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  1. [FM19] Transfers & Data Update FM Date Update X 2019 ** [19.3.0] - V7 6/3/2019! ** All changes from V1 to V6.1 that are missing in the 19.3 standard database have been added again. The database V7 has been completely rebuilt at 19.3 6-3-2019 the FM Data Update X comes back with V7! based on the latest patch from Sports Interactive 19.3.0! Completely redeveloped on the 19.3.0 update the latest data (19.3) with the extras (agent, youth players and other things of course for the best game experience!) 40+ New added youth players: Naci Ünüvar (Ajax) Xavi Simons (FC Barcelona) Levi Skyum (Feyenoord) Olivier Dewaele (Anderlecht), Andrea Bonetti (Juventus), Karamoko Dembelé (Celtic), Noah Ohio (Manchester City), Levent Gundogan ( Manchester United) Ko Itakura (Manchester City) Nils de Wilde Anderlecht) ..... 30+ Realife agents Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes, Pinhas Zahavi, Rodger Linse, Sören Lerby, Perry Overeem, Rob Jansen, Marko Pantelic, Hasan Cetinkaya, Aleksandar Bursac, Frank Trimboli ..... Official club and league names (FCP -> FC Porto, Euro Cup -> UEFA Europa League and of course the Champions League & Youth League license !! Database errors corrected from the American competition to the Dutch and of course the top competitions! Media resources exclusive: FoxSports, Ziggo, AD, Telegraaf, de Gelderlander, Ajax showtime, VI, Sporza, Voetbalzone, Gazet of Antwerp ,Mundo Deportivo, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tuttosport and 15 others present in new update! License Fix: Mike Havenaar (Vissel Kobe), Andrés Iniesta (Vissel Kobe), Lukas Podolski (Vissel Kobe), Fernando Torres (Sagan Tosu) Raúl González Blanco trainer (Real Madrid) added to the database. General Changes : Corrected Awards and Trophy names , Updated team captains, vice captains , Promotion / relegation to leagues that have already finished the season.
  2. [FM19] Final WinterPack Transfers & Data Update FM Date Update X 2019 ** [2-2-2019 - Winterpack 2/2] ** Now Online!!!! ----------> View page 1 message number 2 for the adjustments in V6.1
  3. Welcome Craig , go to the following folder: (Windows) \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2019 \ dates \ db \ 1910 \ Open the folder '' LNC 'then' 'all' 'delete the following files from the folder LNC: fake.lnc, lic_dan_swe_fra.lnc, nleague.lnc Note: Now place the [ Realname Club & Competitie Fix ] download files in this folder ---> '' LNC ' After the "edt" folder, delete '' fake.edt '' and then open the '' DBC '' folder, then delete: brazil_kits.dbc, forbidden names.dbc, Licensing2.dbc, Licensing3.dbc
  4. Message FM Data Update X 2019: In the coming days I will update the list of the upcoming Final Winterpack v6.1 FM Data Update X 2019! view page 1 message number 2. This section describes the adjustments from V1 to V6.1. As mentioned before 2-2-2019 the full transfer period update will be online.
  5. His various sites for such as transfermarkt.com , fifa.com , google you can already find a lot of information about contracts players info and transfers
  6. [FM19] Final WinterPack Transfers & Data Update FM Date Update X 2019 ** [2-2-2019 - Winterpack 2/2] ** The FM Data Update X has stood for 10 years for quality and a clear vision no weekly small updates or special updates especially about a particular player. Each update version that launches FM Data Update X contains a comprehensive database with all transfers from the smallest to the biggest top competitions. Of course also the staff changes and contract grants from players to the medical staff. The FM Data Update is of the opinion that every new version is special and unique, but also that the smaller competitions are a big part of the FM Data Update X Update! The fanatical player wants to start a big update per period and not once a week if there is a mini data update. Therefore, Feb. 2 FM Transfers & Data Update X 2019 launches the latest update for hours of game fun!
  7. [FM19] Transfers & Data Update FM Date Update X 2019 ** [16-1-2019 - Winterpack 1/2] NOW ONLINE!**
  8. Do you still think that will be solved before the winter stop update?
  9. [FM19] Transfers & Data Update FM Date Update X 2019 ** [16-1-2019 - Winterpack 1/2] ** Information: Leading the way for 10 years: the FM Data Update X 2019 16-1-2019 back with a unique experience with realife agents and added (youth) players, media sources, correct market values players. And of course the real RealName Fix Club & Competition of FM Data Update X together form the ultimate duo for an optimal game experience. Are you ready for the great transfers from the winter break? then write the 16-1-2019 at the top of your agenda.
  10. Realname Club & Competition LNC FIX is updated! check first post! Suitable for Football Manager 2015,2016,2017,2018 and of course Football Manager 2019! the FM Data Update X with transfers and other issues will also be updated later this month V7 New: Australia competition + cup names added New: Belgian ( Proximus League promotion names added ) New: Cyprus competition names have been updated (sponsors) New: UEFA Nations League names added New: Centro Sportivo Alagoano added Brazilian name. V6 New: Belgian club name has been updated (AA Gent -> KAA Gent) New: Polish club names & competition have been updated New: Argentine cup & competition names have been updated (sponsors) New: Scottish Competition names have been updated. New: Brazilian club names license (complete) added. New: Greece competition names updated New: Russian competition & cup names (Sponsors) updated Of course, the rest of the Competition and Club names around the world are included!
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