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  1. How do you defend a lead?

    I'd like help on this too. I go 1 -0 or 2 - 0 up in the last 10 mins I slow the tempo, waste time, use my subs up, go defensive and they still equalise - help!
  2. Hello, this is a really stupid question but im stuck. Every game my ass man tells me my midfield is giving to much space between midfield and defence AND then says there is to much space between attack and midfield. How do I get my midfield to you know like turn up? Thanks
  3. Well having been very disappointed with the original demo I waited for this patch to buy the game. I have to say im delighted. It's great. Well done! Two things - a) it is very stuttery in 3d - the match engine is great btw b) I hate the skin - fortunately i can change it - tumma - please change it for the next one. Thanks again - great job.
  4. Would you manage you rivals?

    No way could I manage Plymouth or Torquay.