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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the awesome skin - I've been really struggling with FM19 as I've found the default skins really difficult to read. Can't put my finger on why, I have no sight issues that I'm aware of, but for some reason the default skins just make my eyes go a bit funny. Your Dark skin is absolutely perfect though, and it's saved FM19 from being a waste of £30! Cheers again
  2. Thanks very much! That makes a lot of sense, now I think about it. The full Data Editor has always been a bit obscure with how it translates the stats you input into the stats in-game, what with CA and PA and all that. EDIT: so that means that their final stats will be limited only by (1) how I train them, and (2) their PA? That's really cool.
  3. Strange one here, and apologies if this is the wrong place to put this or if it's been posted/resolved elsewhere. I did have a root around on Google and didn't turn up anything useful. I started a create-a-club game, replacing Portsmouth in League 2 with my own team. Kept most of the same players, made a tweak here and there, and decided to create a couple of youngsters to add to my squad - CA in the high 80s, PA in the 160-170 region. Figured I'd see if I could take my team all the way to the top with these two youngsters firing us all the way. I started the save, and checked their stats, only to find that they were already world-class players... all the stats I'd added in the creator had been realised in full, as though they'd already hit their PA. I'm a bit confused about this - I thought when you put stats into the creator, you were putting in POTENTIAL ability, rather than current? That's how it's always worked on the full editor. So if I put in a 19 for Dribbling, I would expect that to be the Dribbling score my player could reach if he managed to make it to CA170. Does it work differently on the create-a-club editor? I've obviously got no interest in starting a League Two save with a striker who already has 19 finishing, 16 pace, 17 first touch, 18 composure and so on...
  4. You can ask your players to sack their agents. It seems to work remarkably often for me, probably 7 times out of 10.
  5. Elliot Durrell - he played RM for my Stockport team right up to the Premiership even though he's a natural AMC.
  6. Thanks - as it happens, I've just discovered the source of the issue! I use a custom view on the squad select screen, which apparently was interfering with the squad select screen (not the first issue I've had with custom views, for what it's worth). I switched the view back to the General Info one and it works fine again. What a relief!
  7. Can anyone help with this? I know it may seem minor but it's exactly the sort of irritant that will really ruin the game for me. Seems such a stupid reason to lose an 8-season save. Edit: to be a bit clearer about the issue, I've got to the news item where I have to submit my squad numbers for the season. I go to the squad numbers screen, click on the drop-down where normally you assign a number, and nothing comes up. I can clear all, and then auto-assign (at which point I still can't see any numbers on the drop-down thing on the left of the player name, but players do have numbers on their profile screens). Very annoying and inexplicable.
  8. Match engine's working well as of the latest update, but I can't assign squad numbers any more... I can auto-assign but I hate doing that, it'd bug the hell out of me to not have the right squad numbers. Any tips? I really hope I don't have to scrap this game, I'm just starting my 9th season having just got my Stockport side into the Champions League...
  9. Didn't think so. I guess removing those two instructions has messed up my tactic then... maybe I'll try putting them back. I'm trying to gradually change from a quick counter-attacking side to a side capable of controlling games a bit more as Stockport get more established in the Premiership - I figured it was better to make small gradual changes over time rather than making any major and sudden upheaval. But then I guess all sorts of factors play into your team's performances, including reputation, form, season predictions and of course players' stats, form, morale and personalities... I've not changed much personnel-wise but the team seem to be a bit less steady this season than last. I did sell Ettore Racle, my Swiss/Portuguese DLP, in the summer to Ajax for £9.5m (not a bad return on a £100k signing who was worth £4.8m or so). He'd been hankering for a move for a while and I was fed up with it seeing as he only contributed maybe 2 goals and 3 assists in a whole season. I think this season has shown how understated his influence was though - clearly he used to keep possession ticking over nicely which is something we've struggled to do this season. I'm in that awkward transitional phase at the moment. Our first season in the Prem was an unbridled success (finished 7th), with the tactic working beautifully in tandem with our role as perennial underdogs. This season though we're aiming for European qualification, but our reputation is still low, so I've struggled to attract better players (and I don't have crazy money yet so can't really afford them anyway). I'm caught in that middle ground where my reputation is high enough that we're no longer underdogs in a lot of games, but low enough that a top-half finish is still a slightly unrealistic aim as far as my players are concerned, and their performances often reflect that. That said, we're currently sat in 6th position in February 2021, so I can't really complain. It's just the performances that I'm not happy with, they've really dipped in the past few months. I'm sure things will turn around when my reputation improves, although this is symptomatic of a real personal gripe I've had for years with Football Manager games - there are so many nebulous stats that have a major impact but it's difficult to say for sure how to influence them. P.S. Damien McClements scored 24 league goals in his first Premiership season and is on 14 so far this term. He's now approaching 200 appearances for Stockport, and has has scored nearly 150 league goals, making him the top goalscorer in Stockport's history (beating Jack Connor's record of 132 which had stood for about 65 years). Absolute legend (which, awesomely, is also reflected in the Stockport "Legends" section) and he's only 25 - I think even when this Stockport team is the best in the league I'll have to keep McClements until he retires just out of respect for the man.
