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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the awesome skin - I've been really struggling with FM19 as I've found the default skins really difficult to read. Can't put my finger on why, I have no sight issues that I'm aware of, but for some reason the default skins just make my eyes go a bit funny. Your Dark skin is absolutely perfect though, and it's saved FM19 from being a waste of £30! Cheers again
  2. Thanks very much! That makes a lot of sense, now I think about it. The full Data Editor has always been a bit obscure with how it translates the stats you input into the stats in-game, what with CA and PA and all that. EDIT: so that means that their final stats will be limited only by (1) how I train them, and (2) their PA? That's really cool.
  3. Strange one here, and apologies if this is the wrong place to put this or if it's been posted/resolved elsewhere. I did have a root around on Google and didn't turn up anything useful. I started a create-a-club game, replacing Portsmouth in League 2 with my own team. Kept most of the same players, made a tweak here and there, and decided to create a couple of youngsters to add to my squad - CA in the high 80s, PA in the 160-170 region. Figured I'd see if I could take my team all the way to the top with these two youngsters firing us all the way. I started the save, and checked their stats, o
  4. Thanks - as it happens, I've just discovered the source of the issue! I use a custom view on the squad select screen, which apparently was interfering with the squad select screen (not the first issue I've had with custom views, for what it's worth). I switched the view back to the General Info one and it works fine again. What a relief!
  5. Can anyone help with this? I know it may seem minor but it's exactly the sort of irritant that will really ruin the game for me. Seems such a stupid reason to lose an 8-season save. Edit: to be a bit clearer about the issue, I've got to the news item where I have to submit my squad numbers for the season. I go to the squad numbers screen, click on the drop-down where normally you assign a number, and nothing comes up. I can clear all, and then auto-assign (at which point I still can't see any numbers on the drop-down thing on the left of the player name, but players do have numbers on their p
  6. Match engine's working well as of the latest update, but I can't assign squad numbers any more... I can auto-assign but I hate doing that, it'd bug the hell out of me to not have the right squad numbers. Any tips? I really hope I don't have to scrap this game, I'm just starting my 9th season having just got my Stockport side into the Champions League...
  7. Not necessarily a true fallen "giant" as such but my current save has Bolton bottom of League 2 in 2018-19 starting with a 10-point deduction. My save is quite late in the close season though as I only just noticed.
  8. I haven't read through the whole thread so apologies if this has already come up, but anyway. My $0.02 on 14.2. I'm getting on much better with the new engine after tweaking my tactics a bit since immediately post-patch things went a bit wobbly - mostly down to player instructions being inexplicably swapped around. Annoyingly re-assigning my player instructions to the correct players dropped my tactical familiarity an absolute mile and I didn't reach 100% familiarity again all season. Immediately after the patch, corners seemed to have about a 90-95% success rate, both for the AI and for my
  9. Nice! He's exceptional. Why number 3 for a striker though?!
  10. I've noticed this, although my team plays primarily through the wingers and I end up with plenty of assists from crosses anyway. I'd have a whole lot more if my players crossed every time the opportunity arose though, instead of turning around to try to win a corner off the defender... Also very annoying that wingers ALWAYS shoot from impossible angles when they've cut in from the wing and are close to the touchline close in to the goal. There's almost always a better option available - i.e. cutting it back across the box - but they go to shoot anyway and punt it straight into the side nettin
  11. Agree with the bolded part - I've never missed a penalty. Never. I even had my first penalty shootout last night, and I scored all 4 in that too! I've also only had one penalty miss against me in normal time. I guess I shouldn't really complain at a 100% penalty conversion rate.
  12. I use the star ratings (from good scouts anyway) a lot when making signings. I pretty much only sign 3-star players when I'm first starting out and have no better options. As soon as I'm looking to buy for the future though I only buy players with at least 4 star potential. I take little notice of a player's performance ratings before I sign them since playing badly (or well) at another club means nothing when they're most likely playing in a totally different system. When it comes to who gets in the team though stars mean very little, performances are king (except for the rare occasions when
  13. Difference is, these are near enough all identical goals scored from an underhit near-post corner, where the defender either volleys it in or takes a touch and prods home. Both of which are extremely rare in real life, since a near-post corner in professional football is almost always cleared easily and a player very rarely has time for a touch and finish inside the 6 yard box.
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