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  1. I've attached the system information below. I've also noticed that the cursor doesn't flicker in some places. For example: On the main menu, the cursor only flickers when hovering over menu items (the cursor is fine anywhere else on the screen) Once a game is loaded the cursor doesn't flicker on the left side menu (Home, Inbox, Squad, etc.) or the top bar (Back/Forward buttons, search, etc.) but does flicker everywhere else. iMac.spx.zip
  2. When running Football Manager 20.4 on my iMac when the display is set to a scaled resolution, the cursor flickers (disappears and reappears very quickly) when moving or clicking the mouse. The issue occurs in both fullscreen and windowed modes. There is no other input device connected, and deleting the preferences and caches folders does not resolve the issue (this appeared on first boot of the game). The only way I have found to get rid of the cursor flickering is to set the display back to default scaling, although I'd rather not have to do this every time I want to run the ga
  3. After deleting the caches and preferences folder the issue still persists when using non-default scaling in macOS display preferences. I actually had this issue the very first time I ran the game. Edit: Actually, this might not be the exact same problem as OP. My issue is more with the mouse flickering (disappearing and reappearing very quickly when moving/clicking) than stuttering.
  4. I'm also experiencing this issue on a retina mac when the display scaling is set to anything other than "default". This is not an issue of the cursor moving by itself and I have no anti-virus software interfering with the game. The problem disappears when the display scaling is set to default, however I don't want to have to switch display mode anytime I run the game.
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