  10. Was there a patch in the last couple of weeks? My tactic has suddenly fallen apart. Previously I'd average around 45-50% possession but my team would be really efficient on the counter and would barely ever take more than 2 or 3 long shots per game. All of a sudden possession has dropped by 10% and I'm taking 5-8 long shots per game. The only changes I've made are to un-click "more direct passing" and "hassle opponents", which should surely mean I retain possession better and keep my defensive shape a bit more.
  11. 2 mins 39 secs?! That's crazy. I've had 6 minutes (on my current Stockport save funnily enough) but sub-3 mins is ridiculous.
  12. How are his stats looking now City? Looks like a great signing.
  13. Season 6 at Stockport is done! The tableWe actually got off to a pretty shaky start, only winning one of our first 5 games. I tweaked my central midfield roles a bit and eventually we pulled through. I was hoping to hit the playoffs this year, since we had no money at all. That would have been a fairly reasonable result as we were predicted to finish 12th, and I had a very young squad. Results (who needs possession anyway?) and performances improved over the months approaching Christmas, at which point our finances were edging further and further towards the red. Eventually in the end of November, a takeover happened. I'd had an excellent relationship with the previous chairman, who had approved significant infrastructural improvements to the club, but the news sites were all reporting that the new chairman wanted to bring in a new boss to replace me. I was spitting feathers at this point - 4 straight promotions and this is how they repay me!? Eventually though the chairman saw that I was too popular to dismiss and I was allowed to continue. We continued to be pretty consistent for the remainder of the season, taking top spot at about the halfway stage from the previously untouchable Derby. We never surrendered 1st position. Derby faded and ended up going up through the playoffs, while Fulham (my bogey team, the only team to do the double over me) were resurgent in the 2nd half of the season, pipping Derby to 2nd place by beating them on the final day of the season. I'll have to improve if I'm to beat Fulham next season in the Premiership. The team Championship player stats Keepers 1st choice goalkeeper: Robert O'Brien Aaron McCarey started the season in goal but a number of errors had crept into his game. Eventually O'Brien took over between the sticks and, as he has the potential to improve, I'll be looking to use him as my number 1 in the Premiership. Defence 1st choice defence (right to left): McLaughlin - Ivanovs - Olsen - Bach Age was catching up with Manny Smith and Mark Roberts, my previous central defensive stalwarts. Roberts was used mainly as a tutor this year while I gave my promising young centre halves plenty of 1st team action. They both revelled in their newfound responsibility too, Ivanovs recovering from a poor start to become a really classy centre back. Olsen is the hard man and pops up with goals from corners. Bach was a calculated risk; last season's left back Adama Tamboura is now 33 and not up to the challenge. I didn't really have a top class left back so I chucked then-18-year-old Bach straight into the deep end, and he certainly didn't sink. McLaughlin improved hugely on last season's performances and is a steady and reliable influence at right back now. Midfield 1st choice midfield (right to left): Turchetta - Racle - Gueye - McEvoy Sadly this year will be the final year that my hero Elliot Durrell is a regular in the 1st team picture. I've given him a 1-year contract extension out of pure sentiment but he's 29 now and he's simply not up to the challenge of the Premiership, even if he was a useful rotation option this season. Still, if he gets a game next season (which I'll make sure he will) he'll have played for Stockport in 6 different leagues. A phenomenal achievement. Turchetta is a different player to the one that almost asked to leave the club in search of 1st team football back in League One. He's a class act, popping up with plenty of goals and assists. He's often the player who will change a match single-handedly. Bigger teams have come in for him; I asked for £4m (back when he was only worth £1.5m) but other clubs see that as too much. Their loss! Racle is an interesting player - he's clearly a playmaker, and I've struggled to fit lightweight playmakers into this team in the past. I originally paired up Gueye and Racle in central midfield, with the former in RCM in a MC(D) role and the latter in LCM in a BBM(S) role. That clearly wasn't working though, partly because Gueye clearly isnt a defensive midfielder and also because I hadn't noticed he was left-footed. Eventually I made the tweak I mentioned earlier, moving Racle to RCM in a DLP(D) role, where he was very solid as his stats shot through the roof. Gueye swiftly became my Yaya Touré in his BBM(S) role at LCM, and his stats have skyrocketed along with his form. He'll be a big player for me in the Premiership. Racle was wanted by several clubs and had a nasty £750k release