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  1. Is that what managers do in real life???? I think not. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> ok bearsy, calm down. I was just simply saying why ask for higher wages? all it does is cost the club more and you have nothing to do with the cost. So next time please try to convey your points in a less sarcastic tone.
  2. 1.Too Vague On This Point 2.I Kind Of Agree with "shah Gangsta" on this point i mean why haggle for higher wages when you've nothing to spend them on you could jus as easily say keep the money. Maybe Invest youre own money to make up the difference between transfer fee and budget. 3. Yeah I Agree 4. To Be Honest i dont think that finances and bank loans are a part of a managers job this should be kept as it is and left to the board. 5.Far Too Difficult and no point unless you're going to watch every game on "full match" 6.Feeder clubs are in the new game i gather. 7.Been discussed many times. 8.Also being revamped 9.Theres no point what would it achieve. 10. Again sponsors are for the chairman to deal with. Plus sponsors would mean s.i having to pay for featuring real names. My ONE AND ONLY point is a more realistic transfer market please stop me from having to spend 8 million on dave nugent and 60 million on torres get real si!!
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