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  1. sventimmer

    [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    We found an error in the database. Jeroen (@reddiablo) at VVV are double players like David Mullers, Evert Linthorst are double in it
  2. sventimmer

    [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    Nice job!
  3. sventimmer

    FM Freeze

    I have found the solution to all the GeForce Experience is when the game is running it expands a lot better without crashes. it has nothing to do with the virus and spam scanner. The dissolving solution is to remove GeForce Experience might be an idea to put on the website? FM Freezing is only nvidia cards..
  4. Football Manager is almost unplayable just runs completely stuck randomly I have the following steps Delete CacheDelete Preference Reverify Cache also updated the drivers from nvidia. Nothing helps game also also new is put on this brings any results.
  5. sventimmer

    FM15 out of memory !!

    Dear Jason , could you post a screenshot of the issue. Also, your task manager in windows without the game. What Windows do you like more information.
  6. This is not the problem of Football Manager update your drivers for your video card or amd.com nvidia.com select the correct type and install it the problem will be solved.
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/393635-capital-one-cup-not-working ?? Working?
  8. The 3rd class of belgium is not done ! manchester united plays in europa league is wrong too many transfers have you forgotten in Belgium and Netherlands these are far from complete spanish promotion and relegation is not good he is wrong game sees the update good
  9. What time does the update tomorrow?
  10. You update is of great class only belgium completely forget you will still be able to update this time I show the few times I hope you can make belgium finally feathered top job for a good time
  11. Mitchel Bolck to Almere City Nick Lammers FC Omniworld amateurs to Almere City Gilbrano Crush Omni World Amateurs to Almere City Vincent Janssen Omni World Amateurs to Almere City Black Hat 2014 in the County Cavlan away at the County Sreckovic away at the County, to Fredrikstad Nelson Vieira away at the County Jochem Jansen away at the County Sander Fischer 2015 at Excelsior Dennis den Haan of Excelsior to Nieuwerkerk Benjamin Machini to Exelsior Tim Eekman to Excelsior Lars Hutten to Excelsior 2015 Beers of 2014 in Den Bosch Cagri Kodalak to Den Bosch Ruben Smet Rupel Boom to Den Bosch Molhoek stopped as a footballer by injury and thus away from Dordrecht Doedee from Dordrecht to Stedoco Kousemaker to 2014 in Dordrecht Peersman to 2014 in Dordrecht Vlasblom away at Dordrecht Haddad away at Dordrecht Danny Post to VVV Dordrecht 2014 Jessy Mayele to Dordrecht Danso from Valencia to Dordrecht until 2014 Luckermans on loan to Dordrecht, coming from Anderlecht Paul Gladon on loan from Sparta to Dordrecht Idabdelhay away at Dordrecht Lucius away at Eindhoven Muyters to 2014 in Eindhoven Paridaans away at Eindhoven van Boekel from Eindhoven to UNA Waalkens to 2014 in Eindhoven Thomassen away at Eindhoven Vanbelle away at Eindhoven Zaari away at Eindhoven Makiavala to 2014 in Eindhoven Ajnane away at Eindhoven of Kruijssen away at Eindhoven Zweegers to 2014 in Eindhoven Chiro N'Toko to Eindhoven Favor of Club Brugge to Eindhoven to 2015 Nieveld to Eindhoven to 2014 Savage Anderlecht to Eindhoven to 2015 Sander Rozema to Emmen Siekman to 2014 in Emmen Resida from Telstar to Emmen Jurjan Wouda to Emmen Nelemans away at Oss Roberton away at Oss van der Sloot to 2014 in Oss Nalbantoglu away at Oss Simone away from Oss Trier away at Oss Braam away at Oss Intezar away at Oss Trajkov away at Oss Rider away from Oss Koot road in Oss Zdenko Kapralik to Oss to 2014 van den Dungen away at Oss Samsey away at Oss Stock Entrance road in Oss Ramlal on loan from RKC to Oss Gieljan Tissingh to Oss to 2014 Falkenstein van Gemert to Oss to 2014 Jonathan Opoku to Oss to 2014 Sanny Monteiro of William 2 to Oss to 2014 Michael Tol away at Volendam Buck Off at Volendam Long way to Volendam Painter until 2014 at Volendam Robert Muhren to 2014 Volendam Soufiane Laghmouchi to 2014 Volendam Flu away at Volendam King until 2014 at Volendam Roj away at Volendam Bakkenes away at Volendam Leon Tol 2014 at Volendam Tom Overtoom to Volendam Ricksen has been stopped as a footballer, so away from fortuna
  12. http://www.sporza.be/cm/sporza/voetbal/1.1512027 Please check Belgium.