clause for Premiership clubs; luckily no-one activated it, but I was frantic throughout the summer and winter transfer windows trying to renew his contract, failing repeatedly because we were too hard up to meet his demands. After gaining promotion though I've made him my club's highest earner on a long-term £12.5k/week deal, so if anyone comes in for him now I can drive a hard bargain. McEvoy continued in a similar vein to last season, scoring plenty but picking up lots of little niggles. A good player, but I'll be looking at finding a top-drawer left winger in the summer. Strikers 1st choice strikers (right to left): McClements - Kelly This was the year of the McClements. He's going to go down as possibly my greatest ever signing on Football Manager. Signed for a free, he's now 2 short of 100 league goals for Stockport in just 3 full seasons. He scored every 80 minutes over 42 games. He scored 5 goals in one game achieving a perfect 10.0 rating. The lad is a machine, and I hope he stays at Stockport for years to come. And of course, he absolutely swept up at the end-of-season awards. He's now worth over £4m with a Continental reputation, he's scored 4 times for his country and somehow, blessedly, no AI teams have come in for him yet. If they do, I'm asking for £30m. Kelly will take over the captain's armband next season after 36-year-old Mark Roberts leaves on a free. His stats are now incredible, and he does a stunning job in the CF(S) role. For the 2nd year on the trot he's got more assists than any other player in the league, and that's despite him missing 2 months through injury over the course of the season. He's now wanted by bigger clubs but it'll take a bid of £20m+ for me to even consider selling. This lad lives and breathes Stockport. Jordan Russell is possibly the unluckiest man in football. He's been kept out of the team by McClements for 3 seasons now and has only ever played a rotation role, despite ostensibly having higher potential. The reason I first started playing McClements instead of Russell is because his stat spread is better, whereas Russell only has 11 for Finishing, 10 for Heading and 12 for Composure. He's basically all speed, which I don't really like in my strikers. I prefer them to be more all-round. Russell has scored consistently as a backup for me, but he's a year older than McClements and shows no signs of dislodging him. So he'll forever be the bridesmaid. He's just turned 24 and I'll most likely look to cash in on him before long since I don't think he'll ever reach his potential. The prospects I've signed a number of youngsters, all of whom have at least "good Premiership" potential. Gustavsson - Andersen - Bendixen - Sedlar - Gauld - Malone Bendixen and Gustavsson both made significant contributions this season, and will both be in the first team frame next season. Sedlar came in on a free in February having been released - his potential is better than Bach's but he's more defensively minded, so I'm retraining him as a CB. He's also quite injury prone, so Bach is the better bet at the moment. I'm particularly excited about Malone, who not only has leading Premiership potential but is also a Stockport youth product, whereas the rest were poached from other clubs. One to watch for sure. I'm also very interested in bringing in this kid however possible (his Composure would need work though...) So there we have it! I'm into the promised land, with all the financial benefits that entails. My new stadium is finished in around a month, and my board have given me a wage bill of £200k/week and a transfer budget of a whopping £19.5m to beat the drop. I'll most likely plough most of that money into a better wage budget (it'll stretch as high as £400k/week with a transfer pot of £9m) and hoover up the free transfer market/use loans from Chelsea, my parent club, to cover any weaknesses in the squad). It's a good time to be a Stockport fan
  14. That's probably a fair assessment City - you have to accept that even the best players at Conference level have at least one glaring flaw in their stats. It's all very well having a 15 (very high by Conference standards) in Finishing but if they have 3 Acceleration and 1 Composure, it's a total waste. You'd be better off with a player with 8s all round than one with one 15 and a bunch of 3s. Look at Adriano Moke for example - he was a real mainstay in my Stockport team in both the Skrill North and Premier. On first taking over, I was considering selling him because he had barely any double figure stats. But then I looked closer and saw that near enough all his stats were in the 7-9 range, meaning that he was a brilliant all-round midfielder for that level. It's all about covering as many of the important bases as possible, since one great stat won't be worth anything if it's combined with two or three rubbish ones that are important for that position.
  15. Not necessarily a true fallen "giant" as such but my current save has Bolton bottom of League 2 in 2018-19 starting with a 10-point deduction. My save is quite late in the close season though as I only just noticed.
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