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  1. I played a Wolves inspirede tactic, with 3 CB, 2 WB and 2 DMC. It was very hard to score against me, score alot from corners do to the big amount off good heads with 3 CB, MC aso.
  2. Finish 8th first season, Did get a takeover i November, they gave me a basket off money at January. It was a English takeover, A man named Andy Ambler. Keendy got 11 goals and 6 ass in 35 games, But did not pay the agreed transfer, he has a contract that ends by 30/06/2020, will try to get him for free insted. I had a big time problem to get the strikes to get the ball inside the goal. Wesley starter 4 goals in 5 games, they destroey by injury for 18 weeks... had a hard time getting back in goal form after that, but did get 8 goals in the last 10 games. Got 55 mil punds for spending before the new season. Working on Jack Grealish, 18 mil punds, Ben Gibson 7,75 Mil punds, Frenkie de jong 14,25 mil punds, Harry Magurie 31,5(62) mil punds, James Maddison 35,5(86) mil punds and Sandro Tonali 15(30,5) mil punds. Hav a pickup in Marts at Vallejo 8 mil punds and Piatek 11 mil punds from the old transfer kitty.
  3. Luka Adzic looks bright, and only 700.000-1 mil euro from start. Manu Morlanes from villarreal b, has a buyout, i it is not fixed, so need to look at it a every game. this game with schalke, he cost less then a 1 mil euro Nacho Mèndez from gijon b, has some crazy numbers, but he has a high buyout. 7.5 mil euro.. 2 year to contract runs out, maybe you can get him that way.
  4. found this after the winter update scout says around 3-4 mil punds, looks bright. only 2 mil buyout from start, looks very nice.
  5. Nice tread, I did not buyout Jovetić, i got a new loan deal in December second season for the rest of the season, and the i januar i signed him for free. save you a little money
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