finish. With the new players in, should not be a problem. Long-term aim: Champions League trophy.. and everything before that So now that I'm here, I have no plans to leave any time soon. I do feel the backing of the board and hopefully will repay their trust by increasing the statue of the club to new levels. GO FLEET! More updates to follow, as the seasons progress... stay tuned.
  15. FM08 [EUC Clan]: The Anglo/Scots Sunday Clan

    FROM TO The LEAGUE 2 Years of HAMPTON & RICHMOND BOROUGH 2010-2014 It has been 4 League 2 seasons since my last update. With finally getting the promotion to League 1 by winning League 2, it is time to make a recap of these 4 years in the league. Season 2010-2011 As a newcomer to the league, we were expected to finish last. And the bookies were not mistaken by much. Managed to finish 22nd, which was just above the relegation. Taking into account that no real strengthening of the squad was done during the preseason, it was a finish which was expected, even though I wished for more. In the cups i did reasonably well: JPT I lost in the semis and FA I lost in third round, LC lost in the 1st round. Player of the year was McGrory, the superfreeby I got back in BSP. Hes scored 14 goals and gave 11 assists. Top goalscorer that year. Season 2011-2010 After hard previous season I released and sold lot of players and replaced them with some decent players and potential youngsters. I spent total 175K on new players and received total of 145K on the departees. Notable incoming players were Siskov and Kovacs. But again, that did not help much and at the end of the season we were yet again down where we were previous year, 22nd. Except this time the difference between relegation was only one point! As in the league, also in the cups my team was really bad. Nothing really worth mentioning. Player of the year was again McGrory. This time he scored 12 goals and gave 8 assists. Season 2012-2013 Again I was getting rid of the hopless players, who had no future looked for some talent who can become something in the coming years. The only notable buy was Baidoo Shabazz. But he was only with me for one season, before I sold him to St Johnstone for 250K. He was decent player but with the quality my other strikers were coming to, he had no chance in team. But besides the hopless guys I sold/released, there was also my star winger Kaskpeit who went to Peterborough for 1M. At least I was financially secure and had almost 700K to spend. But I did not to that and with the confidence in my team we did what I expected and managed to finish the league in 4th place, even point with 3rd, but worse GD. Unfortunately the playoffs did not go our favour and another season in L2 it was! But with the team showing their potential and lot of layer already become L1 class, I was sure that the following season will be ours! In the cups there was nothing to report. Except again 1st round exit from LC. 3rd time in a row... The fans player of the year was this time a yougster bought back in 2011, name KOVACS! He scored outstanding 26 goals and was the best triker in the club with that number. The partnership between Kovacs and McGrory was working really well! Season 2013-2014 With money to spend I was going around the transfer market, looking for players. Even though I felt my teams ability was constantly growing, I kept my eyes open for good players, who would rise the average level of the quality of the whole team. And again player, who I welt were out of my plans or not good enough, were sold/released. That preseason saw me splashing out 500K for new player, and at the same time I sold players for 1.2M. With all this money coming in, the board had been constantly upgrading my stadium also which by that time had grown to 4000+! Due to big squad I was forced to negotiate with the board re transfer budget and instead of the transfer budget I asked to raise the wage limit. That helped me offer better salaried to my key players and the new incoming stars. Taking all this into account, we went into the season with high hopes. And even though there were some low times during the season, at the end of the day we won the league! Again the cups were a dissapointment. And again, LC 1st round exit.. no luck with that cometition:S Fans player of the year was again Kovacs. Scored 35 goal n the league! But this time the striking partner was rotating and new upcoming young stars were discovered. Hopefully they can handle also L1.